Wolfgang Pleads: Don\’t \’Kneecap\’ Greenberg

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Family Institute of Connecticut executive director Peter Wolfgang asks Republicans to let Greenberg be Greenberg.

(That, of course, is just what U.S. Rep Elizabeth Esty dreams about.)


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13 thoughts on “Wolfgang Pleads: Don\’t \’Kneecap\’ Greenberg

  1. CT conservative

    ["That, of course, is just what U.S. Rep Elizabeth Esty dreams about.)"]

    Sometimes dreams can become nightmares. Esty will experience this in November. We tried the Roraback approach – it didn’t work. Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result. If we nominate another moderate we will lose again. It is time to nominate a conservative – that is Mark Greenberg.

    If we give voters a clear alternative between big government liberalism and small government conservatism we will win. It is time we tried it.

  2. Gavin

    Sorry Mr. Wolfgang – I feel bad for you and your organization. Now even Pope Francis thinks you are too extreme.

    1. enness

      I can say this because I know: he (Mr. Wolfgang) has read the entire original interview — all 12,000 words of it — loved it, and agrees with it. If you have not done at least that much, I recommend you go get to it…after wiping the egg off your face, of course. ;) In any case, your pity is unnecessary, but thank you for caring.

      1. enness

        Perhaps Mr. Green should write a post about PW’s opinion of the papal interview. Otherwise it looks like he’s slacking.

        (I kid, I kid!)

  3. CT Resident

    This coming from the guy who literally kneecaps every other Republican in the state. One (1) vote from a Republican GA member that appears anything less than uber-conservative (which is obviously political suicide in Connecticut) gets this man screaming from the rooftops for resignation.

    He gets to be the radical extremist who doesn’t budge, but then gets to plead for reason from the rest of the party? Go home, Pete.

    1. enness

      What and who are you talking about? And do you need the dictionary definition of “literally”?

      Does an uber-conservative, radical extremist who doesn’t budge say that he’s still voting for McMahon for the sake of a majority in Congress even after withdrawing personal endorsement? Does such a person endorse a Democrat, ever? Does such a person say on the radio (I paraphrase) “If you are soft on social issues, at least play ball with us”? Ai ai ai. You have put forth an incredibly poor and poorly-informed description of the man.

  4. Real Republican

    Really Peter??? How much is Greenberg paying you behind the scenes to say this??? Do you really think Greenberg has a chance??? The liberal media would love Greenberg to be our candidate so Esty can coast to victory.

    As he deserves, Greenberg will become a three time loser whether in the primary or general. He is wasting his money. That’s why CTGOP is begging for someone decent to step up!

  5. Real Republican

    PS: He rides around with those thugs he surrounds himself with in what is called his goon mobile. Esty will be getting plenty of Republican support if Greenberg is the candidate. Those freaks he surrounds himself with are enough to scare all of the babies he keeps popping out!

    1. Sean Murphy

      The GOP had their perfect candidate in Andrew Roraback. Liberal on every issue and he lost. Why? Because the Republican base stayed home or in a protest vote, voted for Esty.

      What is ignored here is Martha Dean won the 5th in 2010. She is as “conservative” as Greenberg. Explain that one away.

      The fact is social liberals vote with their wallets in enough numbers now to make a difference.
      The fact is Republicans cannot win without the Peter Wolfgang’s of the world.
      The fact is the Republicans have run social liberals over and over again. It clearly worked because we have Senator McMahon and Congressman Roraback.

      The majority of people who are Pro-Choice do not support unfettered abortion.

      Greenberg is the real deal. He is not going to be controlled by the Establishment and tow the line on the garbage peddled in DC. That is why the smear merchants are here.

  6. Peter Walsh

    Riding around with thugs?
    Are those Irish thugs? Or English thugs?

    Real thugs ride around in unregistered vehicles. Sounds like a scandal here. Thugs hosting some Fairfield County fundraisers …. if only we had a few thousand thugs in the GOP camp.

  7. Doug Hageman (@A_C_R)

    Greenberg’s tenacity should be rewarded; Peter Wolfgang is correct.

    The above withstanding, I’ll go to my grave with the belief that had we (the Republican Party) not repeatedly tampered with the 5th district race in 2010, Justin Bernier would be holding the seat right now.
    Instead our eventual candidate came in dead last among all Republicans that ran district wide that cycle.

    We needn’t repeat both 2010 and 2012 again.

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