But of course, it’s not pornography

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81 thoughts on “But of course, it’s not pornography

  1. Marianne

    I could not watch the whole thing – I had to turn it off when the sexual assaults began. The beatings were bad enough. – I was sickened and aghast and, as a woman, I am ashamed and deeply saddened that another woman – Linda McMahon – would preside over a business that perpetuates disgusting, disturbing, dangerous attitudes toward women and girls. She is responsible for poisoning the minds of men and boys.

    I am also ashamed for the parents that take their children to see that horrible display of hatred and sadism disguised as “entertainment.” What a sad statement about our society.

    “It’s just entertainment.” Right.

    Thank you for posting this. Everyone needs to know what it contains, even if, like me, you become sick when you watch it. McMahon earned her campaign chest by exploiting and hating other women. If she wins the election, we will all have rewarded her for her reprehensible choices.

    I will probably have nightmares tonight.

    1. jane

      Marianne I couldn’t agree with you more. I knew WWE was not high art but I just assumed it was low-brow ‘family fun’. Not my taste, but harmless. This video is a real eye-opener. I will do what I can to spread widely so the female voters Linda has been so brazenly pandering to can see the smiling businesswoman/grandma in those endless commercials for what she really is.

    2. Lara

      I agree and without hesitation, that she tauts herself as a job creator. WELL, who amongst anyone who cares for their family members would send one of their loved ones to this corporation for a job. I know I wouldn’t! So Linda…you are NO job creater to me, you create and sell a farce…not anything worth tauting over. I mean ANYONE can sell sex and beatings and soft porn.

  2. equality 7-2521

    The stupidity in me feels like saying that maybe Murph should “treat her like a man.”
    There is nothing funny or entertaining here especially since we must consider that this is a commodity based upon the laws of supply and demand. Both the supply side and the demand side are perverse but in the WWF’s insistance on calling this entertainment reminds me of cigarette mfg’rs spiking their products with extra nicotine.
    One can only wonder what drives this devil to spend millions of dollars to pursue this political ambition.
    What is her ultimate goal?

    1. Bill from Susan Campbell's blog

      equality: I can not answer your question but you know, she is a godsend to her opponents – especially the democratic ones.

      Please Linda, come back again soon. Ya hear?

      1. equality 7-2521

        Yeah, she probably is her own worst enemy. By the way if you run into a guy who’s watched this clip and still supports Linda; don’t shake hands with him. Yuk!!

    2. Gary

      My take is that Linda’s goal is to become a DC insider to continue lobbying to deregulate WWE in the remaining 26 states that are holding out. She and hubby Vince stand to make back the $60 million she is spending to get elected “ten fold”. She should be ashamed referencing her grandchildren in her political ads – such a slime bag!

  3. Richard

    File under “Women who would ban Betty and Veronica”

    File under “Women who think magicians are evil for cutting them in half, making buxom blonde women disappear, and then weakling women saving them with their gold capes”

    File under “Women who think kids plating with cap guns leads to violence”

    File under “The fans can tell the difference between play violence and reality. Why do these women have such a problem making that distinction? Are they the real psychotics”

    File under “I always wanted to be Tipper Gore”

    File under “I hated ‘Wicked’ and I hate Halloween. It portrays women as witches and evil spirits and then we reward the kids with candy. And ‘Wicked’ portrays evil female stereotypes like that Barbie Doll Kristin Chenoweth. I hate Kristin Chenoweth. My husband can’t take his eyes off her boobs. She’s evil”

    1. Stacey

      Richard, can I file you under man who has never actually known a feminist before and doesn’t understand feminism or women or the concept of respect in general?

  4. peter brush

    I could not watch the whole thing…
    Nor could I. Pretty amazing that folks pay money for it.
    And, she’s pro-abortion/gay marriage.
    Going to be very painful to voter for her.
    On the bright side; at least she’s not an attorney.

    1. Jim Condren

      Peter Brush,
      Still voting GOP after all these years?

      Reminds me of a Paul Simon song,
      “Still ?? after all these years”

      Can’t think of the lyric.
      But seriously, what compels you to vote for her then?

