Barr, Gorelick and Wainstein are full of crap

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This kind of thing kicks my BP up. The pretense is that these are Three Wise People from different administrations. They will give us a measured, non-partisan picture of the issue. Instead they give us a misleading, cherry-picked, Jack Bauer-influenced version of the truth.

Do me a favor. Read their essay. Now ask yourself if it reflects any the following:

From AP:

“The AP learned about the thwarted plot last week but agreed to White House and CIA requests not to publish it immediately because the sensitive intelligence operation was still under way,” the news agency report stated. “Once officials said those concerns were allayed, the AP decided to disclose the plot Monday despite requests from the Obama administration to wait for an official announcement Tuesday.”

They were going to have a press conference about this! The next day!

Wait.  It gets worse according to Isikoff:

Within hours after the AP published its May 7, 2012 story, then-White House counterterrorism adviser John Brennan, currently the director of the CIA, held a background conference call in which he assured television network commentators that the bomb plot was never a threat to the American public or aviation safety.

The reason, he said, is because intelligence officials had “inside control” over it.

He later told the Senate Intelligence Committee that he conducted the briefing to avoid “dangerous questions and speculation” about the operation.

So it was the administration, not the AP, that tipped the world to the presence of somebody on the inside.

Last question: what’s up the secret subpoena? If this operation was dormant and capped, so much so that you were planning press conference and  briefing  the press about the existence of informants, why not go to court and try to get the phone records. You send your lawyers. AP sends theirs.  There was no ticking bomb to justify this. And shame of Barr,  Gorelick and Wainstein for writing this sneaky, dishonorable load of rubbish.



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44 thoughts on “Barr, Gorelick and Wainstein are full of crap

  1. Richard

    In a very real sense does anyone care? This whole series of missteps from Fast and Furious to the AP are getting zero traction with the people on the street.

    1. Paul

      Does anyone care? In a word, no. I’m not the first to say it but it’s a reasonable argument that six years of constant hyperbole from the right about frequently trivial if not untrue things has caused people to stop listening even to the important, credible stuff. It all starts to sound the same to most folks.

      In Obama’s case, when it comes to folks in the middle, his political enemies have probably helped him more than his friends. Probably even more than he’s helped himself.

  2. Todd Zaino

    Nixon once said let me be perfectly clear
    During the Gates scandal Obama served beer
    With Barry liberals will overlook
    Sorry but he’s a crook
    This is far from a bad movie and GOP smear

  3. peter brush

    So it was the administration…
    And, so it has been with respect to the multitudinous Obama “mis-steps.” But, the Republican Party and its Presidential Candidate hadn’t the Constitutional vision nor testicular fortitude to point out last year running up to the election that this administration is bad to the bone, doesn’t give a fig about the rule of law. Obama ran a campaign, and won a mandate, establishing that Mitt Romney doesn’t like women, the poor, or the of-color-community. And, he doesn’t pay taxes…

    Jamie Gorelick is another like Mrs. Klinton; everything she touches turns to poop, but their “careers” are extremely well-munerated. She wouldn’t even allow “leaks” from intelligence agencies to law enforcement ones to prevent stuff like 9/11. She made a bundle at Fannie Mae running that outfit into the ground. Another fine product of Harvard Law School.
    paid $26,466,834 in salary, bonuses, performance pay and stock options from 1998 to 2003, according to the Report of the Special Examination of Fannie Mae (2006), conducted by the Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight.

    The “Gorelick Wall” barred anti-terror investigators from accessing the computer of Zacarias Moussaoui, the 20th hijacker, already in custody on an immigration violation.[citation needed] “During the time of Ms. Gorelick’s 1995 memo, the issue causing the most tension between the Reno-Gorelick Justice Department and Director Freeh’s FBI was not counterterrorism but widely reported allegations of contributions to the Clinton-Gore Presidential re-election campaign from foreign sources involving the likes of John Huang and Charlie Trie.” [15] Mr. Trie later told investigators that between 1994 and 1996 he raised some $1.2 million, much of it from foreign sources whose identities were hidden by straw donors.

