Better yet, just line up and count off by threes

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Dear friend,
Have you ever considered running for public office? A better Connecticut starts at the ballot box, and that means we need people like you to consider running.  

We will not be able to continue to put Connecticut back on track without allies in elected positions up and down the ballot.  We need to have strong Democratic voices at every level of government, from local school boards to the highest offices in Hartford and Washington, D.C.

Please sign up if you are interested in running for office. 

Once you fill out the form, our local political organizing team will reach out to you in the next month or two if there are openings in your area.

Thank you,

Chair, Connecticut Democratic Party

P.S. – If you don’t want to run, or even if you do, will you contribute to the party?  Sign up here to make a monthly contribution to the party for $15, $25, or even $35.

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4 thoughts on “Better yet, just line up and count off by threes

  1. Richard

    We will contact you if there is an opening? In other words don’t contact us if you are considering a primary run against sitting Democrats. Squatters Rights for incumbents.

  2. Todd Zaino

    Democrats truly have no shame…at the end of the above post Nancy asks for a monthly contribution. Reminds of this past summer when Obama was begging for cash and aksing people to forgo wedding presents and to send your cash gifts to Barry and Moochelle.

    How can anyone with half a brain cell, or a spine honestly attend someone’s wedding, then present the couple with a note stating that in lieu of a gift…we’ve sent a cash gift to the Obama re-election committee.

    Proving my point, Democrats truly have no sense of decency.

  3. BobD

    Hey Todd, maybe she is just trying to encourage people to run for office for the Democratic party. Do you (and countless other regular “commentators”to this blog) have to ALWAYS take the cynical view? For the record, I don’t get your wedding analogy.

  4. Todd Zaino

    Were you living under a rock last summer? Go to Google and type in ObamaEventregistry. Another low information voter? Sorry if you think I am cynical.

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