Boston and Newtown

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The NewtownStrong Facebook site has reported that runners from that group have texted in and are unharmed.

NewtownSTRONG is a charitable foundation raising scholarship money for the siblings of children who died in the Sandy Hook Shooting. They group sent a delegation of runners to the marathon.

The Facebook page administrator posted “I just got a text message from one of our runners , letting me know that they are all safe.”


Today’s Marathon included 26 seconds of silence before the race for the 26 Newtown victims.

The 26th mile marker was also dedicated to Newtown.

There were runners from the Newtown Strong Fund running the race.

At the moment, 4:10 p.m., we’re at the wait and pray stage.

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97 thoughts on “Boston and Newtown

    1. Richard

      No guns!

      I thought someone had to start what I expect will be a tasteless week of “Gun Control can’t stop crazy. Arm us so we can track the perps down vigilante style and “Hang ’em High”.

      1. Bill

        Richard: I guess you couldn’t resist stupid, could you? And I mean “stupid” as a noun.

          1. Bill

            This has nothing to do with gun control. To think otherwise is rather foolish.

            I am not going to hear it. And neither are you.

          2. Cynical Susan

            Oh, it wouldn’t surprise me to hear “see? It’s not just guns that are used to produce mayhem.”

  1. Adult in the Room

    Let’s stop being polite here, would anyone here be surprised to discover that radical Islamic terrorists males between the ages of 18-35 are responsible for this? Does political correctness preclude all of us from asking this question.

    Nice to hear Obama talk tough last night at his presser, how about we get to the bottom of Fort Hood and Benghazi before you solve this one Barry?

    Truly heartbreaking to read that Sandy Hook families were in in VIP tents near this bombing.

    1. Bill

      Yes Todd, guns were brought up and immediately SHOT down. Couldn’t leave it alone? I’m told that lithium tablets have away of balancing up the ups and downs. Have you tried them, lately?

  2. Todd Zaino

    Nice to see Chris Matthews remained totally objective just hours after the bombing:

    As NewsBusters reported earlier, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews seems hell-bent on trying to blame the Boston Marathon bombing on a domestic terrorist, preferrably a conservative one.

    After saying shortly into his Hardball program, “Normally domestic terrorists, people, tend to be on the far right,” Matthews later asked his guests if Tax Day had something to do with the event since it doesn’t mean a “whole lot to the Arab world or Islamic world or the, certainly not to al Qaeda”

    Read more:

  3. Todd Zaino

    Anyone want to bet that there will soon be a 17th question added to this list regarding Boston?

    The Easiest Quiz In the World

    1. 1968 Bobby Kennedy was shot and killed by:
    ?a. Superman
    ?b. Jay Leno
    ?c. Harry Potter
    ?d. A Muslim male extremist between the ages of 17 and 40

    2. In 1972 at the Munich Olympics, athletes were kidnapped and massacred by :
    ?a. Olga Corbett
    ?b. Sitting Bull
    ?c. Arnold Schwarzenegger
    ?d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

    3. In 1979, the US embassy in Iran was taken over by:
    ?a. Lost Norwegians
    ?b. Elvis
    ?c. A tour bus full of 80-year-old women
    ?d . Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

    4. During the 1980?s a number of Americans were kidnapped in Lebanon by:
    ?a. John Dillinger
    ?b. The King of Sweden
    ?c. The Boy Scouts
    ?d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

    5. In 1983, the US Marine barracks in Beirut was blown up by:
    ?a. A pizza delivery boy
    ?b. Pee Wee Herman
    ?c. Geraldo Rivera
    ?d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

    6. In 1985 the cruise ship Achille Lauro was hijacked and a 70 year old American passenger was murdered and thrown overboard in his wheelchair by:
    ?a. The Smurfs
    ?b. Davey Jones
    ?c. The Little Mermaid
    ?d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

    7. In 1985 TWA flight 847 was hijacked at Athens, and a US Navy diver trying to rescue passengers was murdered by:
    ?a. Captain Kidd
    ?b. Charles Lindberg
    ?c. Mother Teresa
    ?d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

    8. In 1988, Pan Am Flight 103 was bombed by:
    ?a. Scooby Doo
    ?b. The Tooth Fairy
    ?c. The Sundance Kid
    ?d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

    9. In 1993 the World Trade Center was bombed the first time by:
    ?a. Richard Simmons
    ?b. Grandma Moses
    ?c. Michael Jordan
    ?d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

    10. In 1998, the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania were bombed by:
    ?a. Mr. Rogers
    ?b. Hillary Clinton, to distract attention from Wild Bill’s women problems
    ?c. The World Wrestling Federation
    ?d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

    11. On 9/11/01, four airliners were hijacked; two were used as missiles to take out the World Trade Centers and of the remaining two, one crashed into the US Pentagon and the other was diverted and crashed by the passengers. Thousands of people were killed by:
    ?a. Bugs Bunny, Wiley E. Coyote, Daffy Duck and Elmer Fudd
    ?b. The Supreme Court of Florida
    ?c. Mr. Bean
    ?d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

    12. In 2002 the United States fought a war in Afghanistan against:
    ?a. Enron
    ?b. The Lutheran Church
    ?c. The NFL
    ?d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