  4. John R. McCommas

    Well I hate to have to defend the Obama Administration but the situation looks like we had a spy on the inside. The AP got wind of it and wanted to blow their load but slightly wiser heads there prevailed. They asked the administration about it first and AP held the story so the spy could get out ( or so we are lead to believe). Great.

    I don’t give a crap if the Obama Administration wanted to spin this, scoop the AP with their own press release or whatever. What does that matter?

    It looks like to me that if the AP had killed the story entirely like good Americans than we would still have our guy in the enemy camp giving us more information to stop the next thing they are planning.

    Frankly Mr. McEnroe, what these three men argued in this op-ed makes a lot more sense than anything I have ever read by you.

    We are still at war. Have you forgotten that? The terrorists only have to get lucky once. To stop the next 9-11 our people have to be lucky every damn minute of every day. You think it is bad now with bombs made out of pressure cookers? Just wait till they get nuclear bombs.

  5. peter brush

    What does that matter?
    Would tend to indicate that not only was national security not implicated, but that the thing was not even particularly secret.

    I’m with you on the need to punish/stop national security leaks. The W. Bush administration, as with so much, was lame on this score. The Obama Outfit is not interested in maintaining secrecy, but, as best I can make out, in punishing uncooperative press and bureaucrats. In the scheme of things the suppression of the press will be seen as less important than other Obama tyrannies, but not at all inconsequential.
    One shouldn’t let his animus get in the way of agreeing when agreement called for. At a minimum, expression of disagreement under such circumstances should be less disagreeable.

  6. Bill

    Evacuation Blues

    I’m toxic fusion with my baby
    Drunk with alcohol at night
    If she talks to Homeland further
    It might drive me into flight

    I am hazardous material
    A plague upon the news
    The bomb squad won’t even get me
    Got evacuation blues

    I’ve gone into hiding
    My whereabouts unknown
    The one I most cared about
    Has left me so alone

    I fight against injustice
    But I’ll probably cross the line
    Beauty walks on broken glass
    One day I’ll make her mine

    They’re after me this moment
    They’re banging down the door
    One last trick I have up my sleeve
    Is strapped around my core

    I’m toxic fusion with my baby
    Drunk with alcohol at night
    If she talks to Homeland further
    It might separate me from my rights

    Colin, it is your fault. You issued a challenge to take words from a page (page 181?) in the Homeland Security Handbook and write lines from it. I just took it a step further and hollowed out a song.

  7. Bob Fortier

    Just the fact that your commentary begins with a sentence including the word “CRAP” shows your lack of talent.
    That is like me saying, “you suck like shit”. That is the level you operate on loser.

  8. Todd Zaino

    Sung to Lou Reed’s song “Take A Walk On The Wild Side.”

    Barack Obama is just speeding away
    Though he was Saul Alinsky for a day
    Then I guess Hope & Change had to crash
    ObamaCare won’t help much with that gash
    Said Hey Babe
    Take a walk on the red side
    I said hey comrades
    Take a walk on the Commie side
    and the Moonbats say
    doo, do, doo, doo, do doo…

    1. Cynical Susan

      That wild-eyed liberal J. Edgar Hoover “made his policy clear in 1947, McCarthy’s first year in the Senate. “Don’t label anyone as a Communist unless you have the facts,” he wrote in Newsweek. “Don’t confuse liberals and progressives with Communists. Don’t be a party to a violation of the civil rights of anyone. When this is done, you are playing right into the hands of the Communists.” “

      1. Todd Zaino

        The slowest third grader in a special ed class in Mississippi can tell you that Obama is a Communist, how does this escape a smart, well-read woman?

        1. cmcenroe Post author

          “The slowest third grader in a special ed class in Mississippi can tell you that Obama is a Communist.” So true, Todd. But not the way you mean it.
          The joke about guys like you is that you see a black guy with a strange name and conclude he’s a lot more liberal than he really is.
          The joke about guys like me is that I fell for that too.
          But Obama is one of the most conservative Democrats of his generation. The fact that you’re still calling him a Socialist lumps you in with that kid in Mississippi.