  5. LauraC629

    Here we go again…as I have said in other blogs, glad to see the left going after the entertainment industry and Hollywood for what is produced and the sex and violence that airs on network television every night, violent cartoons and movies…oh wait, they are not doing this as they never complain about the sex and violence coming out of Hollywood or the way women are portrayed. They only do this in relation to Linda McMahon and WWE because she is a Republican. In fact, the support of Hollywood elites is celebrated by the Democrats and the President.

    You know what is truly disgusting? The hypocrisy of the Democrats. Take all of the Hollywood money you want but never look at them and say, you know what, we don’t want your money until you stop selling sex and violence. On the other hand, Linda McMahon is the devil. Give me a break.

    These wrestlers chose the career, the entertainment is scripted just like a Broadway play or any movie. It is art. The characters on WWE are well-paid and no one forced them to get into the business. You can either choose to watch WWE or not; it is great being an American you have those choices.

    1. Richard

      I genuinely believe Democrats do not think women should run businesses or run for office. Women in power destroy their whole pathetic whine and jeeze party and forces them to asnwer the question “Why weren’t you a CEO like Carly Fiorina or Melisas Meyer”

      It’s only when they realize the reason the Melissa Meyers get ahead is because they take risks and enter growing professions. Hanging around an old media outlet and whining for 35 years that you never got ahead is closer to mental illness rather than a pro-equality statement.

      1. Cynical Susan

        “I genuinely believe Democrats do not think women should run businesses or run for office. ”

        Un-hunh. Well, I believe you’re wrong.

    2. equality 7-2521

      If its great to be an American by enjoying the demeaning of a fellow human for sport, then maybe we have become moraly bankrupt. Yes it is art in the sense that it brings us face to face with a facet of humanity which we normally don’t want to deal with. In some way like art portraying the holocaust. But this is not Goya’s “Disasters of War”, rather a beast eating his heart because it is so “good.”
      Even Tiny Tim and PeeWee Herman showed more respect for humanity.

    3. W Bush

      Laura: YOu can also smoke cigarettes one after another until you die of cardiac failure or lung disease but that doesn’t make it right or any good for you. As a human – not democrat, I object to women been used as objects and yes, abused.

      So in your mind, is the converse true? That because Linda is a Republican running for office, that she should get a pass because perhaps others have not been called out enough? Because they are democrats?

      Get a hold of yourself.

      1. Bill from Susan Campbell's blog

        Patrice: Let me answer for Laura. She is a female-hating transgender who now is contemplating a return ticket..

        1. Todd Zaino

          Billy…first you lump me with Jerry Sandusky…now you drop the transgender on Laura? I guess desparate times call for desparate measures. When you can’t run in facts…pull out the insults. No wonder the party of abortion and Big Bird looks so darn silly.

        2. LauraC629

          Just like the actess Stacey Dash, when another woman disagrees with the liberals, they attack with insults. I am surprised the liberals are not bigger fans of WWE because you certainly act like one of the scripts they created when someone dares to disagree with your point of view.

          1. Todd Zaino

            Laura, it will be fun to watch how the leftists here will be run and hide come Wednesday Nov 7th as president-elect Romney starts to select his team to put our country back on the right track. It would also be sweet to see the words US Senator-elect McMahon. The leftists here get confused and angry once there is any kind of adult conversation shared. Did you ever think that in your adult lifetime that you see a major American party adding Big Bird to team to help for re-election? Typical liberal childish behavior. Sadly, Billy here is still not mature enough to understand even Big Bird. When Billy spews his garbage, I simply consider the source.

  6. peter brush

    It is art.
    I’m with you on the hypocrisy of the left. Like the bias in the media it has grown to gargantuan proportions.

    But, c’mon. Art? Heck this stuff gives porn a bad name.

    1. Jim Condren

      Does the left have a monopoly on hypocrisy?
      I’m a leftie and probably a hypocrite at times, but we don’t believe in monopoly. Or monogamy for that matter.

      1. Jim Condren

        It is art, a type of performance art, that has managed to thrive in the marketplace without public subsidy, something I think you would applaud. Is it really pornographic or is it erotic?
        I agree with you on bias in the media. Fox News right wing bias is off the charts.

