Council Passes Resolution Opposing Koch Brothers’ Takeover Of Tribune

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The city council on Monday passed a resolution denouncing the Koch Brothers’ potential takeover of Tribune, specifically, the Hartford Courant.

It has been reported that Charles and David Koch have expressed interest in buying all eight Tribune Co. papers — including the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Baltimore Sun, Orlando Sentinel and Hartford Courant — as a package. The Kochs have not commented.

Council resolution on Koch brothers' takeover

Council resolution on Koch brothers’ takeover

Peter Ligouri, Tribune Company’s chief executive officer, said in a statement May 15: “There’s been a lot of noise recently about the possible sale of our newspapers and speculation on who the interested parties might be. From the get go, such speculation has been and is premature. A sale transaction is only one of our possible strategic options, and there are many others.”

Members of the council’s Working Families Party, who raised the resolution, wrote: “The takeover of the Hartford Courant by Koch Industries threatens to replace independent and unbiased news coverage with an outside, extreme, partisan and sensational national corporate agenda as has been shown elsewhere.”

Working Families Party members also collected signatures of people opposing the takeover. You can view them here.

Three members of the panel abstained from voting on the resolution Monday: Council President Shawn Wooden and Councilmen Raul DeJesus and Kenneth Kennedy.

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28 thoughts on “Council Passes Resolution Opposing Koch Brothers’ Takeover Of Tribune

  1. Grantman

    Hahahaha! I left Hartford 25 years ago and see not much has changed.

    The Koch brothers are interested in profits; they’re not going to be in the editorial room. What a bogeyman has been created by the left wing media machine of these two guys. Sheesh!

    Quote: “The takeover of the Hartford Courant by Koch Industries threatens to replace independent and unbiased news coverage with an outside, extreme, partisan and sensational national corporate agenda as has been shown elsewhere.”

    I wonder how the Council would react if George Soros had expressed an interest in the Courant.

  2. John Fembup

    ““The takeover of the Hartford Courant by Koch Industries threatens to replace independent and unbiased news coverage with an outside, extreme, partisan and sensational national corporate agenda”

    Really? The present owner, Tribune Company, is headquartered in Hartford? Who knew?

    But the real irony is that the Courant for years has been the very antithesis of independent and unbiased. Instead, it’s become a compliant and reliable leftist mouthpiece – a perfect tool for the Working Families Party.

    Understandably, WFP ( one of its founders was ACORN) does not want their bullhorn taken away from them.

    Yet, if this happens Hartford might, after Lo! these many years, have a real newspaper.

    1. Laura J

      The Hartford Courant is the biggest piece of crap newspaper in the country. That can’t even give it away. I love how the Hartford City Council has absolutely nothing else to do with it’s time than to pass stupid resolutions. They must be too busy shopping with taxpayer money on the PCards to address actual issues in Hartford.

    2. nonsenseyousay

      You have to remember this is coming from the leftist “Working Families Party”. Of course they see the Hartford Courant as unbiased. The Courant is so unbiased they have generously provided a link to sign the petition against the sale.

  3. Bill M

    I’m laughing at a resolution pushed by Communist leaning radical leftists calling a major national company providing thousands of good paying jobs radical. Talk about lacking in irony, Working Families Party is so far outside mainstream America, the actual Communist Workers Party has more members.

  4. Warren Bonesteel

    The only people who are allowed to buy media outlets are liberal or progressive billionaires, then.


  5. Bruce

    Resolution = meaningless. It’s so much fun to watch liberals freak out when they are losing their power.

  6. Jeffersonian

    I just got here…am I late for the Two Minutes Hate? Damn that Emmanuel Gold…er…Kochtopus!!

  7. Russell Kirk

    We don’t like what we think you are going to say, so we’ll deny you the forum to do so. Liberal tolerance.

  8. Ron

    Why did you list only five of the Tribune Company’s newspapers, and why did you leave out the (South Florida) Sun-Sentinel, which has a larger circulation than either the Orlando Sentinel or the Courant? (The other two papers you omitted were The Morning Call (Allentown, PA) and The Daily Press (Hampton Roads, VA.)

  9. walter adams

    The summer must drag out long and empty in Hartford. Nothing to do but wait for the leaves to start turning, the chill to return to the night air. Then you can gather up the leaves into piles, start their slow burning, and as the smoke drifts lazily up into the blue autumn sky, stand around with friends and dream up ghost stories; the Windigo, headless horsemen, and the favorite Boogeymen of thin blooded yankees, “the KOCH BROTHERS will kotch you if ya don’t watch out.”

  10. BeBlasl

    If you guys keep discriminating against those who don’t share your views, eventually, there won’t be anyone left. The prime concern of the Hartford city council should be how much money the Koch’s Bros purchase would add to their coffers. How many more jobs would stay in the city and how would those employees spend their earnings. Who ever ends up owning the newspaper conglomerate deserves our praise, not scorn.

  11. Lorenzo

    No wonder Connecticut’s finances have gone from the best to among the worst. And this in spite of having more hedge fund billionaires per capita than anywhere else (for the time being).

  12. SGinNC

    Why didn’t these Socialists also pass a resolution that only allowed Democrats the rights to vote or hold a job in their city while they were at it?

  13. WEH - West Hartford

    I do enjoy reading the comments of those who argue The Courant is worthless — but here they are, commenting on a Courant blog! Hmm, bit of a contradiction there?

    Methinks thou doest protest too much!

    1. John Fembup

      Well, I don’t take the Courant. Did at one time. Found it harder and harder to take, and eventually stopped taking it. Can’t say I miss it.

      So I did not read the Courant to find this story. I found this story thru a link at Instapundit – a source that IS worth reading.

      I think you may need to modernize your perspective. For several years now it has not been necessary – or particularly helpful – to read the Courant to know what’s going on.

  14. Jerome

    Hilarious lack of self awareness. As many others have pointed out about dopey liberals – they can’t tell the libertarian Koch brothers from the eevil right wing partisan extremists they’ve conjured up.

    By the way, I missed their screed against (fellow libertarian) Jeff Bezos somehow.

  15. SGinNC

    Ms. WEH, I read two comments that stated that this paper was a leftist mouthpiece, almost all of the other comments were about the abusive city council who recently passed a resolution in an attempt to shut down opposing voices. How is this contradictory?

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