WWE Is Getting a Digital Scrubbing

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WWE, the wrestling and entertainment company based in Stamford, issued a press release late Thursday night announcing that it is removing \”dated and edgier footage from digital platforms.\”

\"\"The company\’s co-founder and former chairwoman Linda McMahon is locked in a tight race for an open U.S. Senate seat. When she first entered the political arena in 2010, old WWE clips–including one showing McMahon\’s husband, the company\’s current chairman, Vince McMahon,  ordering a female performer to get on the ground and \”bark like a dog\”–became fodder for the opposition.

This time, as Linda McMahon makes a second run for the Senate, WWE is taking a more aggressive appoarch to guarding its image.

The full statement by Brian Flinn, WWE senior vice president for marketing and communication, is after the jump.

\”For years WWE has produced programming that is rated PG in primetime, and most recently rated G on Saturday mornings. To better reflect our current family-friendly brand of entertainment, WWE is removing some dated and edgier footage from digital platforms. Some of this footage has been misused in political environments without any context or explanation as to when it was produced. This damages the corporate reputation of our company. WWE is well within its rights to protect its intellectual property for fair use.\”

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31 thoughts on “WWE Is Getting a Digital Scrubbing

    1. johngaltwhereru


      I’ve missed you. Too bad about the thought police.

      I was able to sell my practice in short order. The silly Democrat that bought it thinks Obamacare will increase his profits due to the individual mandate. When I heard that, I realized he would have to secure private financing, as there was no way I would finance the sale of a practice to someone with such poor math and critical thinking skills.

      The Costa Rica move will occur after Christmas, pending the results of the election.

      Hope all is well.

  1. George

    Editing the history book doesn’t change the history.

    How much did WWE / Tea Party pay the Courant for this worthless but telling little exercise in “free publicity?” Shame on you, Daniella!

  2. John

    Another all time classic clips is when Linda had mental issues and was “confined” to a wheelchair, and Vince made out with Trish Stratus right next to her in front of the crowd. Awesome stuff.

  3. Barbara

    Please folks, calm down and take a look around our state: ESPN (Bristol) scrubs their content off of Youtube every day (as they should). So does NBC Sports (Stamford), Sonalysts (Waterford), WTNH (New Haven) etc, etc. and others

    When you own content, which is what we do in America, its your property. When people start abusing Paramount, 20th Century Fox material, guess what…they pull it.

    Maybe if you partisan political hacks didn’t constantly twist and turn everything out of context owners of intellectual property wouldn’t have to take these steps.

    I say Bravo to WWE and quite frankly I’m glad they are here in CT producing content with CT employees. Way to go!!

    1. Rita

      Barbara,they can do what they want with their content. It does not erase Linda’s part in demeaning women and making a living off of it.She is not fit for office.

      1. johngaltwhereru

        You are right Rita. We need more Democrats, who truly love and respect women running the country. Not women who hate themselves and all other women, like Linda.

        We need people like Ted Kennedy, who is willing to drive a woman off a bridge, let her drown in his car, pretend it never happened, then get away with murder. Now that is respect for women.

        We need people like Bill Clinton, who commits adultry with young female employees in the workplace. That is real respect for both his wife, and the interns he used then discarded.

        We need people like John Edwards, who commits adultry while his wife is home dying of cancer, then hides the love child from that affair. True respect.

        Or Elliot Spitzer, who, unlike Linda’s severe disrespect of women, patronized Prostitutes. That is a very respectful way to treat women, right? Rent women, then and use their bodies for your pleasure?

        Both sides of Politics is filled with power hungry men who are surrounded by women attracted to power. Shall we go on (for pages) listing prominant Democrat’s disrespect for women, or should we begin to look at factors that matter in a Senatorial Race?

    2. Kim

      I’m with you Barbara. And you gotta love the accusations of ‘debasing women’ etc. No one wants to admit that the women of the WWE willingly choose to work in this profession, for great wages, fully aware that they are pandering to the publics’ desire to see precisely what they are offering. Apparently, free choice is debasing to women!

      Debasing? Shall we pretend that women watching WWE programming are simply DISGUSTED with the male wrestlers parading around wearing even LESS than the women? Are these men being degraded and debased as well?

      The hypocrisy is overwhelming

  4. Kiernan Terry

    Hey George – I guess “editing the history books” works for other folks who don’t pay their mortgage, forget to pay the rent, miss meetings but not for businesses who employ people???? So can you really claim to selectivly make these charges?? POlease!!!

  5. Johnny V

    Good for WWE and Brian Flinn. It’s about time someone put their foot down and stopped the politicans from picking bits and pieces of material and using them in out of context areas for POLITICAL gain!!!! What if a Democratic politican started using movie clips and TV shows in their ads against a Republican….then it would be different i’m sure. Fair is fair, if you can’t use it honestly then they shouldn’t be allowed to use it at all.

