Courant Investigation On Group Home Deaths

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Our colleagues Matthew Kauffman, Josh Kovner and Dave Altimari revealed in an important series, “Fragile Lives; Needless Deaths,” that abuse or neglect was cited in the deaths of 76 developmentally disabled people in state care from 2004 to 2010. These people lived in public and government-financed private institutions, including group homes in Greater Hartford, that report to the state¬†Department of Developmental Services.

From Sunday’s story:

Another 28 deaths involved allegations of abuse or neglect that couldn’t be substantiated by state investigators. Two deaths are still under investigation.

The Courant’s review of state records associated with the more than 100 deaths revealed systemic flaws in the care of the developmentally disabled, ranging from breakdowns in nursing care to gaps in the training of staff to lapses in agency oversight.

Developmentally disabled people were scalded to death in bathtubs; were fatally injured in falls while on medication that affected their balance; choked to death on solid food while on ground-food diets; died of illnesses despite showing symptoms for days or even months; and succumbed while being physically restrained.

In a separate story, Kovner wrote about the 2007 case of Jason Schools, a 24-year-old who drowned in the Elizabeth Park pond in Hartford. Jason, who was fascinated with water, was left unsupervised during a Saturday trip to the park that his East Hartford group home had arranged. The worker who was supposed to be watching Jason couldn’t swim.

On Monday, U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy called for a federal investigation into group home deaths across the country, including cases of abuse and neglect reported at residential facilities that have been privatized.

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42 thoughts on “Courant Investigation On Group Home Deaths

  1. Donnie Swan

    ABUSE AND NEGLECT should be a concern, it goes on a lot more than we may think…….There should be a State assigned Task Force to investigate and monitor these so called non-profit group homes, where “profit is more important than care”

  2. Barbara Olson

    I whole heartedly agree with Donnie Swan’s comment.

    Our family has a handicapped sister living in a group home where the staff is untrained in addtion to the house being understaffed for the clients needs.

    We live on the edge from phone call to phone call hoping that we do not get news that our sister has again been hurt.

    Not a good situation at all for any of us.

    1. Lil Persico

      I am the Sister of a Client in a private group home once owned by the State.

      Their staff is untrained let alone too young to care for these precious girls.. I cannot begin to tell you what an absolute nightmare this Agency is. Meds not given properly or at all.

      My sister has had 3 black eye, 15 stitches in her arm. physical fighting with another client an a swollen lip where all she could do was droll, without staff TLC. I fear for my sisters life. Unfortunately, I could not attend the open forum in Hartford and am feeling so, so guilty because of the last minute invite.

      She is not use to this abuse.

      Please help us correct this horrible condition at this house and all the others.

      Please bring back the State to care for our girls.

  3. Carol Apanavich

    I to have a sister in a private home. The things that go on there would shock you She has been abuse many times. They tells us things happen. We go to meeting and they shoot us right down. We need all the help we can get at this point. They have such young people working there They are not trained for the job. We fear for our sisters safety.When my husband and I read the article in your paper it was good to see some one was looking out for the clients It seems like since the state turned over the care of the ones who NEED IT THE MOST to private run homes has in our opinion gotten much much worse. It’s a shame in these times that econmics takes the place of the quality care that is so needed for these clients. Thanxs

  4. DCO

    I read your article “Investigation On Group Home Deaths” with great interest. It brings to mind my Sister-In-Law, a over 40 resident of a Western Connecticut all female, now privatized Group Home. Many family members have great concern for her safety and the quality of care she has received, especially since privatization. This article inspired me to write.

    Upon privatization our hopes were high. Meeting with new administrators and staff left us with the perception that the home would immediately receive safety and aesthetic upgrades. Also we were assured that staff would be well trained,mature, devoted and of high standards. Our enthusiasm was short lived.

    It quickly became evident that staffing was a major issue. Clearly, many were not trained to the standards that we were assured of. We were told that all female staff would be round the clock. Because it was difficult to bring in all qualified female staff, the administration resorted to mixed gender. Staffing levels also came into question. It was brought to our attention that serious incidents were occurring without proper staffing levels to deal effectively with them. Poor communication between shifts also is an issue. A log of sorts is kept, however, it appears that no clear protocol for entries is being followed. Instructions regarding specialized care or medication required for my Sister-In-Law seems to be inconsistent.

