Wolfgang on Winsley: No Agita Here

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Peter Wolfgang, executive director of the Family Institute of Connecticut, has finally found a Connecticut candidate for federal office that he can fully embrace: Republican Wayne Winsley, who is running for Congress in the 3rd District.

\”Here in the state of Connecticut a lot of these federal races have really given me agita in the year 2012,\’\’ Wolfgang said in video endorsing Winsley. (Wolfgang doesn\’t say it in the video but he could be referring to U.S. Senate candidate Linda McMahon, who now says she backs same-sex marriage and abortion rights, or 5th District candidate Andrew Roraback, who also backs legalized abortion.)

\”Wayne Winsley is the one race that doesn\’t. This is the one race where I can give a complete full-throated, proud endorsement,\’\’ Wolfgang said. \”No one running for federal office…is more with us than Wayne Winsley.\’\’

 As for Winsley\’s opponent, Democratic U.S. Rep. Rosa DeLauro, Wolfgang had this to say: \”I don\’t think theres a single congressperson in Washington DC who is more hostile to the Catholic Church and to Judeo-Christian values in general …than Rosa DeLauro…she\’s absolteluty awful.  No one is worse than Rosa DeLauro.\”
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12 thoughts on “Wolfgang on Winsley: No Agita Here

  1. Tony P.

    As a Catholic she would never get my vote as she is proud to support abortion and also have the Catholic church provide contraceptives to all women under Obamacare.
    And as a politician who takes claim for getting jobs for union employees but no one else it is obvious she only stands with the 7% of union campaign donors but does not care of the 93%of others workers who need help more. That is who Wayne Winsley will stand up for.

  2. Rob Jones

    As a Christian or a Cahtolic you cannot leave your faith, bleifes and principles outside on the steps of the capital or worse yet like too many Christians leave it inside your church never to see the light of day…..that is not real faith and not the faith our Founding Fathers and fellow American patriots did….they lived their faith in their daily lives and especially in conjunction with their time in public service to the country and their communities….Rosa DeLauro does NOT do this, but Wayne Winsley DEOS and WILL….God Belss you Wayne for being an unapologetic man of faith in all areas of your life especailly public service!

  3. Lucia

    Rosa DeLauro has done more for women and families than any member of Congress who has ever served CT. You may not agree with all her positions but I’ll place her caring and humanity against any bible thumping, judgemental man or woman. She is enlightened and an independent thinking person who cares for each and every constituant. Taking orders from the higher ups of your religion does not make you a good Christian or Catholic. Living your beliefs every day does. We love you Rosa. May you serve for many years to come.

    1. Palin Smith

      Rosa DeLauro’s misplaced compassion has made more families dependent on government hand outs. A true compassionate person would have worked to help everyone get jobs, not welfare.

      I don’t want my representative to care for me. I’d rather care for myself. Let Rosa go home and care for her own grandchildren. Her reckless policies have gravely damaged many other peoples’ ability to care for THEIR FAMILIES!

      Why do these old political hacks hang around long past their effectiveness? Worse yet! Why do we allow them to?

    2. Hansa Junchun

      Rosa DeLauro has talked a lot but done absolutely nothing for anyone except her wallet, her position of power, and her husband’s consulting business. She is an intensely corrupt liar and bigoted partisan extremist who refuses to appear in public with her African-American challenger. She takes her orders from the highest authority of all: The DNC Steering Committee. They produce her talking points, which she sputters like an angry parrot. Rosa helped the biggest banks on Wall Street steal millions of homes from the people, while she and her husband received millions in dirty kickbacks via insider trading tips. Rosa is the epicenter of the hyperpartisan breakdown in Congress, and this will prove to be an existential threat to the prosperity of every single American. If you cannot hold Rosa responsible for the smallest of Congress’ failings, well, I will hold her accountable for ALL of their failings. DOWN with the incumbents, I say!

    3. enness

      Rosa DeLauro will not help the voiceless and vulnerable unborn…it’s too bad they can’t vote!

  4. Tony P

    Why is it that the New Haven chapter of the NAACP threw Wayne under the bus when all this guy did was save the Danbury chapter and be elected president of it.
    It shows you Wayne will help out all sides while the Democrats and todays NAACP only will help if there is a D next to it.
    Vote Wayne Winsley on Nov.6th

  5. AndersonScooper

    If your daughter was raped and became pregnant, Peter Wolfgang wants a government that would force her to have the rapist’s baby.

    Need we say much more about the right-wing’s ideologues?

    1. Palin Smith

      Why not keep the rapists in prison. Dannel Malloy, Rosa DeLauro and her minions want to release them to prey on YOUR daughter again.

      Need we say much more about the left-wing’s ideologues?

    2. enness

      Connecticut recently abolished capital punishment, did it not? Why do we still have capital punishment for the innocent unborn? Are you sure that no one you care about was conceived in rape?

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