    13. In 2002 reporter Daniel Pearl was kidnapped and murdered by:
    ?a. Bonnie and Clyde
    ?b. Captain Kangaroo
    ?c. Billy Graham
    ?d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

    14. On November 5, 2009, in Fort Hood Army base, Texas, 13 people were shot to death and 30 wounded by:
    ?a. Sarah Palin
    ?b. An angry white conservative blogger
    ?c. A TEA Party grandma
    ?d. A Muslim male extremist between the ages of 17 and 40

    15. On December 25, 2009, the person who tried to blow up a Northwest Airlines flight from Amsterdam to Detroit but whose underwear burnt when the plastic explosives blew up was:
    ?a. Roman Catholic
    ?b. A card-carrying member of the NRA
    ?c. An 80-year-old woman with titanium knee replacements
    ?d. A Muslim male extremist between the ages of 17 and 40

    16. On September 17, 2010, the six street cleaners arrested by London police for a suspected assassination plot against the Pope are:
    ?a. Blue-eyed blond Norwegians
    ?b. Las Vegas lap dancers
    ?c. Conservative Americans who “cling to their Bible and guns”
    ?d. Muslim male extremists mostly between the ages of 17 and 40

    But our Commander In Chief insists that the “underwear bomber” of question #15 was “an isolated incident” and our airports eschew profiling Muslims and, instead, screen, wand, full-body scan, and pat-down search EVERYONE, even blue-eyed grandmothers with artificial hips!

    1. Cynical Susan

      I had forgotten this — thanks to Brian C. Duffy for the reminder. This little bit is from a NYTimes blog of just a year ago:

      “On April 23, 1969, six days after finding him guilty of murder, a Los Angeles jury sentenced the Palestinian Christian refugee Sirhan Bishara Sirhan, 25, to death for assassinating Senator Robert F. Kennedy of New York.”

      1. peter brush

        Sirhan Sirhan was/is not a Muslim, but he acted out of Palestinian nationalism. He was a patriot, at least to the extent that one can love a country that has never existed, but he hated our country. I’d advocate no Palestinian immigration. What’s the advantage to us?
        A motive cited for his actions is the Middle East conflict.[16] After his arrest, Sirhan said, “I can explain it. I did it for my country.”[16] Sirhan believed he was deliberately betrayed by Kennedy’s support for Israel in the June 1967 Six-Day War,[25] which had begun exactly one year to the day before the assassination. During a search of Sirhan’s apartment after his arrest, a spiral-bound notebook was found containing a diary entry which demonstrated that his anger had gradually fixated on Robert Kennedy, who had promised to send 50 fighter jets to Israel if he were elected president. Sirhan’s journal entry of May 18, 1968, read: “My determination to eliminate R.F.K. is becoming the more and more of an unshakable obsession…Kennedy must die before June 5th”.[12][16] They found other notebooks and diary entries which contained his growing rage at Zionists, particularly at Kennedy; his journals also contained many nonsensical scribbles, which were thought to be his version of “free writing”.
        The next day, on June 6, the Los Angeles Times printed an article, which discussed Sirhan’s motive for the assassination, confirmed by the memos Sirhan wrote to himself. Jerry Cohen, who authored the article, stated:
        When the Jordanian nationalist, Sirhan Bishara Sirhan, allegedly shot Kennedy, ostensibly because of the senator’s advocacy of U.S. support for Israel, the crime with which he was charged was in essence another manifestation of the centuries-old hatred between Arab and Jew.[26]

  4. equality 7-2521

    Todd, I hope you have a green card as I understand many cherry pickers are undocumented. The atrocities commited by non muslim extremists are by far much,much more to list here. Jews and Christians certainly have their share of blood on their hands but it’s always the new kid on the block who gets singled out yet we are all the same.
    I’ll file your post with the “All black men have huge penises” section.

  5. Todd Zaino

    I find myself at a loss as to how answer you E7…after all you conveniently hide behind a pseudonym…but I guess talking tough with a pen name gives you a sense of power…pretty weak if you ask me. If and when we discover that Muslim terrorists are behind this will you return here for some crow?

    1. equality 7-2521

      I’ve never denied that Muslim extremists were behind this. I just don’t know nor do I have any way of knowing the supposed religion of the bomber. What was the religion of the folk over at Columbine, Aurora, Oklahoma City or Sandy Hook? I don’t know or care.
      There is no crow to eat as it is much to early to jump to conclusions unless you are bigotted. In past ages, all crimes were committed by Jews, Gypsies, Blacks, Irish, Italians, etc and it is true that each group did produce its share of felons but gee- whiz, I haven’t heard such crap like this since George Wallace.
      And if we ever should meet, I shall introduce myself as such as it has as much meaning as John Doe.

  6. Todd Zaino

    Bill so quick with the insults yet conspicuously quiet over the gun violence in Chicago this weekend. Get a new writer Bill you’ve used that insult about a dozen times.

    1. Bill


      Dr Saul Cornell, who wrote a book on the 2nd amendment and who spoke at Newtown High School last evening, mentioned that indeed Chicago does have a high gun mortality rate. But He mentioned Idaho or Iowa, one of those states which has very pro-gun laws, having a higher per capita mortality rate then Chicago.