    My Sister-In-Law is unable to receive a good nights rest, has been beat up by a large, strong, consistently unruly, loud, hard to handle, disruptive client that I believe is a poor choice to reside in this Group Home.We were told that each client was chosen based on being compatible with each of the others. This is clearly not the case with this individual.

    Also my Sister-In Law has missed the last step while coming down stairs and twice broken her ankle. Poor supervision or lack of supervision due to staffing?

    In addition to my Sister-In-Law being beat up, others in the home also have been beat up. We have been told that more than one staff have claimed injuries due to the incompatible client. Further, we call daily. Many times the commotion in the background renders a conversation impossible. We are told it takes two staff members at a minimum to restrain this incompatible individual. This is a regular occurrence. What happens when only one staff is on duty? The same individual roams the halls at night, enters and steals from others and is generally disruptive.

    Phones are often not answered for long periods and we have asked police to check on the home because we fear the worst. Is this lack of staff? Is this that whatever staff is present that they are attending to calming a situation?

    Improperly trained staff, lack of staff, lack of routine and proper log entries, a single disruptive incompatible individual and much more spells high risk; high risk and the probability of additional serious injury or worse.

  5. Donnie Swan

    The reality is: (At least from my personal experience being employed at Options Unlimited, Inc. from 2/08 to 7/10) is that abuse and neglect is something that was sadly almost a daily norm. The agency knew what was going on, but chose to make every attempt to ignore it. I MEAN IT WAS SO OBVIOUS AT TIMES IT WAS PATHETIC. Sad, for the residents, sad for the few staff that do care, sad for the families, sad for the few agencies who do not have an issue with abuse or neglect……Agencies such as Options Unlimited, Inc. have no business operating any form of group home facility……fact is, what will it take for someone to finally take the initiative to close down these facilities, sadly probably another death……..

  6. Lil Persico

    I hear you Donnie

    Sunrise group home in New Milford chose to turn their heads and lie to us about My sister Denise’s well being Last Thursday Eve. she slipped off the last step carrying laundry.
    For for the fourth time broke the same ankle. Management and staff claimed she fell on her backside and for two days she walked around, went to work and nothing was noticed or even addressed, let alone informing her family what had happened. Also no bruises on her backside and whip lash pain..

    Sunrise is a total nightmare. If they would put into the clients the energy they put into their cover ups and lies then just maybe the clients would get the TLC and proper care they so deserve. My sister deserve much, much better care.

    1. Donnie Swan

      That is very sad, Lil Persico> I would not stop advocating for your sister Denise. Myself I have written to the commissoner of DDS, and forward my concerns and experiences via letter as much as I can through articles such as this…….write to a congressman/congress woman, share your concerms publically as much as possible, most important, be there for yoir sister as much as possible….
      Hopefully someone within a political stand will push forward more aggressive investigating before another life is loss or gets abused and or neglected in any fashion….Thank God there are individual such as those three Hartford Courant writers who took the time and worked hard to disclose many of the abuse and neglect that does go on….Bless you, Donnie

  7. Barbara Olson


    Do I understand you that you once worked at a group home? If so, you know first hand what goes on in one.

    I did write to the (3) authors about their aritcles in the Courant. Only one so far has answered me telling me that the newspaper is now going to investigage why the State of Ct is selling off their group homes. I wrote back to him and said “Hello”!!!! It is all about money.

    Our family is now forced to take strongers measures ASAP.

    1. Donnie

      Barbara, yes I have worked in a DDS Group Home, and yes, I know first hand what goes on, and yes numerous times I reported my concerns to my supervisor. That being said, sadly, it was an experience that I can only describe as frightful. My best advice to anyone who shares the same concerns, or have witnessed what I witnessed, is to continue to advocate, write, speak-up and if you do have a loved one in a facility, visit as much as heavenly possible, don’t be afraid to ask questions, and if you do feel strongly that your loved was physically abused, involve the Police.

      If you voice your concerns, follow-up each day if you have to. Be assertive.

  8. Lil Persico

    Hello to all

    Our new Elected Senator Chris Murphy is looking into this horrible situation for us.

    Lets keep our fingers crossed.

