And by the way, Happy Freaking Easter!

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This went out today!  (And didn’t she, like, just get sworn in? This makes Susan Bysiewicz look like Mister Smith.) And what’s up with having only a first name?

Elizabeth needs your help.Our first FEC deadline is in only 12 hours and we’re still $2,200 short of our goal. That’s why I had to send you this email.

This deadline is critical. Elizabeth’s new opponent, Republican Mark Greenberg, has pledged to spend $2 million of his own money in a general election. We need to lay a solid foundation so he doesn’t bury us with attacks funded by his private fortune. Will you help Elizabeth?

MIDNIGHT DEADLINE: Please donate $3 or whatever you can to Elizabeth’s campaign before tonight’s midnight deadline >> 

Elizabeth is determined to keep fighting for the people of Connecticut. But she can only do that with your help.

Greenberg and his right-wing Super PAC backers are going to spend millions in this race — in fact, national Republicans have already launched ads targeted at Elizabeth.

The only way Elizabeth can be successful is if her grassroots supporters step up. Please chip in before tonight’s deadline:

Donate $3 or more before midnight >>

Thank you, and happy Easter!


Brian Weeks
Elizabeth Esty for Congress


Paid for by Friends of Elizabeth Esty


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5 thoughts on “And by the way, Happy Freaking Easter!

  1. peter brush

    We need to lay a solid foundation so he doesn’t bury us with attacks funded by his private fortune. Will you help Elizabeth?
    What with her extensive hack pol resume, we know Ms. Esty is a committed fighter for the people of the Nutmeg State; has been for several weeks. But, query as to tactical goal in laying foundation or as to being buried by attacks. Sic.
    Easter publication? I bet the $3 donation suggestion was crypto-trinitarian dog whistle.

  2. Hypocrite spotter

    Is this the same Elizabeth Esty who actually starred IN a Super PAC ad? Is this the same Elizabeth Esty who spent almost $1 million of her own money to win the democrat primary? Is this the same Elizabeth Esty who ran on a made up ‘War on Women’ against Andrew Roraback and is then silent when asked about a fellow democrat caught sexually harassing a 17 year old girl( on tape) and then bragging about discriminating against women in general?

    The answer is of course no… The truth is that there are many Elizabeth Esty’s depending on the audience she needs to pander to that day!

  3. George

    Democrats in CT should change their name to the Hypocrisy Party. Mrs. Esty is a self-funder, who starred in a Super-PAC ad, and is now complaining about having to run against … a self-funder with Super-PAC backing.

    And she fails to point out that businessman Mr. Greenberg, who is merely an announced candidate, has yet to even start campaigning. And the Republican nominating process is well over a year away, and there is no guarantee Mr. Greenberg will be the nominee.

    And those Republican attack ads, launched only weeks after she took office? They must be stealth ads, because I haven’t seen any of them.

  4. Urquhart

    As a democrat who voted for Roraback, I’m not surprised. But since I am a democrat and therefore, by definition, one who throws his money around, I’m sending $3.00 to Elizabeth at one of her three official residences. When you’re queen that long, the bills must really mount up.

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