      Too frequently, how things initially appear are not so. He goes on to suggest the 2nd amendment should be read in its entirety and not the part that pro gunners hold so close. I intend to acquire his book and I suggest you do like wise as an antidote to your info sources most probably found on daytime AM talk radio.

      1. peter brush

        the 2nd amendment should be read in its entirety
        The Supreme Court has read the thing:
        In District of Columbia v. Heller, 554 U.S. 570 (2008), the Supreme Court ruled that the Second Amendment “codified a pre-existing right” and that it “protects an individual right to possess a firearm unconnected with service in a militia, and to use that arm for traditionally lawful purposes, such as self-defense within the home”
        Here in Nutmeg State our Constitution’s language would seem to protect a broad right, but, unfortunately our Court has read it narrowly and dishonestly. (SEC. 15. Every citizen has a right to bear arms in defense of himself and the state.)
        Let’s face it. Gun control advocates don’t take the right to bear arms seriously. As the icky Bill Maher recently proclaimed,”The Second Amendment is bullshit.”

      2. Todd Zaino


        Even a kid in high school who is struggling with his/her statistics class knows comparing Chicago to Idaho or Iowa is flawed.

        I’ll ask you again Bill, can you give me an example of a time when a criminal or someone with psychological issues ever followed and obeyed a law?

        This is all about the Left’s dreams about control-total control. An unarmed society makes things much easier-re-read your history books.

        1. Bill

          Well I’ll bet you wouldn’t follow the law and…well, you ain’t in very good shape.

          After having said snark, I strongly encourage you to read – no – I’ll read it and report back to you. How does that sound? I am more willing to believe a professor who has studied this for years over what you pronounce.

          And I will give you the data backing up the Chicago per capita statement even though, you wouldn’t believe if Jesus Christ was bleeding in front of you with the same data.

  7. peter brush

    Jews and Christians certainly have their share of blood on their hands
    Don’t know of any Jewish or Christian groups who hate the West or who have declared war on the U.S.
    We can only speculate at this point, but we do know the cops have taken a bunch of stuff from the apartment of a Saudi here on a student visa. It is not to say that all Muslims are anti-West Islamists, or to say that the particular student was involved, to ask the public policy question; what’s the advantage to us in allowing any immigration from Muslim countries? It seems to me pointless risk related only to an irrational preoccupation with equality, multi-culturalism, and diversity.
    On the other hand, we don’t have to speculate about whether it was terrorism. No way that the President can label it “workplace violence.” And, no matter the motivation of the attack, he should be able to call it something other than a “tragedy.” One can’t help but suppose that he too is preoccupied in a way unhealthy for a commander in chief. Could it be that our President is unwilling to identify enemies of our country because his commitment is to something less parochial, not to say less imperialist?

    1. Cynical Susan

      “Don’t know of any Jewish or Christian groups who hate the West or who have declared war on the U.S.”

      Well, probably not lately, at least not on an international scale. I suspect Equality was speaking of historical incidents.

    2. Todd Zaino

      @peter, I too noticed Barry’s use of the word “tragedy” yesterday. He’s so careful, and he trips over himself trying to be ultra- PC. Obama should also try to get to the bottom of Ft. Hood and Benghazi, after all they too happened on his watch.

      @ E7 the above post clearly stated “Muslim male extremists” not all Muslims. When I first heard that there were two explosions at the Boston Marathon…the first thing I thought was…SOB, the effing Muslim terrorists have struck again. I suspect in a truthful, private moment, a lot of other people here had similar thoughts. It’s easy to be PC, it’s easy to use a pen name, it’s much more difficult to be honest. I’d love to see some of the usual suspects to be honest for once… instead of PC.

      Show of hands…first thought when you heard this news…Muslim terrorists?

        1. Cynical Susan

          That was the reaction of one of the visiting pundits on NPR yesterday too, and a listener said “wait, don’t make assumptions” and she backed down some.

          In truth, my first reaction was “revenge for drone strikes.” But we just don’t know yet.

  8. equality 7-2521

    My oh my, prejudice just seeps from the keyboards. Much of Americas imports come from what you would call Muslim countries including call centers. Look at your clothing tags. Even the US has its share of God fearing Muslims. They are all around you!!
    Live in fear if you want, but you’ll never solve the problem only create new ones for yourself.
    There is no such thing as a Muslim extremist in the way you state it. There are indeed extremists who claim to be Muslim but according to their religion, Allah understands what’s in your heart and no superficial acts can deny that. God understands sincerity and those that use his name for ill are not Muslims. I am not Muslim but I’ve lived among them and studied about them because you know what happens when you ass-u-me.
    But just in case you think where not doing anything about it, we’re sending another boatload of Morman & Jehova Witness missionaries over there to avenge past wrongs.

    1. peter brush

      My oh my, prejudice
      No more prejudice than any insurance company uses when it discriminates, for example, against young men seeking auto insurance.
      But, you didn’t answer the question. What’s the advantage to us in Muslim immigration?

