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Courant cartoonist Bob Englehart offers his take on the controversy over back taxes owed by the family of state Sen. Toni Harp, who is running for mayor of New Haven. Visit Englehart\’s blog here.


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7 thoughts on “Your Englehart Preview

  1. Richard

    The Carperbagger Bagged! The stench of Northern Liberalism keeps rising higher.

    Will Bridgeport follow Detroit’s lead into bankruptcy after both were looted by public sector unions and politicians and faux anti-poverty/social service programs ?

    None of the social services cash should go to anyone but the recipient unless malfeasance or incompetence is proven. Low Income Housing, various homeless profiteers, various local minority health agencies—all of it should go direct to the recipient. These lobby fronts padding their own beds with pricey nutrition or education programs and the like? Arrest them. All of them.

    Union Pension Spiking? Arrest them and go for the clawbacks.

    BTW, what was the last piece of slumlord enforcement legislation Harp proposed and had signed into law to prevent non-profit carpetbagging of social service (and for profits) from adding to the general misery of CTs impoverished?

  2. lee

    I don’t find Englehart humorus, because humor is mostly backed by facts and reality, and Englehart is too far left to be factual most of the time. The more I think of it he is down right repulsive.

    1. Connecticut is Circling the Drain

      Agreed. His hard left beliefs blind him and his cartoons are an extension of his beliefs. Very not funny and offensive.

  3. fred

    Imagine that. A liberal cartoonist in a liberal newspaper in a liberal state. For 30 years. I’m sure he must be very unpopular.

    Say… isn’t the cartoon above critical of a Democrat? Just saying.

    1. The Conn-servative

      It is a cartoon critical of a Dumbecrat. A Dumbecrat who may primary other Dumbecrats. So perhaps, Engle doesn’t like Harp amongst the pools of socialist’s. Just prior to the actual election, Engle will be cartooning against the so called Republican. Even if the opponent is Harp.

    2. lee

      The readers of the Courant want the discount ads and don’t put much credibility in its left wing editorials.

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