        1. Cynical Susan

          “Is it really pornographic or is it erotic?”

          Is it erotic to be turned on by someone being brutalized?

          1. Jim Condren

            I would defer to Dr. Ruth or Dan Savage on whether simulated brutality is erotic or pornographic. It doesn’t turn me on but if two consenting adults are into it, it’s none of my business. Allowing kids to see it in pro wrestling or in the movies,though, is definitely not cool.

  7. Todd Zaino

    Democrats have no shame, and if they haven’t invented hypocrisy than they have perfected it. If McMahon were a Democrat, leftists would defend her saying…it’s just entertainment. Look at the way the NOW goes after any woman who does not drink the liberal Kool-Aid. Sarah Palin and her family were clobbered by the media…yet NOW could have cared less. Look at the way liberals defend death row inmates, yet hardly bat an eye at killing yet another baby at their Planned Parenthood. Look at the Occupy behavior…they are children. They realize the six year joy ride is over, so they are working overtime to slam McMahon.

    1. Stacey

      Someone sounds angry. Would you like a hug? Or are you afraid of liberal cooties? I don’t know, you have made so many other assumptions about liberals (also known as people who have compassion for one another and care about the betterment of society) that I cannot be sure you no longer believe in cooties.

  8. Kiernan Terry

    Hey Colin: Are you as concerned about the money you were paid by the Courant that runs prostution ads in the Hartford Advocate? Or the money you were paid by Men’s Health magazine for your “essay” that runs male enhancement ads? You are a liberal hypocrite who finds fault when it fits your political views….too bad. You keep bashing a company that employs hundreds and contributes to the economy with PG content while you took money in the past from an entriprise that financially benefited from promoting prostitution (and still does) right here in CT….a real liberal class act!

    1. cmcenroe Post author

      If I were running for US Senate, I think those things would be fair game. But I don’t think they’re precisely the same, either. She created this content. I don’t get to make decisions about the advertising those publications run. She got to decide. She decided that women being beaten was good content.

      1. LauraC629


        If the writers that contribute to the Courant all sat down with the publisher and said, look, we have a problem writing about sex and violence in society and criticizing it when our paper runs the very ads and exploits and promotes sex. How about this, what if you all stopped writing–there would be no paper to be published. Without opinion writers and reporters, the publisher could not make money.

        What about this, if Kevin Kline ran for office, would you criticize him for playing a villainous type character in the movie Sophie’s Choice where he abuses her? It is about telling a story.

        Same with WWE–it tells a story, it is fiction, it is drama, broadway, acting…good versus evil where good prevails in the end.

        1. celticmoon

          “…where good prevails in the end”…after smacking the crap out of his girlfriend and deciding she was asking for it. Or deserved it.

        2. Marcus

          I agree. It doesn’t matter if you’re running for Congress, Colin. Your premise is that Linda sells trash and so does your paper. You could do something about that if you wanted to. Is this about what’s right for “society” or not? Everything you’ve written seems to be about right or wrong. Look in the mirror.

      2. jane

        Thanks Colin for getting this out there and for taking all the heat you are going to get on her for doing so!

  9. BobbyRed

    Please take a deep breath and take this video for what it is – a small, selective look (4 mins) of years of footage. It’s not great TV but it’s no worse than what is shown on CBS, ABC, NBC, Showtime, HBO, etc. I wonder why they don’t make a video documentary about those hollywood insiders (Geffen, Katzenberg, etc) who make big $ off content that is much worse…It was not, and is not pornography. That would not be allowed on network TV (which this was by the FCC). Please be honest about your political views.

  10. ML

    It was interesting to see a half-naked woman in the Courant’s click through ad right next to this video and blog post. Bravo to Mr. McEnroe and the Courant for having a true double standard. IE: It’s ok for US to make $ on sexist ads but no one else….Doctor McEnroe: “Heal Yourself”!!
    – Luke 4:23.

    1. Stacey

      Funny you have a half-naked woman in your advertising when I have one for BC/BS Massachusetts. Sounds like selective advertising to me, where they gather your interested based upon what you search for and then advertise your interests to you accordingly…

      1. Cynical Susan

        …and I have an ad for an independent and assisted living place! Somehow they know I really AM an OLD liberal!