      1. equality 7-2521

        The insurance argument dosen’t hold water but I do understand it. But if you want to use it take the total Christian atrocities and divide that into the total # of Christians on Earth. Do the same with Muslims. Statistically you’ll find you are safer with Muslims.
        Why should we give Muslims working papers, green cards or study permits?
        Why shouldn’t we? We let Rupert Murdoch become a citizen so he could get richer and he can & may have done more damage as such, than any Muslim.
        We should be a free and open society and live what we preach. Islam is one of the fastest growing religions because as their believers move about the world, they set a good example which their hosts respect and emulate. They simply get converts because of the example they set. Contrary to American myth, Islam cannot be spread by the sword; according to the Koran. It must be in the heart.
        Our virtues of being a free and open country does bite us in the tail feathers at times but we should perhaps have a more thorough screening process or insist upon having American citizen sponsors who would be held accountable for a visitors misdeeds.

        1. peter brush

          The insurance argument dosen’t hold water
          It’s not much of an argument to simply assert that my position sucks. Insurance industry sometimes analyzes risk based on certain groupings of individuals, geezers will have harder time getting health or life insurance, guys in my zip code will have harder time getting auto insurance. The technique is apparently not controversial, but not because it’s not “prejudice” and “discrimination.”
          If I may summarize; there really isn’t any advantage to us in Muslim immigration, but we have to have it in order to live up to our putative open society ideology, even when it is not in our interest. I think your position is widely shared, perhaps even by our historic African-American p.o.t.u.s. It’s what I might call a senseless act of tolerance, or simply “an irrational preoccupation with equality, multi-culturalism, and diversity.”

          1. equality 7-2521

            Oh I don’t know, why do we allow Jews, Christians, Shintos, Janites etc to come over? These are all muticultural & multi racial to a degree. Islam is a pure Semetic religion which has spread to engulf numerous cultures. It is safe to say numerous Semites have positively enriched our culture in very many fields. There is nothing inherent to Islam which would threaten us. Perhaps we should deport American born Muslims if it makes you feel better.

  9. Richard

    It’s a bad economy and to my knowledge there was no group claiming responsibility. Whether that was hushed up or not we don’t now.

    It’s not safe to rule out anyone. Except maybe PETA who would rather show up naked.

    I can vouch for the old fat dudes who went to a bar to see the whole thing unfold. The regulars were all there drinking and solving all the world’s problems like good Irishmen do when drinking.

  10. peter brush

    It is safe to say numerous Semites have positively enriched our culture in very many fields.
    May be safe to say, but it’s hard to believe that Islam has done much enriching. But it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make in exchange for less mayhem and more cultural coherence.
    If discrimination against Muslims is a bother, how about we do what Pat Buchanan suggested more than 20 years ago; a universal moratorium on immigration? Let’s discriminate against all aliens, but not among them.
    It borders on lunacy to demand importation of multiple cultures, even those hostile to our own, when our culture is itself in utter disarray.

    1. Richard


      Seriously. You haven’t met any Muslim Americans? Sure there’s a few cultural issues as there are with many immigrants. Most are here to work, provide better opportunities for their family, and to remain observant while hanging on to forms of bi-culturalism much like immigrants past. Like Indians and Asian the numbers are so few that most are here to be worker bees. Given a choice between a small business loan or welfare they’d take the business loan.

      1. peter brush

        No. Don’t deal with that many. My liquor store guys are from India, but believe not Muslims. The employees are from Nepal! Great fellows.
        Knew a guy named Abdul; used to pick him up for work at an apartment building off Asylum Ave.; prostitutes early in the a.m. Sweet Somalian guy with little clue about our culture. Shocked when he heard I was of no religion at all.
        I’m on board with the notion that some immigrants preferable to others, and certainly to many gringo-Americans. But, we don’t know any more who we are. Perversity to continue complicating the situation.

  11. Richard

    Police searched a Boston-area apartment of a Saudi Arabian student who was injured in the blast, law enforcement sources said. Sources briefed on the case said that the evidence was indicating that the Saudi student, who had been temporarily considered a “person of interest” in the investigation, would be cleared of suspicion and was unlikely to shed any light on the attack.

  12. peter brush

    would be cleared
    Yes. I’ve seen those reports. Acknowledge that my argument will have been ill-timed in the event. Not gratuitous or wrong, though.
    Initially, I was responding to Ms. Equality’s stated moral equivalence between Islam and Christianity; “we are all the same.” Actually, not the same, and, a failure to accept that Islamists or Communists are actually our enemies, a failure to admit we even have enemies, is irresponsible.
    If I could deport Bill Ayers and his enchanting wife I’d do it in a heartbeat. In stead, universities, once upon a time dedicated to the perpetuation of Western Civilization, give them tenured chairs to prove how open-minded, if not revolutionary, they are.

    1. equality 7-2521

      A matter of deffinition may be our problem. What you call islamists may be our enemy, however Islam is not. My understanding is that an islamist is someone who hijacks a benign name and sugar coats it with poison. But it is unfair to define the religion by those thugs. Let’s face it the Christians and the Jews have their right wing screwballs who will resort to and have resorted to terror, but we do not define those religions by the actions of a fringe.
      But I am curious about the insurance stat and would like to know the actuarial info as well as methodology used.