  9. Barbara Olson

    Hi Chastity:

    How do you close down Options Unlimited? The Courant is reporting abuse, neglect and deaths, yet those group homes are still running with those concerns. No one will make a decision in the clients best interest. It is all about money instead of care. If you have a solution, please share it with us.

  10. Chastity

    We, as advocates, every opportunity we have, must voice our concerns, experiences and anger about abuse and neglect in group homes and nursing home facilities. We are the voice of those who can’t communicate who are being abused, even the ones we don’t know personally. Encourage those who have concerns about abuse to advocate, be a voice in many ways. The obvious is, that is all about money and politics. And to some, like myself, the State, mainly the Commissioner of DDS who chose not to close down Options Unlimited at this point, appears to have minimal care. Sure as reported, the State responded to Options Unlimited and put them on notice, claimed to begun to monitor Options Unlimited more closely, stopped any new intakes, but we all know when an agency is that dysfunctional as described by two former employees there, what the State showed is it is all about money. The fact of the matter is, that agency should have been immediately closed down, no if and or buts about it. The woman who was caught on tape described the daily environment at that East Hartford Group Home as having a “gang mentality”……. come on, that’s sick……don’t tell me or try to convince me that the agency should not be closed. Someone out there is a coward……the ones doing the abuse and neglect, and tghe ones who are afraid to take the initiative to close down an agency that obviously can’t provide for the residents.

  11. Chastity

    AGAIN: CLOSE DOWN OPTIONS UNLIMITED. I’ll do whatever it takes to express my concerns and frustrations….letters, bumper stickers….whatever it takes!

  12. Lil Persico

    I know where you are coming from Chastity
    Sunrise Northeast needs to be shut down and the State needs to be brought back.
    We live in a society of cowards who fear their jobs over the well being of the innocent.
    How would they like it if their loved ones were abused.
    I am sure they would not TOLERATE IT.
    What is happening to us as a society.
    My sister DESERVES the very best.
    Unfortunately the very best with Sunrise is abuse.
    We will march on and do what ever it takes to protect my sister and the other girls at Sunrise grout home in New Milford, Ct.
    If people out there agree PLEASE JOIN US IN THE FIGHT.

  13. Chastity

    Lil, keep up with the strong desire to advocate. Your sister does deserve better.

    I WILL NEVER STOP VOICING MY CONCERNS. I have ordered bumper stickers! They need to close down any agency that can’t provide the needed care, and sadly so there are many out there. The State knows that…..the questions are…..what are they going to do about it? And, what can they do about it?

  14. Jack

    I Think it’s a shame that the State of CT. DDS did not shut down those agencies. Most likely due to politics. State must be making money of them. Hey Commissioner of DDS, get off your ass before you’re on the news explaining another abuse video.

  15. Jim

    My God Options Unlimited located in Bloomfield, is a joke. If you you’re seeking a career in health care/mental health provider services, stay as far away as you can from Options Unlimited. Someone needs to investigate them not only for abuse and neglect but miss-use of funds. I can’t phantom why the State of Connecticut would even do business with that agency. The word that comes to mind is spooky. The video of the young lady being dragged by the hair warranted an immediate closing of the agency. Another word that comes to mind is “criminal”

  16. Lil Persico

    I hear all of you
    As far as Macy the Comm is concerned, he is part of the problem.
    Shame, shame on him and Fritz for looking the other way.
    We have people in office that do not deserve to be there.
    Should I start listing them.
    We should grab a cup of coffee for this huge list…..
    Shame, shame and more shame on them.
    How do they sleep nights knowing the abuse that is going on in these homes.


  17. Barbara Olson

    Unfortunately, it is only a job to the agencies. Even more important, a pay check. Our family members that are forced to live in these poorly run homes, are only a number with a file.

    Our family has and will be strong advocates for our sister who does not understand what is being done or should I say, not being done in the right manner. I do believe that if we did not become as proactive as we are, our sister might not be alive today. The agencies would love for us to go away. I believe that their goal is to medicate the clients until they become zombies in which time, the care given would not matter.

    If you are not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem. The agencies sure are the problem.

    Money rules over care.