  11. JP

    this is as bad as the big bird ads…
    amazing how the D s attack every single female candidate..and yet say it is the R s who hate women

  12. Todd Zaino

    Here’s another shining example of how liberals behave once you decide not to drink their Kool-Aid or march in lockstep. Actress Stacey Dash (who actually voted for Obama in 2008) has decided to support Romney.

    Actress Stacey Dash talks about Romney and the recent Twitter backlash. Dash says she has heard from the Romney campaign but has heard nothing from the Obama campaign.

    “As a country, this is my choice. This is the man I want to lead my country. It’s my right as an American citizen, it’s my constitutional right to have my choice to who I want to vote for for president. And I chose him not by the color of his skin, but the content of his character,” the actress told CNN’s Piers Morgan.

    What does poor Ms. Dash get you ask? Racial hatred from the Left. Liberal Democrats behaving badly…is amyone really shocked? The party of Kennedys, Clintons, Robert KKK Byrd, abortion, flag burning, Piss Christ, and other moonbattery…nothing surprises me anymore about them Democrats.

    1. Bill from Susan's Blog

      Todd: has someone given you permission to speak? If not, then stay quiet until spoken to.

    2. Bill from Susan Campbell's blog

      To your issue, I agree that she is probably being unfairly bashed.The left should not think that everyone must step in line and think the same. I fully agree with you on this point. Anyone criticizing her for her remarks naive as they may be is a f0ol.

  13. Joshua Mitchell

    This is stupid.

    Most of this material is a decade or more old. Did you hear them refer to the company as “WWF”? The company Linda McMahon owns hasn’t been called the WWF since 1999!

    At that time, the product was significantly edgier than it is now. All WWE programming has been rated TV-PG since 2008. That means that it’s been almost 15 years since the heyday of the raunchier product, and close to 5 since the change to TV-PG.

    Look, I get it. A lot of people don’t like (and certainly don’t understand) pro-wrestling. You are likely among them. Posting videos like this one just demonstrates that you had your mind made up about what WWE is without doing any substantive research. Instead, you found a collection of the worst of the past 20 years of WWF/WWE and posted it because it reinforced the opinions you already had on the product.

    Pretend Mrs. McMahon is not associated with WWE for a moment. Let’s say she’s the head of a Hollywood movie studio. If that’s the case, would you bother to highlight the worst raunchy movies her company made? Of course not. But this is wrestling, not movies and some folks cannot get past their bias against this form of entertainment.

    Mr. McEnroe, you’ve done shows on far less interesting topics than pro-wrestling. If you’re going to insist on talking about the WWE every two seconds, might it not be a good idea to get someone on the show who understands the business? You may be interested to learn the long and interesting history of professional wrestling.

    1. Jim Condren

      Why don’t you wait until the head of a Hollywood movie studio runs for Senate in Conn. to see what Mr. McEnroe does. As things stand now, you’re using hypotheticals to prove hypocrisy. That’s not very sporting of you. I’m a fan of pro wrestling myself, especially Andy Kaufman.

    2. Bill from Susan Campbell's blog

      Your premise doesn’t matter. If the bad rap sells, it worked. That is the only thing that matters in a political campaign.

  14. Barbara Wolf

    I don’t see the point of justifying the WWF debasement of women by pointing to other media in this country that put out similar content. Most of the people in this country are not head of a studio or a media company putting out such material, and so we are certainly not reduced to electing a senator who thought it was fine to profit from immoral and damaging “entertainment.” We can and should do better.

  15. Marcus

    Barbara, most of the people in this country are paying to see such content. 15 million people watch WWE every week. Arnold Schwarzenegger was in plenty of violent films– as you know he became Gov of CA. Jesse Ventura, Gov. That should tell you that most Americans do not define “Hollywood” candidates by the scripted stories they participated in. No “justification” is needed. This is what American society deems acceptable (and its not real, we know that). Get off your high horse already and vote for a candidate base on the issues, not some clips from a fantasy TV show, taken out of context from 15 years ago. YOU can do better than that.