  13. Todd Zaino

    I agree 100% peter about that creep Ayers and his terrorist wife. Barry certainly runs with a colorful crowd doesn’t he? I wonder aloud if Barry and Moochelle share the royalties checks with Ayers the guy who actually wrote Barry’s memoir

      1. Bill

        I wonder why Todd so frequently runs off-topic. I suppose it is therapeutic to express the little voices that run around a man’s brain.

        1. Todd Zaino

          If you look above Bill, you will clearly see that peter brush (a guy you could learn a ton from) wrote about William Ayers, I saw it, and wrote a comment about it.

          1. Bill

            Todd; First, that IS simply off-topic. Secondly, I have no problem with William Ayers. He is a good patriot.

          2. Todd Zaino

            It’s official, the man/woman who hides behind the pseudonym “Bill” has officially jumped the shark.

            Calling President Obama’s friend, ghost writer, William Ayers…a good patriot. It should surprise nobody who is paying attention that “Bill” gets a tingle down his leg for a terrorist/Communist/fraud. “Bill” do you know your patriot William Ayers and his lovely terrorist wife, Bernardine Dohrn both dedicated their “Praire Fire Manifesto to Sirhan Sirhan? “Bill” I am certain you remember Sirhan Sirhan…he’s the radical Muslim who killed RFK.

          3. Cynical Susan

            “…the man/woman who hides behind the pseudonym “Bill”…”

            I’ll be off-topic too, but this refers to two of your posts on this thread: I still don’t know why you’re inconsistent about this: even if you love and adore Richard and everything he does, you do not call him out for his only using one name. Why is that?

          4. Todd Zaino

            A person who uses a pen name actually complaining about a pseudonym, well isn’t that rich?

            Seriously Cynical, you have no thoughts about William Ayers and his lovely wife? Are there any liberals who find what Ayers and Dohrn did wrong? Are there any here on the left who scratch their heads and wonder why Dear Leader has a relationship with these two? I guess it’s what they say…birds of feather and the whole flocking together thing.

          5. Cynical Susan

            “A person who uses a pen name actually complaining about a pseudonym, well isn’t that rich?”

            I always hope we all try to read for comprehension: I’m not complaining about a pseudonym, I’m once again questioning your not calling Richard out on his using one, and your frequent harping on other people using them. It’s that simple.

          6. peter brush

            William Ayers. He is a good patriot.
            Not off topic.
            What we have is an unwillingness to face the fact that the anti-anti-commie left of the sixties was and remains hostile to the U.S. and to Western Civilization.
            Patriotism, love of our country, because it suggests a belief in our superiority. Identifying enemies of the country similarly bigoted.
            Unless it turns out that the horrible act in Boston was done by an “extreme right wing” outfit the question will be asked; what did we do to provoke it. America’s chickens will have come home to roost, again.

          7. Brian C. Duffy

            Sirhan is a Palestinian Christian who has lived in the U.S. since he was 12 years old.

            Both he and Ayers can be classified as radical terrorists, if you will, but neither is a radical Muslim.

            (What topic are we supposed to be discussing again?)

  14. peter brush

    What you call islamists may be our enemy, however Islam is not.
    Granted. Hence the insurance comparison.

    Not every male teenager is a reckless driver, but insurance companies lump them together based on stats. With respect to any given individual that’s prejudicial.

    I guess we could interrogate each visa applicant in hopes of distinguishing friends from enemies. But, why bother? Do we have a shortage of people wanting visas?

    1. equality 7-2521

      No matter how this is justified through the world of business and statistics, what you suggest is akin to racial profiling, a vile and despicable form of discrimination.
      I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt that your comments have been for intellectual argument only.

  15. peter brush

    I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt

  16. peter brush

    What topic are we supposed to be discussing again?
    Pretty wide latitude here with respect to topic. Open society ethos reigns. Central Connecticut Public Intellectual Celebrity says something, and we vamp until he comes up with another prompt.

    But what I’m talking about at this point is the anti-Americanism of the new left (now 50 years old). For example, I don’t much like Bobby Rush, and yet he represents Chicago in the U.S. House of Representatives. Just between us girls, I don’t think he’s much of a patriot.
    Earlier that same year Rush stated the philosophy behind his membership in the Black Panthers saying, “Black people have been on the defensive for all these years. The trend now is not to wait to be attacked. We advocate offensive violence against the power structure.”[5] Despite the group’s engagement in violence, Rush nonetheless worked on several non-violent projects that built support for the Black Panthers in African-American communities, such as coordinating a medical clinic which offered sickle-cell anemia testing on an unprecedented scale.[6]
    Rush’s own apartment was raided in December 1969, where police discovered an unregistered pistol, rifle, shotgun, pistol ammunition, training manuals on explosives, booby traps, an assortment of communist literature, and a small amount of marijuana.[7] Rush was imprisoned for six months in 1972 on a weapons charge, after carrying a pistol into a police station. In 1974 Rush left the Panthers, who were already in decline. “We started glorifying thuggery and drugs,” he told People. Rush, a deeply religious born-again Christian, went on to say that “I don’t repudiate any of my involvement in the Panther party—it was part of my maturing.”[8]

