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MONDAY: The State of Political Satire. From the Onion to Comedy Central to SNL to every late night monologue, satire has moved from rebellion on the fringe to kind of a mainstream commodity. But Stewart and Colbert seem to be rewriting the rules of political satire, giving it more oomph.

TUESDAY: Scent of a Bieber: Perfumes in America – Hundreds of perfumes launch every year and many are endorsed by celebrities. The market is exploding and perfume makers are having to get pretty creative to get their scents noticed. We’ll speak with people who obsess over every aspect of a perfume. From the name (P Diddy’s Tarzan-ish I Am King, is a personal favorite) to the odor (is it floral? fresh? woody?), to the packaging (glass bottles don’t cut it anymore) – what makes a perfume a blockbuster hit? And what makes it a smelly, suffocating flop?

WEDNESDAY: Part of our ongoing coverage of: “Connecticut: Still Revolutionary.” Author Robert Sullivan — we loved him on our show about rats —  has been traipsing around,  stalking Revolutionary War sites. We’ll talk to him about bringing 1776 alive in an era of interstates and Olive Gardens.

THURSDAY: What are we, Nostradamus? We don’t know about Thursday.

FRIDAY Rand Cooper and Irene Papoulis will be on The Nose to talk about whatever it is people are talking about.

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3 thoughts on “CMS episodes for the coming week

  1. Bill

    I wish The Hartford Courant would consider freelance satire but it seems they are content with Jim Shays and yourself. I would work for food.

  2. Richard

    Good show in the Nativity. Empirical accuracy isn’t the authors’ concerns: the Ultimate Concern is capturing the underlyng truth.

    Setting a stage where the seers and Magi and divines of the world knew about the denial and political confrontation in Rome before it happened is part of the legal case brought against mankind and the Jews specifically.

    The Virgin Birth disempowering women? More likely a re-use or allusion to the classic Venus Anadyomene myth where Mary is reborn with each incarnation and her virginity renewed in the sea. Not to mention the nuances of the word that escapes readers today.

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