A possible blow to Romanian pride

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Never a good thing when your royal family turns to cockfighting.
Castelul Bran

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8 thoughts on “A possible blow to Romanian pride

  1. Richard

    Isn’t gay marriage an equally bizzare form of cockfighting? Surely a sign of a sicker and more decadent society.

    1. Richard

      Catch my last name? You won’t, John. You won’t.

      NEW HAVEN, CT, April 17, 2013 (LifeSiteNews) – A homosexual Enfield, CT man who pleaded guilty to sending hundreds of threatening letters to the head of a pro-life, pro-family group in Hartford was sentenced Tuesday to five years’ probation by a federal judge.

      Daniel Sarno, 54, who is homosexual, admitted to sending over 300 letters to Peter Wolfgang, executive director of the Family Institute of Connecticut, expressing his anger over the Family Institute’s opposition to same-sex “marriage.” The letters he sent were uniformly abusive. Many contained death threats.

      “No mercy for homophobes,” one letter read. “I suggest you make your funeral arrangements real soon, Mr. Wolfgang. (I should know.)”

      Another letter said, “I sure hope somebody blows you away. Yer dead.”

      Yet another asked, “Are ‘family values’ worth dying for, Mr. Wolfgang?”

      1. Paul

        Thanks you two for a glimpse inside the right.

        John, you’ve got your work cut out for you. Good luck.

      2. Cynical Susan

        So……. One threatening homosexual is worse than any number of threatening heterosexuals?

  2. Billy

    Well that interlude went right over my head. But it is nothing new. I’m thick headed.

    John Wesley Harding? The guy running the rooster fights?

    All along the telegraph
    his name it did resound
    But no charge held against him
    could be proved
    And there was no man around
    Who could track or chain him down
    He was never known
    To make a foolish move

    1. Paul

      Allow me. John is conservative and gay. I’m not outing him. He’s been open about it in past postings. (Bravely so I might add, even if I don’t agree with him most of the time.) and Richard is, well, Richard. Proof that the right is more diverse than we on the left like to admit. Their problem is that they don’t like to admit it much either.

      1. Billy

        I did find his pun to be humorous. But you explained and for me, it is always enjoyable to watch two conservatives duel.

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