    1. Cynical Susan

      So how, in the end, do we personify anti-Americanism? Someone who hates the country because s/he’s from an enemy country? Someone who hates the country … just because? Someone who will do acceptable things to change a status quo which might be inequitable? Someone who will become a criminal to change that status quo? Someone who hopes the country will fail just … because? Someone who hopes the president will fail so they can say “I told you so?” Someone who hates the current iteration of the capitalist system, wherein the 1% blah blah blah and the 99% blah blah blah? Someone who buys up a company, lays waste to it, pays off its officers and lays off its workers while getting help from the government and reaping a profit? Someone who no longer feels a rush when the stars and stripes wave because they see too much injustice? Someone who protests participation in wars that seem to be fought not for principle but for profit? Someone who occupies Wall Street (or Hartford) in hopes that fellow citizens will understand the motivation?

      1. peter brush

        So how, in the end, do we personify anti-Americanism? Someone who hates the country…?
        I understand that Johnny Rotten is not all in with the despicable dancing on the grave of Margaret Thatcher.
        God save the queen
        The fascist regime
        They made you a moron
        Potential H-bomb

        God save the queen
        She ain’t no human being
        There is no future
        In England’s dreaming

        Don’t be told what you want
        Don’t be told what you need
        There’s no future, no future,
        No future for you

        God save the queen
        We mean it man
        We love our queen
        God saves

        God save the queen
        ‘Cause tourists are money
        And our figurehead
        Is not what she seems

        Oh God save history
        God save your mad parade
        Oh Lord God have mercy
        All crimes are paid

        When there’s no future
        How can there be sin
        We’re the flowers in the dustbin
        We’re the poison in your human machine
        We’re the future, your future

        God save the queen
        We mean it man
        We love our queen
        God saves

        God save the queen
        We mean it man
        And there is no future
        In England’s dreaming

        No future, no future,
        No future for you
        No future, no future,
        No future for me

        No future, no future,
        No future for you
        No future, no future
        For you

        1. Cynical Susan

          “Someone who hates the country…?

          You left out the “just because.”

          Is any ol’ person with a complaint anti-American?

        2. Bill

          They’ll dose you up, on liberty
          Patriotism, and misery
          They’ll dose you up, on liberty
          The drug of choice, of industry

          You loose you job, to Asian shores
          But they expect you to shop, in their stores
          The price is low, so you rush the doors
          Black Friday is, their darkest whore

          Call for a revolution, in this land
          Call for a revolution, if you can
          Redistribution, is the plan
          Call for a revolution, and lend your hand

          The’ll cheat your ass, out of your house
          Oh, you say you never knew, about the clause
          That sent your payments, through the roof
          Too bad for you, it’s water proof

          The cards are stacked, in the deck
          Against your hopes, you’re such a wreck
          You try to do good, but its all a mess
          Laws are made, for the privileged best

          Call for a revolution,in this land
          Call for a revolution, if you can
          Redistribution, is the plan
          Call for a revolution, and lend your hand


  17. Bill

    Wow. This all went off on a tangent. I could go on an extended diatribe but I will be brief because i don’t want to take my mind away from editing my cat poems.

    I was a teenager in the late 1960s. I hated this country with a passion for what it was doing to my peers and to other people around the world – namely the needless slaughter in Southeast Asia and also the police action against black folks encountering the then latter day discrimination and extermination FBI programs. I would have gladly pissed on the US flag then burned it. (Well, maybe burned it first, LOL.) And that would have been performed in the spirit of patriotism. That was my youth rebellion period. I offer no apologies.

    I too have grown and matured and I am productive for myself and to society at large. And if anyone wants to ridicule me as they have about others for what I have just wrote, well, you know what part of my body you may kiss.

    Oh, and simpleton Todd, my name is “Bill.”

      1. Bill

        But I tried to tell you that I am not anonymous. My full name is B ill. I just condense it for space considerations. Folks from the south understand.

      2. Cynical Susan

        “…an anonymous coward…”

        Therefore all who use such names are cowards, right? Don’t tell Richard.

        1. Cynical Susan

          Oh, and I wonder if you’d be willing to swear that you’ve never ever EVER posted ANYthing using a name other than Todd Zaino.

          1. Todd Zaino

            I will swear that I used pseudonyms on Susan Campbell’s sites when she barred me. She did have a column on the New Haven Register that I was allowed to post on using my actual first and last name…but she has not published a single thing since March 4th of this year.

          2. Cynical Susan

            So you’ve never used a different name posting here, for example?

            Susan, BTW, has a different (full-time) employer now.

          3. Cynical Susan

            “I will swear that I used pseudonyms on Susan Campbell’s sites when she barred me.”

            The more I think about this the more hypocritical it seems. Whatever reasons other people have for not using their legal names are cowardly, but you not using your legal name for a petty reason is … not?

        2. Todd Zaino

          You Cynical are far from a coward. You do not, for the most part, go for the cheap laughs and insults that “Bill” goes for on these sites. You are smart, well-read, and passionate in your beliefs-I truly admire that…plus you seem to enjoy a good back and forth. “Bill” has pulled his lithium/IOL line so many times it has truly lost any effectiveness it might have had say, 10 to 15 times ago.