  18. Leonard

    I have two good friends who worked for two different Group Homes within the area. One was employed at Options Unlimited, assigned to a house in East Windsor and East Hartford. To this day he has often shared with me how neglect was something he often encountered on his shifts. He shared how staff would eat in front of residents and “tease them” while they ate. He told me how he would work third shift and upon his arrival residents would be in their beds with soiled clothing. He spoke of the staff having a “department of correction” approach and atttude, often using profanility targeting the residents. I know for a fact that my friend called his supervisor to convey his findings and concerns. I recall my friend telling me how his supervisor wanted him to ignore the neglect and abuse, but my friend made the compliant.
    Here is what I gather, especially after the courant’s story, there is no doubt that abuse and neglect goes on a lot more than we accept. Think of that, think of a loved one in a facility such as Options Unlimited, or a nursing home where neglect of all forms take place.
    My friend told me two years prior to the story of the staff pulling a girl’s hair and kicking her, that Options Unlimited was a dangerous place to be as a resident. He didn’t want to work there for many reasons, not just the abuse and neglect of the residents, but a management staff that were very unprofessional.
    Those who may read this and feel as though it’s no big deal, well that would be described as the ignorance in you. If our political leaders do not step in soon, then the abuse and neglect will go on.
    I leave with encouraging all you advocates to keep advocating, stay strong and don’t be bullied into not sharing your feelings, your thoughts, your experiences and your ideas about ways to get the word out that abuse in group homes and nursing homes is a very serious subject.

  19. Lil Persico

    Oh my God Leonard.
    I am totally heart sick reading this story.
    Thank you so much for sharing this horrific story with us.
    We will continue to fight, fight, fight

    Lil Persico

  20. Barbara Olson

    I fear for my baby sister that some day when things might get better at group homes, it will be too late for us to appreciate anything that was done. It has become a full time side job for our family to stay on top of the happenings. We are fortunate that our sister can relate to us. She does not get the story 100% correct, but she is able to give us enough information so that we can put the puzzle together.

    We live phone call to phone call that she is OK.

    We have lost count as to how many complaints we have filed.


  21. Donnie

    I don’t know if it will help, but I wrote a letter to Chris Murphy and sent a copy to the Hartford Courant. It was based on all of the above, and my own experience as an employee at Options Unlimited, Inc. We can only hope that someone will take our concerns, stories and experiences seriously enough to either step in and influence the closing of ANY agency where physical abuse took place targeting a resident, or when abuse and neglect come in question.

    I encourage anyone who has concerns or witnessed any form of abuse or neglect, to write to Mr. Murphy.

    Don’t walk away because you feel you’re outnumbered. Abuse in group homes is a very serious subject and concern. I know form my own experience as an employee at Options Unlimited, Inc. that when I called my house manager to report abuse, he tried to talk me out of it. And when I shared other concerns such as large furniture items being placed in front of the residents bedroom doors so they could not get out, and I often found residents in soiled clothing that was obviously ignored by prior shifts, and staff, mainly managament leaving their shift anywhere from 4 to 6 hours early, and documenting that they were present the entire shift, and staff using profanity, physical threats to motivate a resident, eating in front of a resident, knowking that the resident is hungry, teasing he resident with the food, ignoring the residents call outs for any assistance, turning the t.v. off while a resident is enjoying a moment of relaxation, the list goes on and on.
    Including physically assaulting a defenseless resident.

    I can’t speak for the others who either share my same concerns or share my experiences, but I have no intention of stopping my advocacy until I feel something has been done.

    Donnie Swan

  22. Barbara Olson


    Your comments frighten me as to what you have experienced first hand.

    Lil is in touch with Chris Murphy. We can hope that he will hear our cry for help and demand better care whether it be in group homes or nursing homes.

    I know the State of CT has used food for control over my sister.

    I know that she has been threatened that she could not see her family if she tries to tell us what is going on.

    I know the State of CT used to teach her to put her finger up to her lips so that she kept secrets.

    I know the staff would take the clients to Dunkin Donuts where the staff would get a donut and coffee and the clients could only have a cup of iced tea.

    I know that my sister was taken to “R” rated movies that the staff wanted to see and at my sister’s expense out of the little bit of money she makes at her workshop.

    I know that the staff lost my sister’s shoe in the company van. Made her walk around a mall with only one shoe on until they bought her another pair of sneakers to wear and paid for out her low income.

    I know that my sister has had accidents where the staff blames her for causing them.

