Kupiec Receives Lump Sum Payment

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City blogger Kevin Brookman posted today that while Jared Kupiec, Mayor Pedro Segarra’s former chief of staff, left June 21, he will be on the city payroll through late September. (Yikes!)

We checked in with the city on this. Kupiec will be on the books through Sept. 27 because of “runout” — a practice wherein certain employees receive payments for unused vacation and holiday time. But according to the mayor’s office, Kupiec already has received a lump sum payment for his unused holiday and vacation time (along with 2 1/2 weeks’ severance). So he’s on the books but not receiving a paycheck.

If this sounds odd to you, you’re not alone. The city contends that having Kupiec on the books for the remainder of his unused time is just a formality. It’s a policy that’s been in place for unclassified employees, and the city is looking to get rid of it. Segarra has put forth a proposal to the city council seeking to end the practice of “runout.” It was introduced last month as part of a package of proposed changes.

If you’re curious how much Kupiec’s lump sum payment is (for unused vacation and holiday time, as well as severance pay), click here: Kupiec Lump Sum

Hint: It’s more than $36,000

Tuesday Night Update: A source with knowledge of city hall operations has told Cityline that certain employees may stay on the books, even though they’ve received a lump sum payment, during the course of the “runout” so they can remain on the city’s health insurance plan.

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6 thoughts on “Kupiec Receives Lump Sum Payment

  1. Larry Deutsch, Council

    Question has been raised about whether the progressive furlough day policy (approved in past by City Council) was applied in Mayor’s office, including Mr. Kupiec, as well as generally. Deduction for him would have been about 12 days, totaling $5,307.66, added to the undeserved post-employment holiday pay already mentioned. And of course more if applied to entire office for “shared sacrifice”. These of course are monies due to taxpayers. — L. Deutsch, Minority Leader, City Council

    1. The Bystander

      I understood that Mayor vetoed the policy espoused by the councilor and his veto was not overturned , so that as a matter of law rather than the Councilor’s wishful desires, there was no obligation to apply the Councilor’s idea. I don’t think this straw can be spun into good.

  2. Joe

    1. There is no provision for keeping employees on the books past their day of separation (6/21 in Kupiec’s case).
    2. The most vacation that can be accumulated is 8 weeks by this type of staffer.
    3. If you notice he is being paid for holidays that happened after his date of termination.
    4.In addition to healthcare he is also accumulating extra vacation days after his date of termination.

    This appears to be an attempt to defraud the City

  3. Terry Martine

    They already have an established national way of dealing with health care benefits when an employee leaves, its called COBRA. The current health plan can be continued for 18 months, and yes he pays for the benefit.

    1. Joe

      Anyone can have COBRA (as long as they pay). But if Kupiec’s last day was 6/21, there is no legal way to: pay him more vacation than allowed, have him earn more vacation after he has stopped working, pay him holiday pay when he no longer works for the city and receive severance reserved for department heads. Basically, somebody wrote him a check for more than $18,000 using public money without any authority.

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