          1. Todd Zaino

            Colin are you honestly making my “Mississippi crack” a racial one? Really!? If you look up states that rank lowest in education levels in America, Mississippi is usually at the bottom. Do all liberals have such knee-jerk reactions? I expect that from some here, but you are far smarter than (“than” Bill…not “then”) that. The Mississippi crack had everything to do with that state’s ranking…not a racial one, shame on you!

            Calling Obama one of the most conservative Democrats of his generation…is laughable. More conservative LOL funny Colin! The infanticide, EBT, anti-police, wind power, anti-oil, Food Stamps president…most conservative…please stop, you’re killing me!


          2. Cynical Susan

            I don’t think Colin was inferring that the “Mississippi crack” was a racial one.

            I also don’t understand how wind power can be partisan. We’re using up fossil fuels and in the process are ruining our health and the health of the planet. Why is that such a dog-whistle of a reference?

          3. Todd Zaino

            I suppose ObamaCare and immigration “reform” could be called the work of so-called conservative Democrats…as well. Sorry not buying it.

            Sorry Cynical, but when Colin wrote “black guy with a strange name, he made it racial.

          4. Brian C. Duffy


            He didn’t call Obama a Socialist, he called him a Communist. I hope one of you know the difference.

            I love when people yell “Communist” …I like to simplify the explanation. I usually speak slowly:

            Cuba is Communist.

            Canada is Socialist.

            Politically speaking, Obama is barely Canadian…..heck, he’s not even Vermont!(unfortunately)

          5. Cynical Susan

            “Sorry Cynical, but when Colin wrote “black guy with a strange name, he made it racial.”

            But that’s not the reference you made. And somehow “Obamacare” still makes a lot of money for insurance companies — sure doesn’t seem very socialist to me.

          6. Billy Yo

            Colin: Sometimes I think Todd just wants to be (or perhaps needs to be) outrageous and says the first thing that comes to mind. I’ve met those types before. I was once an intervention counselor way back at Roots Inc. Darn if we weren’t visited by and by with the craziest street walkers alive some of whom remind me of Todd.

          7. Todd Zaino

            Yawn…Billy Yo, you could be “Bill”, “Cynical Susan”, Susan Campbell, Rick Green, Colin, Shawn Lang et al. Yawn, double yawn…perhaps you are “Billy Goat Gruff”…keep hiding behind pen names…how brave!

          8. Cynical Susan

            “…keep hiding behind pen names…how brave!”

            Still haven’t seen you call out Richard on this particular complaint, Todd.

          9. peter brush

            But Obama is one of the most conservative Democrats of his generation…
            Shirley you jest.
            First, this generation of Democrats is leftier than any previous one. Second, during his brief yet pointless tenure in the Senate, Obongo’s half-brother’s voting record was, according to National Journal, to the left of that of Bernie Sanders, the soi-disant socialist Mayor of Burlington, Vermont. Whether those or other rankings are precisely accurate, it’s pretty clear that B.O. is not in any respect a conservative; not paleo, neo, libertarian, nor traditionalist.Drone attacks, starving prisoners in Guantanamo, and use of the IRS to attack political enemies don’t a conservative make.
            As long as you’re disappointed in Barack Hussein from the left, and I’m nauseated by him from the right, can we not agree to get rid of his bastard “achievement,” Obamacare? Let’s restore the status quo ante. You guys can go back to honestly advocating for single-payer (i.e., socialism), and we can go on fighting for ending employer-provided health insurance, for health savings accounts, or for tax credits for high-deductible insurance. In the mean time, we don’t get utter chaos.

      2. John R. McCommas

        Just you remember there were commies in the State Department. As for J. Edgar Hoover I read in Ann Coulter’s Treason that he also said “Thank God somebody is doing it” regarding his investigation.

        As for the democrat party, they have been completely taken over by the Communists. Liberals, socialists, progressives, commies, they are all one in the same now as far as I am concerned.

        “I am convinced that tomorrow the red flag will fly over the United States. But we will not fly the flag, The American people will hoist it themselves”

        –U.S.S.R. Premier Nikita S. Khrushchev July 19 1962

        And I am worried that we just might. In tiny little increments that is the way we are headed.

        1. Regular Joe

          Brilliant post John.