    1. Cynical Susan

      “taken out of context from 15 years ago”

      Explain “taken out of context” — do these clips not show women being demeaned and brutalized? And young male fans claiming the women “deserved it?” So — the kids are responding purely to the fiction presented, that these women are Really Bad People, and this won’t in any way affect the kids’ treatment of women in their future lives, right? And the young female fans won’t in any way interpret this as “women being bad and deserving of being beaten?” And what’s with Vince unzipping his fly, hunh?

      1. Richard

        It could be worse: The kids could be brought up by feminists. That would be a tragedy to imprint young minds with the psychosis of failed womanhood

        1. Cynical Susan

          Stacey’s right, you really have no clue about feminism. What the hell is failed womanhood? Someone can’t walk in high heels? Someone never gets her eye-liner on straight? Someone doesn’t clean the house and fix dinner in a pretty dress and then wait for her big strong hubby (who only exerts just enough control to keep her in her place) to come home from work?

          1. Todd Zaino

            Looks as if Richard struck a nerve! Speaking up upset leftists…tonight’s the night! Pop that popcorn and watch Biden get his lunch handed to him. What’s the over/under on Uncle Joe gaffs.
            tonight? I have it at 3.5.

            BTW…just wondering…what’s wrong high heels, properly done make-up, a clean house and a hot meal?

          2. Cynical Susan

            “BTW…just wondering…what’s wrong high heels, properly done make-up, a clean house and a hot meal?”

            Taken separately, nothing. Taken as the criteria for successful womanhood: badly misguided.

      2. Marcus

        Cynical– I can easily piece together the most violent and “offensive” clips from last weeks prime-time television programs and you would be equally disgusted. That’s what out of context means– taking a very few pieces of content to create a misguide impression of the truth. By your standards, you should not own a television or computer so as to avoid your children mimicking what they see. That also presumes you delegate your parenting to those mediums.

    2. Jim Condren

      Before I vote for a candidate I want to know how they made their money. Did they make a living doing something that created something of value, improved people’s lives, helped make a better society. I don’t think I would have voted for the Governator or the fake wrestler from Minnesota.
      I don’t think you can draw conclusions about all Americans based on those two examples. Nor would I rule out voting for someone in the entertainment field. I would have voted for Al Franken. The Senate could use more people who don’t take themselves so seriously.

      1. Marcus

        That’s noble, Jim. Most members of congress are former lawyers, however. Not sure that jives with your thinking, while I respect it. I’d rather have the governator than another lawyer in Congress.

  16. Tom G

    Linda had no scruples about airing this kind of ‘entertainment’. We don’t need an unscrupulous senator, we don’t need violent cartoonish people making our laws, signing our treaties and choosing our Supreme Court justices.

  17. peter brush

    we are certainly not reduced to electing a senator who thought it was fine to profit from immoral and damaging “entertainment.” We can and should do better.
    Perhaps we should do better. I, for one, would be happier voting for Chris Shays. But, it is what it is.
    Immoral and damaging? Please recall that we had a Prez with credible charges of rape made against him,evidence for which Mr. Shays found convincing. A Prez, who when Governor of Ark, used the State cops to procure chicks, and who destroyed a young woman’s life with his reckless oval office oral/anal cavorting. Recall also, that during the impeachment Klinton was given an assist by Larry Flynt. Finally, recall we had a Senator and VP candidate who chucked his wife overboard for some white-trash low-rent love affair.
    We have to take this sort of stuff into account, but it’s not in itself dispositive. We’d be better off going back to the old arrangement for choosing U.S. Senators.

  18. Todd Zaino

    You’ve got to love the Democrats coming out of the woodwork here over how Linda McMahon has made a fortune.

    Interesting to me that Democrats can elect a man named Robert Byrd to the US Senate a record nine times, and not bat an eye. Byrd was well known as the “Price of Pork”, he notably filibustered against the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and even was a member of the Ku Klux Klan. Reading Dems here jump up and down about wrestling, when the fine Democrat folks of West Virginia could elect Byrd…well it makes Linda’s history something that Disney could make!
    The hypocrisy from the Left never disappoints.
    Wrestling is silly, and is sophomoric at best…but even at it worst, wrestling is still much more benign than voting agaist civil rights and the KKK…right?!?

