CMS — the Week of July 7

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MONDAY: A look at the psychology and business of sports uniforms. Why so many redesigns? Why so many ugly choices? Do black uniforms really make teams more fierce and violent? Do red ones correlate with success? Why do Japanese baseball uniforms display the name of the team in English? And other questions.

TUESDAY: Stephen King for the full hour. Need we say more? A warm-up for Colin’s interview with him at the Bushnell July 18. Motorist alert: an indestructible dome will be placed over Hartford on that date.


WEDNESDAY: Chef’s surprise! One producer is working on a show about pick-up artists. Another is working on a show about the self-help industry. We also discussed a show about Ramadan. And all the theories what really killed the dinosaurs. Could we combine all four ideas? Something will click. Or jell. Or coagulate.

[Famous Gary Larson cartoon]

THURSDAY: The Tour de France. The editor in chief of Bicycling magazine heads up a guest list to discuss the world’s most arduous sports event, the one in which a crazy fan or a little dog running across the road or a bus stuck under a metal portico can land the athletes in the hospital. We’ll also explore the state of doping and testing post-Lance. And, apropos of Monday’s show, we’ll ask why regular amateur cyclists insist on dressing up in Lycra. I mean, you don’t put on a Yankees uniform to play softball, do you?

FRIDAY: The Nose — our weekly culture roundtable.



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3 thoughts on “CMS — the Week of July 7

  1. Cynical Susan

    “we’ll ask why regular amateur cyclists insist on dressing up in Lycra”

    I wonder that myself, as they pass me on my big ol’ “hybrid” bike. Is that what’s making them faster? Do I need Lycra?

    1. richard


      Bikers like staring at each others butts for miles on end. If they were dogs they’d sniff each other.

      Obviously, I am not a biker. People would pay good money to never see me in Lycra.

  2. richard

    King mentions Frankels jewlery store in Carrie. I always liked the little touches like that as I was the Frankels lawn and snow guy at the time Steven was writing the book.

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