          While I disagree with most of your posts Cynical, I do find most of your posts thoughful, and well-written. “Bill” I simply pity.

  18. peter brush

    I was a teenager in the late 1960s. I hated this country with a passion
    Same age. I didn’t hate the country, but I was persuaded to love it a lot less.
    Why would we want people with that patriotic dis-orientation to man the ship of state?

    1. Bill

      Peter Brush

      “I’m finally proud to be an American.”

      We patriotic rebels not only want our cake but want to eat, too.

      Mr Brush, you’ll find your Burning Bush again but hopefully a not for a few decades hense.

  19. Todd Zaino

    I was born in 1964 so I don’t remember much of the late 60s-but I am proud to write that I have always loved this country. As a youngster I enjoyed watching and reading the news-and I always loved how in the 1970s we as a country were able to correct our mistakes. Nixon was going to beat McGovern in a landslide anyways so the whole Watergate bugging thing to this day still confuses me. Fast forward to the Carter years, even Democrats (in an honest moment) will admit Carter was a huge mistake. Look at the misery index, 18% prime interest rate, and only being able to buy gas depending on the odd or even number on your license plate. Add the hostage situation, and Carter was cooked in 1980. I thought for certain with Obama’s dismal (Carter-like economy) that old Barry, and his finally proud of her country Michelle, that Mitt was going to pimp-slap Barry back to Chicago. I am still proud of my country…just very much confused that there are some people who are allowed to vote who truly do not pay attention. It’s all about the Democrat give-aways now. It’s shameful that we now have fourth and fifth generation families on welfare. Section Eight, and EBT have all exploded the last ten years. Gun running to Mexico and radio ads inviting Mexicans to come to America. Still proud of our country just confused.

    Totally embarrassed that Obama is blowing of Thatcher’s funeral…will our leftist media call this White House on this snub…I doubt it.

    1. Bill

      Todd; did you ever think that the more pronounced government giveaways, as you would call them, is a result or the antidote to laws being influenced by the special monied and corporate interests that seem always to favor more and more and more of the wealth going into fewer and fewer and fewer and fewer hands?

      Did that ever cross your mind? Maybe it is kinda like a redistribution of wealth which of course is what tax is anyway.

    2. Bill

      Todd: I don’t think Obama must attend every prime minister relic funeral that dies. Attending to the vast amount of sudden issues that arise in the US would make it impossible for any president to lead.

      But if he did, you would complain about the cost of this travel. In essence, I have believe that a personality such as yourself is a nag.

      1. Todd Zaino


        I realize that Thatcher was not you cup of tea, her being so smart, conservative, and successful-but Great Britain is perhaps our great ally. I would much rather see America spend the money to honor this great woman rather to see Obama spend tons on his most excellent golf weekend with Tiger Woods. Please don’t tell me how I would or should act…that’s Cynical’s job.

        1. Cynical Susan

          “Please don’t tell me how I would or should act…that’s Cynical’s job.”


          Is there a salary or title with that?

          1. Bill

            Cynical, if there is a salary and it is a federal income, once again, you will have Todd to answer for your mileage report.

        2. Bill

          And Todd, you are correct especially after she gave the order to sink the Argentine troop ship sending hundreds of soldiers to their deaths over a war about a remaining colonial possession. Remember, Todd, we fought a similar war with that imperial oppressor? Or did you forget which side you, as an American, you should be on?

          Oops.. But she was conservative so that’s OK.

          1. Todd Zaino

            RIP Mrs. Thatcher.

            Hey Bill sorry about the Boston Marathon bombing story having a happy ending…I know the leftists were really counting on this being a Tea Party or Right Wing extremist…don’t you just love a happy ending Bill?

            If if it swims like a duck, if it looks like a duck, if smells like a duck…if it kills innocent Americans…it must be a radical Muslim terrorist…right William? Sorry that this story didn’t turn out to be a bunch of right wingers. I wonder how many more radical Muslim attacks we have to suffer before the Left starts to think…Hey we just might have a radical Muslim problem.

            PC rules have to go, seriously how many more attacks do we have to endure before the PC crowd wakes up.

          2. Brian C. Duffy

            Sorry Todd, The kid is still alive. Aren’t you just a little nervous of what he might say?

            I’m sure you wanted him to be taken alive so he can confess to being
            one of your Radical Muslims.

            You might be right…maybe he is, and we gotta get rid of all these muslims, citizens and all.

            If only we did that 100 years ago, when the radical terrorists here were called……Eye-talians.

          3. Todd Zaino

            Not my radical Muslims Brian…they belong to the PC liberal, ACLU-loving crowd. Read some history Bri…start with the 1972 Olympics to present…it might be eye-opening for you. Does your mommie and daddy know you are on their computer at this late hour. Get to bed, it’s way past your bedtime.

            Good money sez the ACLU is racing to Boston to help out this poor terrorist.

          4. Brian C. Duffy

            Sorry son, I don’t need to read the history about Munich, I saw it on T.V. when I was 14. Glued to it, I might add, just like tonight.

