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felt-z5-road-bike-300x182As some of you know, I ride my bike a lot. Most good days I try to squeeze in a 21-mile ride on a course I’m happy to repeat over and over, because parts of it are so beautiful. But lately, with the days shortening, it’s a struggle to get a late afternoon ride done before darkness falls.

Last night, around 7 p.m., I  was finishing up my last four miles, down Bloomfield Ave. I’m not sure why I didn’t see the thing in the road. I also have no idea how “the thing” was positioned before I hit it. The thing was an uprooted road sign. I’d like to think the sign itself was maybe lying on the grass with its metal pole sticking out in the road. Maybe it was the late day shadows. Maybe I glanced down at the Garmin.

All I know is that one second I was riding my bike, and the next I was in the road. I was bleeding from six different wounds, hands numb, thigh sore, visor snapped off helmet, chain off bike.  I’ve been lucky never to have a bad crash or fall over thousands of bike miles. I think I was lucky again that this wasn’t much worse. Nothing seems broken. I don’t think I’m concussed (despite a minor boo-boo on my forehead).  I hurt in a lot of places, but it all seems like stuff that will heal. I’m peculiarly exhausted and heavy-lidded, I think from the shock of it.

So I’m moving the Garmin off the handlebars and thanking the gods above that this was not worse. And keeping very quiet for the rest of the weekend.

The rest of you, ride safely.  And watch out for stupid crap in the road.

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22 thoughts on “Crash

  1. Kathy Sumpter

    WOW! I’m so sorry! We ride a lot, too, and sometimes you’re down before you know it! I guess I won’t get that iphone holder for my bike! Feel better!

  2. Jim Cassidy

    Get back on the bike, or what’s left of it, as soon as possible. You know what they say about horses. You are strong. You will heal and continue to enjoy cycling and writing and, thereby, provide enjoyment for others.

  3. Les Wilson

    Glad you’re okay. I had a bad crash too, and its amazing how fast it happens!

    I suggest replacing your Garmin with a high-end wireless bike light. 😉

  4. elissa

    So sorry this happened. Hope you’re on the mend – this makes perfect sense (re your, uh…stars…) – will send you positive healing energy /vibes – (btw – just read about several older famous mediums who became psychic after head injuries. just sayin… )Also -love your radio show. Also your Stephen King interview- Incredible work – (saw it on TV – 3 times). Speedy healing…

  5. peter brush

    Running is a strain on the joints, but a hell of a lot safer. On the other hand, while riding I’ve never been subject to the slings and arrows of cruel Connecticut homophobia. (To the fat construction worker at the Phoenix Insurance plaza yesterday; screw. I hope the mafia is running your pension fund.)
    Indeed; be careful out there. The dramatic increase in judgement associated with our aging comes pari passu with a decreased ability to see crap in the road, particularly at dusk. Old people are wiser, but their earthly physiques are more fragile.
    I’m wondering; can we get Mike Napoli to take his beard for a bike ride?

    1. Billy

      Mr Brush;
      Connecticut homophobia? How, pray tell, can you be ID’d for your orientation while running if not for perhaps an inclination to wear a pink tutu? Haven’t you noticed that the great unvarnished straight community has accepted the negotiated terms. Full acceptance for all. Free at last.

      Or is this perhaps a new case of being killed with kindness.

      1. peter brush

        How, pray tell, can you be ID’d for your orientation while running if not for perhaps an inclination to wear a pink tutu?
        Yes; Bill. You’re right, as usual. I’ll consider changing the color.

        It’s a function of my effeminate style; exaggerated hip sway and relaxed wrists. On a bike my good looks are rugged. (I don’t wear tight, bright bike gear.)
        Query whether a hate insult can be committed if the actor mistakes the victim’s identity. If I attack a guy out of anti-Semitism and it turns out he’s a Syrian Christian, am I still especially reviled here en los Estados Unidos?
        Don’t you think Dennis Rodman would look good in the outfield in Fenway? The beards are only a good start.

    2. Richard

      My favorite runner of all time: Jim Fixx. After a decade of torturing people like me Fixx finally succumbed to the perils of running.

      1. Billy


        You seem to have a few issues. Please do answer Cynical Susan. I am interested in your response.

  6. Cynical Susan

    I drove that same route less than an hour earlier, coming back from my own bike ride on a paved trail — I love to ride but I’m too chicken to ride the avenues/dragstrips/minefields around here.

    I hope you’re mending quickly. Thinking about that broken visor is scary.

  7. Billy

    Reminds me of my self initiated bike crash on April 17, 2008. I rode back from MDC res after visiting my running club and being a few blocks from my home in the south end of Hartford, I ruminated that no one hit me so amazing. One half block later, I suddenly saw a kid in a trike riveting his engine and I thought he was going to hit me so I instinctively slammed on both calipers and I guess I went flying over my handle bars. I suppressed the short flight but when I landed with my arms out stretched, one elbow was shattered. That incident turned out to be one of my defining moments for me for many reasons to numerous to mention. But the end result is that I don’t trust drivers any more even though in my case, I caused my own accident. In Hartford, auto crashes are now so much more frequent and devastating. When I take my bike out, I make a mad dash to Cedar Hill Cemetery close by for a short hilly ride. Or I drive it to a trail. My arm will never be fully functional – but I’ll take 90 % functionality.

    I’m sorry to say, street riding is not worth the risk. Take care.

    1. Mr Bill

      Forgot to mention that Budget Printers on Park St near Sisson had tee shirts for sale as defects from a bike race and they were selling them for about 50 cents or a buck apiece. I don’t know if they have any more but a quick call could determined that for anyone interested.

      I am not associated with the store.

  8. Lynne

    Anyone’s life can be altered by a bump in the road – literally as well as figuratively – and it only takes a few seconds.

    Feel better!

  9. DrHunterSThompson

    To witless:

    So sorry. I ride not much in the world of riders – maybe 100 miles a week – but I eschew technology. Dude – not necessary, drop the garmin, trust your memory.


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