    I know that my sister has not had her meds on a regular basis.

    I know that her clothing has been stolen/missing.

    I know that other clients have beat her up and I know that staff has beat up clients. I pray it was never my sister. I fear that the black eyes and swollen lips she has had are not caused by staff rather than from the accidents the staff claims she has had.

    On a positive note, there are some caring staff memebers. Just not enough to make up for the uncaring staff that are much too young and inexperienced to have a responsible position of caring for our loved one.

    We shall hang in there.


  23. Barbara Olson

    It is not always the staff that is at fault. They get poor training.

    My thoughts are if the agencies are paying for babysitters, they are paying too much. If the agencies are paying for qualified staff, they ar not paying enough.


    1. Donnie

      What I observed and experienced while employed at Options Unlimited, was staff that had a Department of Correction approach, staff that appeared to have anger, staff that would arrive and use the group home as their own private dwelling, staff that would totally ignore residents asking for help, food or just wanting some deserving attention, staff eating in front of residents, and at times teasing the resident with the fast-food item, staff (including management) hiding medication errors, staff (mainly management) falsyfying time sheets, staff leaving residents alone in the community, staff ignoring just about every DDS policy as written, staff theating a resident with physical harm, staff not alowing residents to come out of their bedrooms, staff (including management) watching inappropriate videos in front of residents, staff ignoring (management included) residents programs (ADL teaching, activity plans), staff (again including management) that would sit in the group home, in the livingroom and be on their cell phones for hours and not being close to paying attention of the surroundings, staff (again including management) writing false reports, staff using large furniture items to block the door of the residents bedroom so they could not leave their bedrooms, staff (including management) arriving at times hours late for their shift, staff shouting at the residents, making threats to harm them, staff throwing a resident on a hardwood floor, pushing residents, challenging the resident to a physical altercation, verbal insults, calling the resident’stupid” or “mental case.” Staff not allowing choices, staff being in control, taking over the group home, again management included, staff sleeping in residents beds, staff sleeping in the livingroom,
      staff, (with the exception of a few-a very few) had no concerns, no empathy, no understanding, no clue on how to provide care, teaching skills, or even just having a common conversation with a resident. Again, management included. The Assistant House Manager appeared unmotivated, I mean I can actually and honestly share that he would come in and sit in the livingroom and play video games on his phone and TOTALLY IGNORE THE RESIDENTS FOR HIS ENTIRE SHIFT.


      1. Donnie

        P.S. keep in mind what is shared above was prior to the news video of that poor defenseless woman getting kicked in the stomach and getting pulled by the hair across the room….that took place in 2012, I was employed there from 2/08- summer of 2010…..God knows what took place after that……
        The staff member in the video told Police it was like a “gang mentality” environment within the group home…….and yet they are still operating. Then you have the story in the Courant about some concerns of funding management by the agency (Options Unlimited). seems political to me, imagine that, Politics over Disabled…….not really surprising when you think about it……

  24. Lil Persico

    I can hardly read these replies in fear that I will have nightmeres
    The State,DDS,is sticking up for these inadequate agencies like Sunrise Northeast in New Milford.
    To quote a state employee who I will give name at a later date call my and 3 other families, gang bangers toward Sunrise.
    If the shoe fits wear it…..


  25. Patricia Allen-Bates

    The two companies mentioned in these letters and articles should be closed until a fact finding hearing, involving all concerned parties from both sides. Abuse of any kind is criminal, and the agencies accused should be treated like an accused criminals.

    What I have read from the articles the Courant wrote, and the various follow-ups from families, former employees and others involved, it is obvious that the subject of abuse in nursing homes and group homes needs to be addressed so that further deaths or injuries do not occur in the future.

    Why in the world does the State of Connecticut allow these poorly run nursing homes and group homes continue to operate is a question the State will need to answer when the next abuse is recorded, which in these days with video phones and small camera’s, probably won’t take too long, if they are not out there already.

    Stop trying to fool ourselves. Abuse in nursing homes has been going on for years. Group homes are now guilty of the same on going concern, abuse, some of it physical abuse, neglect, some involving food and we seem to feel it’s not an issue.

