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I’m getting ready for today’s installment of the Nose, with James Hanley, Duby McDowell and Jacques Lamarre. (We’re pretty gay today. Should I even bother bringing up the Giglio story?) We’re on the trillion dollar coin story today and the DebraLee Hovey rebuff of Giffords. (I’m kind of fascinated by the way, if you take a few steps off the main trail, you find extremist literature in which the shooting of Giffords is implicitly minimized as no big deal. Note here the way the author complains about the “exploiting” of it which turns out to refer to any faint suggestion that steps should be taken to prevent future such occurrences.

We’ll probably spend the first segment talking about awards — the Academy noms and the slew of other prizes issued right around now in a way that tends to muddy the water. “Argo” did well with the Brits last night / today.  The Golden Globes are kind of absurd but you ave to watch them a little because the hosts are so interesting and because everybody’s drunk, making for loosey-goosey moments.

My stray thoughts about the noms:

A.O. Scott loves them partly for their affirmation of “Beasts of the Southern Wild,” which he thinks is one of the years best two movies. I don’t.  I’m with these critics:

As for Benh Zeitlin and Beasts of the Southern Wild, I agree with Stephanie that it has a graduate-student quality that, after a year, hasn’t aged well. It’s a muddled, muffled attempt at a kind of solidarity that feels like a balled-up homework assignment that’s been unballed, smoothed out, and turned in wrinkled. But this was a movie people loved at the Sundance Film Festival in a way you rarely see.

By the way, I recommend the Movie Club this year, especially Morris’s tour of trash.

Oddly, the movie I most want to see right now is not among the nominees. It’s “Magic Mike,” which so many people have praised and which I spurned because of its double dose of trashiness (the subject matter and McConaughey).

I do like the fact that so many movies this year are arguable. “Zero Dark 30” (which I will see tonight), “Django Unchained” and “Argo” have all stirred controversies which spilled out of the movie pages and into the main news columns. That’s a good thing. Kathryn Bigelow is pretty obviously being punished for controversy by the Academy. Affleck is being punished for being Affleck. (I happen to like his work.)

John Hawkes, my favorite actor  du moment should have been given the opportunity to lose to Day-Lewis. Everybody will lose to Lincoln, but Hawkes’s polio-crippled wannabe Casanova is, in its own way, as good as Day-Lewis.

I’m always puzzled by the way foreign films — always with one exception every year (viz. “Amour”) — can only compete in their one category. “A Royal Affair” had breath-taking cinematography and production values. But it’s only up in the best foreign film category.



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6 thoughts on “Awards, etc.

  1. Robbie DeRosa

    I’ll be watching “Beasts” tonight- but am already ready to like it because I love all things WES!!!! Wesleyan has produced so many TV and film greats-if one can excuse some of Michael Bay-but even then; you have to admire him for his success….It was also a Wesleyan grad who made the films that showed between acts at the Sandy benefit at MSG-Noah Hutton.

  2. Richard

    I haven’t seen Amour and I hope it wins. Love the reviews and synopsis.

    Bigelow needed to condemn the Bush administration’s use of waterboarding and portray the shift in policy under Obama using Extraordinary Detention as one where kindly UAE policemen hold detainees in a Trump Hotel and ask them a few softball questions while doves coo on the perches.

  3. Richard

    And Giglio’s opponents? One thing can be said about the Open and Affirming Christians: 2000 years ago they’d be sitting in the Roman Senate worshipping the Caeser when politically necessary, vacationing in Pompeii and enjoying the bathhouses, and then ridiculing the Christian Martys who formed the church from the backwoods of the Empire. I’m sure they bet on the lion every time.

  4. Jonathan McNicol

    I mostly enjoyed Beasts. But I never want to see it again. Very cool that Wallis got nominated, though.

    For all the people whining about the Affleck and Tarantino and Bigelow snubs (and I’m a fan of all three—Affleck more than the other two maybe even actually), a couple points: 1. They’re all actually nominated this year. 2. They’ve all actually won before. (And Bigelow twice.) 3. So, ya know, they’ll survive.

    And here’s my favorite game to play this time of year.

    This is a thing, forever and for always:

    Academy Award Nominee Seth MacFarlane

    And so, my friends, is this:

    Academy Award Nominee Bradley Cooper

    (I haven’t seen Silver Linings yet. I will. It’s entirely possible he’s great in it, I guess. But still.)

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