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One of the themes of 2015, for me, is people getting in huge amounts of trouble for doing things that don’t seem all that bad. In other words, the whole Jon Ronson thing. None of us is exempt. I’ve already had one guy, listening to me on the WWL Wheelhouse, accuse me of being a racist based on a certain inflection, a wryness he detected in my voice when I spoke of Sir Charles.  At least he had the decency to accuse me privately. There are exceptions. Britt McHenry really needed to be brought up short and I totally believe she is going to be a sweet and wonderful person from now on.  I mean, go ahead. Tow her car again. I bet she’ll be cool with it.

Anyway, I’ve decided to keep track, a little. Today’s Shame Index concerns Lisa T. McElroy. You all remember her, right? Probably not. That’s the odd thing about this one. On a 1 to 10 scale…

THING SHE DID: I’d give it a 1. I mean, pasting in the (anal beads) porn link by mistake is way over on the “funny little thing that happened” side of the scale, as opposed to the “this proves you’re a horrible person” side. That’s why McElroy’s a 1 and McHenry’s a 7.  I know! They’re hard to keep straight

AMOUNT OF PUBLIC SHAMING: 4? It seems that, professionally, there were some fairly ridiculous consequences. And according to all the updates in that link, I guess it went a wee bit viral. But you can still count me among the people who didn’t really remember this story and thought McElroy was kind of dumb to revive it (and probably double its audience in the process).

SEVENTIES MEMORY THIS STIRS UP. Part of Chevy Chase’s shtik when he anchored SNL’s Weekend Update was to be caught on the phone saying something compromising — “I’m sure the trucker just thought you had your head in my lap.” — as the camera went live. And I swear to you, one of those was: “I still don’t understand who pulls out the beads.” chevy

What else?: Here in Connecticut, we should make a 2015 resolution to have real grown up big boy police departments like they do in other states. That means the State Police and the Newtown police have to conduct full-fledged reviews of the Sandy Hook shootings and get them in soon. As Altimari’s article points out in the final paragraphs, when you do these things, you really learn important lessons that get passed along in potentially life-saving ways. Also, this kind of delay feeds the fevered minds of wacko truthers. It also means the Hartford police department has to stop ordering the wrong bullets and losing track of where the bullets are generally being stupid and crazy about those bullets. (We will be discussing both of these things tomorrow on the aforementioned Wheelhouse.)

Just for fun: Comcast and Time-Warner chatbots try to explain the merger.