  19. Richard

    I woke up this morning without any Mo Yan or Gao Xingjian on my Kindle! Time to catch up to that pesky committee!

    Watching the Kardasians for a couple minutes and there’s worse things than the WWE and its portrayal of women.

    The Kardasians, foot binding, and feminism! Individually each term is offensive. Collectively they could be a beautiful thing.

    I’m thinking foot binding Murphy to his Cheshire home during the next Congressional Session is as much as I care to contribute to the Feminist cause.

    1. Bill from Susan Campbell's blog

      I thought you were suggesting binding the Kardasian feet together – whoever they are. I don’t watch so I wouldn’t know.

  20. Richard

    I forgot, this thread was about Murphy’s campaign issues! And the glorious dollars and jobs he brought to Litchfield County!

    On no. It isn’t about that at all. It is the “Attack the enemy when your political ally is lighter than air” campaign strategy.

  21. Cynical Susan

    “feminism! … is offensive. ”

    Care to explain why?

    I may have misunderstood it all this time — I thought it meant the principle that women should have political, economic, and social rights equal to those of men. Clearly you have another definition.

    1. Richard

      Equality? Never! I’m the head of the brown ribbon campaign to divert funding from breast cancer ‘for a cure’ scams in favor of prostate cancer relief.

      I intend to create a non-profit “Was on Men for the Cure” campaign as part of my Equality push.

      Women want free abortions? I want free Happy Endings from a beautiful masseuse! Solve both problems at once!

      Sarcasm aside look into the breast cancer/prostate cancer funding and awareness disparity and the movement to turn pink ribbons month into cancer awareness month and strip it of its 60s “harpies on a mission” gender bias that promotes inequality and well…. gender bias. You know the gig — non-profit political funding orgs posing as cancer awareness non-profits for the Democratic cure.

      Some points of order:


  22. Todd Zaino

    You’ve got to love the liberal outrage here! Let’s take a walk down memory lane. Ted Kennedy and his brothers, and nephews, have chased vulerable women for years. The Kennedy clan gets a pass because they are liberals. Mary Jo Kopechne would have been a heck of lot safer in a wrestling ring compared to the back seat of Uncle Teddy’s Oldsmobile.

    Want a CT flair to this? How about the same Uncle Teddy and our former saint Chris Dodd? Those two pair-shaped ladies’ men thought it was perfectly fine to have a waitress sandwich at La Brasserie! Yet the women of CT and Mass still thought it was…”well boys will be boys.” I wonder how liberals can live with themselves.

    1. Bill from Susan Campbell's blog

      Todd: Who told you that you could speak? Only speak when you are spoken too.

      1. Todd Zaino


        “When you are spoken too.” Really?!

        Bill, “to” is a preposition, “two” is a number, and “too” is a synonym (a synonym is a word that has an identical or similar meaning Bill) for also. “Too” also can be used when writing about something excessively.

        Here are some examples for you Bill:

        Bill went to Planned Parenthood to donate time and money to kill babies.

        Bill gave two dollars to Obama’s re-election which representing fifty percent of the allowance his parents give him.

        Bill too, is clueless liberal who will say or do anything as long as he slugs down the Democrat Kool-Aid.

        Do your parents have any children that they are proud of Bill?

        1. Cynical Susan

          As I mentioned before, we all make typos or grammatical mistakes as we rush to make our brilliant posts — here are a couple of yours, Todd. And I know I’ll be making some myself, any time now.

          “Speaking up upset leftists… what’s wrong high heels…”

    2. Cynical Susan

      Do we have to play the Newt Gingrich card here? Many people in power, and most people in power are men, become arrogant and feel entitled to satisfy their appetites however they please. None of them is admired for that, I assure you (well, I’m not a man so I don’t know if men admire that behavior, wishing they could so behave). But you should know that because you know what the women of CT and Mass think.

  23. John

    I love how the CT republicans hold their noses when McMahon bashes career politicians like themselves. She never held any elective office-not a school board or a zoning commission. Nothing. As long as the avalanche of WWE porn money for her campaign keep rolling in… when all else fails, lower your standards.

  24. Humble Momma Pie

    How convenient that right before an election the contents of this video have been removed. So much for free speech!

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