Democratic Town Committee Election: Unofficial Vote Totals

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Official numbers aren’t yet available, but the registrars of voters’ office has the following unofficial vote totals for candidates in Tuesday’s Democratic Town Committee 7th District election (totals include in-person and absentee votes):

1. Noel F. McGregor Jr.: 311 (won)

2. Louis Watkins Jr.: 307 (won)

3. Georgiana E. Holloway: 298 (won)

4. Donna Y. Daniel: 284 (won)

5. Phyllis E. Airey: 284 (won)

6. John B. Davis: 283 (won)

7. Evelyn R. Richardson: 277 (won)

8. Alisha Shante-Helen Stevens: 274 (won)

9. Cleo Duke-Wright: 274 (won)

10. Douglas McCrory: 272 (won)

11. Rickey Lorenzo Pinckney Sr.: 270 (won)

12. Raymond E. Vail Jr.: 269 (won)

13. Alicia M. Hollingsworth: 266 (won)

14. Belinda Thompson: 262 (won)

15. Ewan A. Sheriff: 261 (won)

16. Kenneth P. Green: 255 (won) *

17. Judith A. Pegram: 245 (did not win) *

18. Terry S. Starks: 240 (did not win)

19. Gwendolyn V. Bailey: 213 (did not win)

20. Estella V. Knight: 206 (did not win)

21. Thomas J. Clarke II: 202 (did not win)

22. Gregory Covington: 198 (did not win)

23. Patricia Ann Nelson: 196 (did not win)

24. Joshua Malik Hall: 196 (did not win)

25. Victoria L. Fennell: 194 (did not win)

26. Barbara Diggs: 193 (did not win)

27. Dyshawn E. Thames: 186 (did not win)

28. Michael James Harris: 185 (did not win)

29. Mark A. Bibbins: 184 (did not win)

30. Kevin R. Brookman: 181 (did not win)

31. Marc H. Lucier: 174 (did not win)

32. Hestervina Soto: 168 (did not win)

* Registrars said Tuesday that there will be an automatic recount between Green and Pegram because there was only a 10-vote difference. The recount is expected to take place on Tuesday, March 11, at 10 a.m. at city hall. For more information on the election, click here.

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