Yale\’s Will Portman On Coming Out, Gay Marriage And His Father

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\"willWill Portman, Yale Junior and son of Ohio Sen. Rob Portman, talks about coming out on the eve of the Supreme Court\’s discussion of gay marriage. He wrote an essay in the Yale Daily News today:

I started talking to my dad more about being gay. Through the process of my coming out, we’d had a tacit understanding that he was my dad first and my senator a distant second. Eventually, though, we began talking about the policy issues surrounding marriage for same-sex couples.

… We had decided that my dad would talk about having a gay son if he were to change his position on marriage equality. It would be the only honest way to explain his change of heart. Besides, the fact that I was gay would probably become public anyway. I had encouraged my dad all along to change his position, but it gave me pause to think that the one thing that nobody had known about me for so many years would suddenly become the one thing that everybody knew about me.

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4 thoughts on “Yale\’s Will Portman On Coming Out, Gay Marriage And His Father

  1. We are doomed

    Uncle. Marry your favorite barnyard animal for all I care.

    Its anything goes in the modern Roman empire we call America. Bread and circuses for all.

  2. wildbill

    Doomed: Do you feel threatened by all this flob? Perhaps you have a son or daughter who is gay?

    Issues? Maybe you are unable to get it up for the usual expectations?

    1. johngaltwhereru


      Good to see you again! Has the wound of the AWB crashing and burning scabbed over enough for you to re-join the group?

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