Witkos: Dems to Blame on Deficits, Gas Tax; Teachers Should Thank GOP

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Kicking off what he called a \”Tell the Truth campaign,\” at the Capitol on Monday, state Sen. Kevin Witkos hammered Democrats on the state budget, funding for teachers\’ health care and a recent increase in the state gas tax.

He had this to say about a recent increase in the state\’s gas tax that has added about 4 cents per gallon to prices at the pump:

The Republicans now say they\’ve collected more than 17,000 signatures on a petition calling for Malloy to convene a special legislative session to undo the gas tax increase. The governor\’s office has indicated that he won\’t call one.

Get the full story on Witkos\’ truth tour here

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9 thoughts on “Witkos: Dems to Blame on Deficits, Gas Tax; Teachers Should Thank GOP

  1. A Sad Day for Connecticut

    Of course Governor Malloy will not convene a special session to undo the gas tax increase. Governor Malloy thrives on increasing taxes upon Connecticut taxpayers. That way he can get more of our money to buy himself more votes by increasing state welfare benefits and entitlements. That is what this governor is all about, increasing taxes and spending.

  2. MrLogical

    Witkos is one of a small handful of state legislators who have the state’s citizens interests at heart. His remarks about the state’s inherited fiscal problems are spot on. Too bad the state’s media outlets keep giving Malloy and his Democrat enablers political cover.

    Perhaps the voters will someday come to the realization that Democrats are responsible for virtually all of the problems our state faces.

  3. billy boggs

    the gas tax is nothing. More a nuisance and should have been deleted. but maybe it is time for a republican to lead the state. i can’t figure why Malloy didn’t get it.

  4. Sharon Wilbur

    Witkos for governor! And please, CT, stop sending these loser Dems to Hartford.

  5. Brian C. Duffy

    Gas up 14 (fourteen) cents a gallon last week. Someone sneezed in Egypt – the summer travel season is upon us — and there might be more hurricanes in the Gulf. The crooked Wall Street speculators don’t need Viagra to get them going.

    But they are more than happy to let Witkos and co. create a diversion.

    4 cent increase per gallon….if it were only so!

    1. Connecticut is Circling the Drain

      We cant deny the fluctuations in gas prices from world events. What we can control however is the tax burden the states impose on gasoline. I was recently in NJ and paid 60 cents per gallon less than in Connecticut.

      I believe, but am not certain, that at least some of the tax increase in CT is going into the general fund instead of the transportation fund. If we are going yo suffer these tax increases, lets at least not urinate the funds away in the general fund.

      1. Greg

        You can be certain on the general fund, note Malloy crying a few weeks ago about no money for transportation.

  6. Lee

    Taxation in Connecticut is a Travesty. I simply do not understand how a politician can allow it and get away with it.

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