    I don’t care that the management at Options Unlimited contacted the Police after that abuse was video taped, what I do care about was how long was the abuse going on, and if the agency had any indication there was a problem and chose to ignore it, hoping it was only an isolated case. Which judging by that care worker who was charged with the crime, it was a routine environment of intimidation and control, as she openly made the statement it was like a gang mentality. That alone is very scary. Imagine that, a gang mentality in a group home where the residents depend on support. Just shocking and reason enough to close the agency or any agency that has been an issue providing the necessary care and support.

  26. Barbara Olson

    Hi Patricia:

    Thanks for your concern. WE are continuously fighting battles all the time for the sake of our sister who lives in a group home. It is enough to live with that our sister is placed in a group home, but to add so many problems with poorly run managment and help is a constant conern for us. So many sleepless night do we have. WE take it phone call by phone call. I think one simple solution would be to have a well trained manager at the house for all three shifts. Rather, the managers all meet and work the same shift leaving the unqualified help to care for our loved ones. We are at witts end as to what to do. It has consumed us and have reached for help to so many people only to be ignored or to hear they say that there is nothing they can do about it. All we get is if you do not like what is going on, then pull her out of the group home. Easier said than done. I know we are not at the end to give up yet. We monitor the situation very closely day by day and sometimes hour by hour. Any support we can get would be appreciated.


  27. Lil Persico

    OK Comm Macy and Fritz

    We have not heard from both of you in regards to this horrific situation.
    Deaf ears are not the solution.It only causes escalation
    in what is already out of hand. Lets go fix a broken system. IF NOT FIXED IT WILL BE AN INJUSTICE TO MY SISTER AND ALL OTHERS.


  28. Stan

    Let’s face it, it’s all about money. They do not care about the well-being of these people.

  29. Yanabana1026

    Very confused why this has not been raised to the Feds at the Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division. The State will continue to bury its head in the sand and point the finger. A savvy lawyer needs to bring a cause of action against the State based on the ADA; and crimes against the disabled. This is shameful and disgusting and our State needs to be held accountable. The mission (and legal obligation) of the DDS is to protect those who are in its care; the verified instances of abuse and neglect constitute a breach of that duty. The gross actions leading to harm, injury and in some instances death rises to the level of criminal negligence not only on part of the offending Agency but DDS itself as it is guilty by omission.

    1. Barbara Olson

      We do not know how many more strings we can pull to get someone to take this abuse and neglect serious. Not until it hits home with the aurthorities themselves will something be done. So many people are afraid of losing their jobs. They have to realize the whistle blowers are a prtected group now. If an employee or employer realizes something is wrong, they should not be afaid to report it rather than closing an eye to it. If more people would come forward, it would make for a stronger team. Too many employees are in a political position which means that they get paid for doing nothing except holding a title. If ever it was proven that my sister who lives in a group home was abused or neglected, I would sell my soul to raise enough money for attorney fees and see it thru to the end. We watch for our sister’s well being on a daily basis and even more than once a day we check in with her. Other than lack of help in employees and those employees not doing their job, we have so far kept it safe for our sister. It is without a doubt a constant monitoring system that we have in place. I encourage all families with those that have a family member in a group home or nursing home to watch and listen very carefully on a daily bais.


      1. Lil Persico

        What good job Barb





      2. Yanabana1026

        More than being protected by whistle blower laws, employees who are charged with care for elders and those with disabilities are mandated by statute to report instances of abuse just like those who are charged with caring for children. These mandatory reporting statutes protect employees from retaliation, and also make them culpable if they do not report instances of abuse and or neglect that they know or have reason to know about.

  30. Barbara Olson

    We are at a loss as to what to do next. We have made out many many reports. We complain a lot, and still no action. It is difficult to understand the reasons why – other than it is all political. Unfortunately, as I said before, until it hits home, nothing will be done for us. We have changed guardianship for our sister. It has made a world of difference just in talking with staff. But beyond that, nothing from the higher ups. How I wish they would spend the time and the money to visit each and every home unannounced. Not during the day time hours for most clients are at a workshoop. During the early evening or on a weekend would show these politians what is really going on. How I wish I had the funds to have my sister have a one-on-one care. We never know from phone call to phone call and/or visit to visit how she will be. We thank the Good Lord that she can speak and walk and explain to us in her own words what is going on in the household. Others cannot. We hope and pray that God will help us care for our sister. Thank you for listening.


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