          Well, not so new, actually. It took the lead Communist in the U.S., Barack Obama, to really bring Communism out of the shadows and put it on full display. Why are they the Communist Party? Don’t listen to their words; look at their deeds. That’s the true measure of a man.

          In 1984 Gus Hall made a public appearance and stated that he would no longer be a candidate for President under the Communist Party of American party banner. His vice presidential running mater in 1984 was Angela Davis, self-proclaimed Communist and a member of the Black Panthers. Gus had run for President in 1972, ‘76, ‘’80, and ‘’84. He said, at that public pronouncement that he no longer would run because the Democrat party now embraced all the principles and ideologies of the Communist party, so he no longer needed to run. He then encouraged all of his Communist supporters to vote for Democrats. Historical fact.

          Communists want God dead. Look at all the efforts and actions to remove religion from public view and celebration. Look at what government schools are doing to remove God from those schools.

          Look at the attempts to disarm the population of law abiding citizens. New laws all the time, lawsuits against legitimate gun owners, trying to tax bullets and, now, Obama and Hillary have signed the Small Arms United Nations Treaty which, if ratified, supercedes the Second Amendment of the Constitution.

          Look at what is being done to the middle class. Communism can’t prosper(?) With a middle class. There can only be a “Ruling” class, the government, and the peasant class – that would be you and me. More regulations, more taxes, all to drive the middle class out of existence. Don’t listen to what Obama says; look at what he does.

          Look at the media. The media are the unwitting useful idiots of the Communists. The media manufactures news, distorts the truth, all to support the Communists.

          Again, look at the disaster that has been visited on our education system. Government schools are failing, failing badly, and constantly demanding more tax money to continue destroying education.

          To be fair, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer, Dick Turban Durbin, John Kerry, et al are useful idiots who don’t understand the end game, but support the move to Communist ideals.

          Look at the poverty levels. Look at the number of people on welfare; look at the rising number of unemployed Americans. As Sasul Alinsky clearly stated in his book, “Rule for Radicals,” the best way to destroy a system is to overwhelm it. And that’s just what Obama and his minions are doing. Get people dependent on Government to such an extent that the whole system crumbles.

          We have reached the point where the people fear the government. Tyranny reigns.

          The American people, by and large, are snoozing, and when they do wake up, it may be too late.

    1. Bill

      Then I am right? At least I don’t write inane insults in poorly structured lines basing it on someone else’s song.

      Thank you for realizing quality creations.

      1. Todd Zaino

        You win this one…not this “won” Bill! Enjoy your self-proclaimed victory. How’s all of that Hope and Change working out for you…five years into it?

        Getting a reaction out of you and Cynical…is truly reward enough for me. 🙂

        1. Bill

          first, I think Obama and his staff screw up royally. The only thing to do upon hearing first reports was to signal to the military to send in assistance. Even if arrival of troops would have been too late. This is what is done in emergancies. The lame excuse in view of his decision to launch an invasion of Pakistan to kill bin Ladin just doesn’t hold up. I also think, as I have in the past, that he should fire Eric Holder, who is good at looking good but that is all. He is not very bright.

          Obama is too loyal. But he continues to be a good president. He has the 2nd term blues.

          I happen to criticize where needed which is much more then you could ever do with your extreme right wing nut ideology.

  9. Todd Zaino


    Eric Holder is “good at looking good but that is all.” Really?! Do you honestly trust him? If you do, you are being foolish. Anyone who doesn’t drink the Obama-Aide is a “right wing nut” in your world I suppose. Second-term presidents don’t usually become lame ducks until years seven and eight…nice to see old Barry isn’t wasting any time. You screwed up then/than again in your last “sentence” and I’ve never seen “emergency” spelled the way you did up above…I guess the low-information voting not only extends to the polling booths, but to second grade English as well.

    Here’s a little song to get out of here:

    Sung to Paul Simon’s “There Must Be Fifty Ways To Leave Your Lover.”

    There must be fifty ways to screw your country
    Fifty ways to screw your country
    Tap the AP phones… Jones
    Use the IRS… Jess
    Ignore Benghazi… Lee
    and set yourself free!

    1. Cynical Susan

      Todd, are you really going to now correct spelling? Do you really think you never make such mistakes? Do you really think typos are an indication of intelligence? C’mon.