            The Munich terrorists were politically motivated, not religious…not that it makes any difference…terrorism under any name is still inexcusable.

            Just tryin’ to keep the historical facts straight…like Sirhan. (You need to fix your multiple choice quiz.)

          5. Bill

            Todd: one thing for sure; you are a home grown nut case. And I’m Sorry for denigrating the family of nuts. But…

            You make no sense and frankly I’m on the verge of going goof on you but I’ll stop.

          6. Bill

            No ho capito, Toddino. I haven’t the foggiest idea what you just wrote.

            But, I suppose I should add a new kind of nut to the family of nuts.

            Brian; yes indeed, too many of my eye tals were let in after 1905 but I’m grateful that one particular eye-tal isn’t part of my family tree.

  20. Paul


    I’m beginning to think that blogs should consider a mercy rule. Like 50 comments and the games over. Play again another day.

  21. Bill Schanefelt

    Like many, I was disappointed when Chris Wallace was chosen to succeed the late Tony Snow as moderator of Fox News Sunday.

    Boy, was I wrong! Not only did Wallace prove to be extremely competent, but he also was not the liberal shill I feared he would be.

    In Wallace Père’s days, the most feared four words in the English language were said to have been “Mike Wallace is here.”

    The senior Mr. Wallace asked the powerful, the crooked, and the most famous hard, difficult, and uncomfortable questions. He seemed to confine those sorts of question only to those on the right in his later years, and the Junior Mr. Wallace seemed to be a bit of a liberal squish to many of us on the right.

    Well, yesterday, not only did Wallace Fils smear more egg on my face, but he also asked a question his father might well have asked — at least in the latter’s younger years.

    Consider this:

    All the people in that Watertown neighborhood, hiding, doors locked. … How many of them, do you think — and worried that this guy might get into their home, maybe take them hostage — how many of them, do you think, might like a gun? To be able to protect themselves and defend their homes.

    Oh. My. God.

    Let me slink off in shame — and let the left erupt!

    Randy Hall comments on Chris Wallace’s question on Newsbusters, and sums up those comments with this:

    Wallace’s take on the recent discussion of gun control was quite a bit different from the rest of the media’s. Many journalists have been visibly angered at that the gun bill backed by Democrats and President Obama went down to defeat in the Senate.

    Somewhere Mike must be smiling!

  22. equality 7-2521

    Well I suppose there was a little bit of everything here to please most.
    The militia people & gamers on bombing.
    The NRA for distracting from gun control & how guns cowered the “bad guys.”
    The Islamophobs & white supremists for a touch of immigration and religious concerns.
    The vengefull for being able to save the perps life so he can be properly murdered in the public square.
    And so on, and so on.
    Television will also return to normal. Hot Dang, I sure missed Undercover Boss & Shark Tank last night.
    No more Newtown, now Beantown and onto the next until we get our acts together and create the social change which will draw us away from this crap. If you don’t want the change, you’re a sicko but most of us do which will require changing a little bit of each of us and reassuring our neighbors’ in their efforts.
    Wouldn’t it be swell to return to normal again?

    1. equality 7-2521

      We have all the reliable info we need, anything else comes from a sick mind. Stop being played by the PR folks.

  23. equality 7-2521

    I just need to add to my last remark as I was being a bit cynical and Todd did make a good point but based upon current federal law, that young man was dead when those bombs went off. He would have been better off killing himself and I think he had that concern for his brother when he ran him over. He’s under a great deal of duress now and as such cannot be relied upon for accurate info. Honestly, I hope our primary concern is to save a life but the irony of this situation is that it really dosen’t matter and primates in our culture cling to some old testament eye for an eye justice.
    But Todd you were right in that was what was being reported.

    1. Bill

      equality: what you just said is not quite true. Whatever info he may give up can and will be collaborated. The info is important for several reasons; 1) it gets into the head of the bomber for future reference and 2) if there are any links, he will possibly give them up. he is not exactly battle -hardened.

      the first question asked is why. Oftentimes, there are primary and secondary reasons. If they are youthful, I often refer to the Salem witch accusers in that disillusioned young persons at times want to cause terrible stress in their community at the same time making themselves the center of attention. The tempest of youth.

      These guys might not have been much more then young restless rebels without a cause that quickly found one. In addition, our policy toward the wholesale slaughter of Muslims doesn’t exactly put a damper on our own international behavior. We have reacted to attacks on us by responding excessively and as an example, I cite Iraq invasion. I also cite our historically long occupation of Afghanistan and the drone attacks on innocent civilians. Although these attacks have been effective with eliminating extremist leadership, the attacks have also done more to recruit then bin Ladin could have done by passing out leaflets on a street corner. Violence begets violence and here we may debate the chicken or the egg. But our very ignorant foreign policy is now inspiring lone wolfs and ultimately, innocent civilians pay the ultimate price.

      1. equality 7-2521

        I feel that this young brain has been so tormented over the last week that it has melted down & reformed several times as is the case with severe stress, that he may have created pathways which shouldn’t or never had existed or he may agree to or say whatever he thinks his captors want to hear in order to save his ass. It’s much more complicated than that but he is unreliable and should be taken with a grain of salt.

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