2013 will be the year of the drone

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9 thoughts on “2013 will be the year of the drone

  1. Bill

    I want a drone. Maybe the next time I go on a bike tour at night via RAW, I could hook up the drone controls to my bike while I peddle.

  2. Cynical Susan

    My nephew had a civilian toy-version four or so years ago: it was controlled via his iPhone, and it had two cameras, one pointing in front of the cute little plane and one pointing below, with either or both views visible on his phone-screen. I was amazed it was legal, and the idea of it scared me.

    1. Cynical Susan

      No Todd, it’s not funny that even “toy” drones scare me. I don’t care for the president’s policy on the real thing, either. No one ever said he’s perfect.

  3. equality 7-2521

    Drone strikes are kinda like Newtown, Aurora etc without icky things like 24 hr news coverage, ubiquitous public sympathy and spontaneous erection of memorials.

    Why must we only feel the pain of our tragedies & not of others which we may be able to prevent but are too self absorbed to care about?

    1. Cynical Susan

      I think that’s pretty typical of humankind, and as a friend frequently reminds me, humankind is a highly flawed species. I wonder if this is indicative of our only being able to hold so much horror in our minds at one time?

      1. equality 7-2521

        Yes, morality is egocentric. Somebody else’s horror is their horror I suppose and some rejoice in the fact we can edit our own history books.

        1. Cynical Susan

          Mark Erelli’s song “Nothing Much Has Changed Here” says

          “Sometimes it’s all that you can do to avert your eyes
          If you let too much in it will leave you paralyzed”

          Maybe that’s a partial explanation……

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