      1. Billy Yo

        His word thingy admonishments give Todd relevancy and no doubt serves as a laxative for his trying moments.

        BTW: I proudly come from the old Norm Cosby or Crosby school of malapropisms. But mine are said inadvertently.

        Don’t worry, Todd is a pipsqueak. He is one of the more civil one. You know what is next door, don’t you? It’s the wild west. Or as Scatman Crouthers says in The Shining to the little boy; “Just never go into room 237.” It is because Todd lives there.

        1. Todd Zaino

          @ peter brush,

          Well said in your 11:09 post. Lookout today for the moonbats to call you on your use of “Obobgo” and “Hussein” in your above post. Cries of racism, and “how dare you peter!” are certain to follow.

          Using B.O. and “bastard achievement” (while I found them funny, and oh so appropriate) the lefties here will just consider those comments to be rude.

          If Barry gets his immigration so-called reform, it’s going to make ObamaCare look like a day a Victoria Secret’s World.

          1. peter brush

            Apologies; meant to say “Abongo.” Not gratuitously offensive, but topically relevant in this season of revelations about the Obama vote suppression projects going back to 2008. The word “racism” at this point has no particular meaning that I can discern. It’s used as in the old days the left used the word “fascism.”
            You are absolutely correct that the Rubio/Ryan immigration “reform” play will be a disaster.
            Lois Lerner, the senior IRS official at the center of the decision to target tea party groups for burdensome tax scrutiny, signed paperwork granting tax-exempt status to the Barack H. Obama Foundation, a shady charity headed by the president’s half-brother that operated illegally for years.

            According to the organization’s filings, Lerner approved the foundation’s tax status within a month of filing, an unprecedented timeline that stands in stark contrast to conservative organizations that have been waiting for more than three years, in some cases, for approval.

            Lerner also appears to have broken with the norms of tax-exemption approval by granting retroactive tax-exempt status to Malik Obama’s organization.

            Read more:

  10. Cynical Susan


    Colin’s tweet at the bottom of the page:

    “Ann & Nancy Wilson singing “(Go) Crazy On You” was much sexier when I was young and hadn’t dated anyone with Borderline Personality Disorder”

    Isn’t it amazing what a look back can do? I hear “My Funny Valentine” and I HATE it — all it is is an unloving list of criticism! And in a different medium, Shel Silverstein’s “The Giving Tree?” All that selfish boy does is take take take until the tree is gone.

  11. Todd Zaino

    Sung to the Hank Williams tune: “Your Cheatin’ Heart”

    A Song for Barry

    This is just a start
    Your going down
    You’ll try and try
    You used to own this town
    And try to sleep
    But sleep won’t come
    Whistleblowers all come through
    As they tell on you

  12. Todd Zaino

    Sung to the tune of Aerosmith’s “Janie’s Got A Gun”

    Dumb, dumb, dumb, liberals what have you done?
    Dumb, dumb, dumb, it’s the sound of the chosen one
    Dumb, dumb, dumb, liberals what have you done?
    Obama’s all but done
    Moochelle weighs a ton
    Hope and Change has come undone
    All from the bastard son
    What did Eric Holder do?
    This White House is all but through
    Don’t mean to be a gloomy Gus
    Barry will throw anyone under a bus
    Obama’s all but done
    Moochelle weighs a ton

  13. Todd Zaino

    Sung to the tune of Johnny Mathis’ “It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Christmas”

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Nixon
    Hope & Change has to go
    Barry and Hillary get five to ten, let’s do it all again
    And IRS agents are all aglow
    It’s beginning to look a lot like Nixon
    Subpoenas are such a bore
    But the prettiest sight you’ll see are handcuffs that will be
    Give Obama a boot out the door!

    1. Brian C. Duffy

      Todd Zaino is his name.
      But what exactly is his aim?
      Poet laureate of the nation?
      Or just ego masturbation?

  14. Todd Zaino

    Duffy’s just pissed over Change and Hope
    Just give this White House enough rope
    You just threw up a brick
    That’s no limerick
    Duffy got played twice by a fraud, Kenyan dope

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