    1. Ronbo

      Yes, we know Republicans would never use a quote out of context, right?
      Like, say, a clip of Obama quoting McCain’s campaign manager, edited to look like it was Obama’s own statement.
      Or “You didn’t build that”, referring to roads and bridges, taken out of context to seem like it meant you didn’t build your business.
      Or work requirements in welfare.
      No, its totally unfair when you show a clip of a WWE skit that treats women like garbage, a clip that was intended for an audience that includes a lot of kids. How unfair!

      1. Kim

        Ronbo: before you pretend to know what Obama is about you should see the new movie based on his own words. If you had, you would understand that no one misinterpreted his statement that ‘You didn’t build that’. It meant precisely what everyone thinks it meant.

        This president is trying to force the dreams of HIS father on this great country, instead of advancing the dreams of America’s FOUNDING FATHERS.

        Your hypocrisy is evident in your accusation of women being treated like garbage without mentioning the men of WWE, or that all of these professionals CHOOSE to do what they do for whatever reason. Slavery has been abolished – or did you miss that part of history?

      2. Kim

        Ronbo: If your concern for the children was genuine, you’d be more concerned about what they’re being force-fed in the public school system than what their parents are allowing them to watch on TV. At least they have a choice with TV

  6. Amanda

    What an admirable family business! *spew* We’ve all seen this stuff anyway. They can’t scrub it from our memories. Linda McMahon should go back to counting her gold dubloons and let responsible adults run the country.

  7. Mike Bolduc

    Vince McMahon BUILT his company out of three older Federations and steroids, along with a little help from the censors. Hey, I’m not getting rich here. The rich get richer.

  8. JWilliam421

    For all of you that criticize WWE, you must not watch TV or go to the movies. I have seen far worse on the basic network television stations than what WWE has aired. At least WWE aired its TV-14 content on cable and at 9 pm or later. You had shows like NYPD Blue and Fear Factor on and today you have CSI, Criminal Minds–seriously violent shows.

    It is well within WWE’s right to take down videos that are being used without its consent. This is done every single day by media companies.

    I would like to see all you Democrats denounce Hollywood and give back the big money the Hollywood elites give your candidates–we all know Hollywood masters selling sex and violence and the degradation of women better than anyone. Since they are filling the Democratic coffers each day, you are not going to bring that up or denounce Hollywood directors, producers and actors.

    1. ShunkW

      It was the Republican National Convention that had one of the most famous Hollywood types in the world making a fool of himself on national TV.

  9. Josh Anselmo

    C’mon people you’re starting to get ridiculous. Since when is it not okay for a company to want to change something that they did in the past? Frankly, it happens all the time. What about when Warner Bros. decided to do reshoots for its upcoming movie Gangster Squad to avoid having a movie theater shootout scene so close to the tragedy in Aurora? This is pretty much the same situation.

    Here’s a link for anyone that is interested: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/gangster-squad-reshoots-date-dark-knight-shooting-360444

  10. Maria Lopez

    I’m pretty sure that a company trying to change/edit some of its more racy material is a good thing. WWE knows that it is now rated TV-PG and realizes that kids these days have access to plenty of digital clips online that showcase their program before it was rated as such. This is just a company that is trying to make sure its content, both old and new, is completely appropriate for all of its viewers and fans.

    1. kristen

      they aren’t doing it for the GOOD of the people they are doing it so someone who has never held an elected position and is so self righteous to think she step up and plop down $65 million for her ticket to d.c.

  11. Bartleby45

    “WWE is well within its rights to protect its intellectual property for fair use.”

    Intellectual property. Charles Dickens, Marcel Proust, Linda and Vince—yep, it all flows together.

    1. kristen

      Charles Dickens isn’t running for SENATE and even if he was he would NEVER, NEVER scrub anything he had done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. JohnGaltisacrazywomansfantasy

    She is a nightmare as is the current “Republican” party, have fun in Costa Rica Johnny boy, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. A hint for your travel plans……Romney is going to lose just like Linda.

    1. Kim

      good for you, crazy. Encouraging small business owners to leave the country is very democratic and liberal of you. What will you do when the golden geese all leave and the money leaves with them. I know, you’ll volunteer to pony up even more of your own personal wealth, right? Somehow, I don’t think so. Your strength is in criticising, not solving, and in benefitting from the very taxpayers that you cheerfully send on their way.

    2. johngaltwhereru

      Crazy/Troll, or possibly Pharaoh, but probably Troll,

      John Galt is the fantasy of more women than you could possibly imagine.

      I have learned that wussy, super-feminist, uber-liberal men might appeal to city dwelling feminist dominatrixes like Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, but in the end, women who are sexually attracted to straight men tend to be attracted to men like Galt.

      Oh, and anyone who wants to call me sexist, misogynistic or some other variant of the war on women, I cannot express how little I care.

      You libs ruined any credibility with the incesant accusations of racism against anyone who opposed Obama’s policies. I am an equalist. I am for equality of opportunity and am deeply opposed to equality of outcomes.

      For those of you who believe equality of outcome is necessary for women and minorities to advance, you are the sexist racists.

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