David Brooks Nails the Campaign

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This is a great take on the 2012 race.

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26 thoughts on “David Brooks Nails the Campaign

  1. Richard

    The link isn’t to a David Brooks piece. I’m guessing you were referring to the “Dullest Campaign Ever” column.

    Romney’s lack of passion is half the problem. I think this youtube video below hits the shortcomings of the ‘hope and change’ candidate in spades.


  2. Todd Zaino

    Hope and Change is now at crash and burn
    Let’s be smart and give an adult a turn
    I am never bored
    Looking at Barry’s record
    A complete fraud when when will we ever learn

  3. peter brush

    This race is the latest iteration of the same debate we’ve been having since 1964.
    That’s about right, except that at this point the big government guys are in a position to drive us over the cliff, hence the urgency. I’m not bored; my hair is on fire. Come on, Scott N.; if one can’t see profound differences between Barry and Mitt he’s simply not looking.

  4. Bob

    I just finished reading the book, “The Shallows”, about how the internet is changing the way our minds work and making us less capable of engaging in serious thinking and focusing on complex ideas. Brook’s article points out the political dimensions of the author’s point. The candidates have tailored their campaigns to the realities of the instant access, sound bites only internet world we live in. I don’t think we are better off. I know we all celebrate the latest tecnological innovations that allows us faster, better, brighter internet access. News organizations have changed to meet the demands of their sound bite obsessed audience. Have you done a radio show on all this?

    1. Richard

      It’s obviously great radio show stuff but here’s a different take:

      When are we to believe US electoral literacy was at its greatest? When was this mythical Golden Age? When Hearst was the sensationalist Yellow Journalist? When local editor/publishers ran their own fiefdoms? When Americans averaged 20 minutes a day reading newspapers? When Walter Cronkite was “The Man”?

      We need to revisit the days of the Big 3 networks and news censorship to get the perspective right.

      Would it be the early 70s where Watergate, 60 Minutes, The Pentagon Papers, and William Buckley conspired to make it look like there was a new revolution in news readerships and reporting and literacy? A little bubble of change as investigative reporting had its own biases and problems often with the same critiques as the Internet?

      The openness of the blogosphere is now the tyranny of an uninformed majority or “Me Like” crowd subject to dumb sloganeering like “Change Can Believe In”?

  5. Todd Zaino

    2012 is about conservative vs. liberalism
    America has had enough of Obama’s socialism
    He’s spent plenty of loot
    Time to give him the boot
    Our economy will thrive after Obama’s Communism

  6. peter brush

    Has there ever been a campaign with so few major plans on the table?
    Let’s go back to the 1964 campaign. Would a preference for “plans on the table” not have caused Mr. Brooks (were he not a Canadian, age 3) to vote for LBJ? And, since 1964 we have had a plethora of plans and programs. It’s boring to contemplate these things, but a.)how is that war on poverty going?,and b.) aren’t Medicare and Medicaid driving us into the fiscal ditch?
    Mr. Brooks’ appetite for plans suggests to me the reason he’s the NYT in-house “conservative.” And, it also is part of the reason the LBJ/Goldwater campaign is still going on. The left simply refuses to face facts, even as they insist that their truth is marching on, glory hallelujah. Is Medicare going broke? Then, by God, let’s cook up Obamacare. Is the long ago discredited Keynsian fiscal-deficit-stimulus gimmick failing to create economic growth? According to NYT Krugperson, just double down.
    I do think that it would be useful to have a more explicit airing out of our national interest in foreign affairs, and an articulation of a reasonable affordable strategy to achieve that objective. What are we doing, for example, in NATO? What are we doing in Korea? Come to think of it, it would have been nice to hear from our current Prez on what he thinks about our national interests, aside, of course from his obvious Peaceful proclivities and his admirable assassination of Muslim terrorists.

  7. Jim

    As if elections mattered? The Empire moves on. Obama/Romney….both serving the ruling elites. No difference between them.

  8. Cynical Susan

    “There has never been a bigger difference.”

    Really? In two and a third centuries? Never?

    Y’know, there are many on the left who feel that Obama is nowhere near left enough. Some painting him as a socialist doesn’t MAKE him a socialist.

    1. Jim

      Susan – Left enough? Obama has taken Bush’s agenda and injected steroids into it. He’s a fraud. The Right have their man in Obama and they know it. They throw out the false claim of Socialist to move the pendulum even further right (as if they had to?). Obama’s presidency has given the Right everything they wanted while neutralizing the Left. Pretty smart.

      I still scratch my head tho, how liberals so easily fell for this crap. They must be desperate.

  9. Todd Zaino

    When a “president” takes over AIG, General Motors, than crams his “healthcare” down our throats (which represents about 17% of our GDP) yeah, I’d call him a socialist. What’s truly laughable are the people who don’t find Barry leftist enough! Not many people knew who this guy was back in the summer of 2008…now that we’ve got a good look at him, I hope and pray that enough adults show up on November 6th so Barry can begin working on his cross-over dribble, and his short game. If the Clintons have raked in over 50 million since leaving the White House…imagine how much Barry and Moochelle are going take in. It will be interesting to see if Barry is going to throw his own money around the same way he did the country’s.

    1. cmcenroe Post author

      AIG was “saved” during 2008. Obama was not president.
      General Motors was never taken over.
      It went into Chapter 11 and got a loan from the government. It is today every bit the private company it always was.
      Lastly, Todd, what is up with “Moochelle?” Is that some kind of misogynistic crap? It won’t be tolerated here.
      Todd, I’d get a standing ovation if I banned you from this site.
      Everybody is sick of your poems. One a week would be fine.
      Racist or misogynistic rhetoric would be a tipping point. You don’t belong here if you can’t keep a civil tongue on your head.

    2. Cynical Susan

      ” than crams his “healthcare” down our throats (which represents about 17% of our GDP)”

      And where is all that money going? To profit-making insurance companies, no? How socialist is that? Why do we even need insurance companies in the mix?

      1. Richard

        Mass found the problem isn’t restricted to insurance and it isn’t restricted to for-profits.

        Top heavy payroll structures in non-profits big and small and their love of archaic medical records systems to protect their little feifdoms is a tip of the real iceberg. CT hasn’t matured to that point yet. CT is still in “demonize the insurance companies” mode and playing sector politics pitting one sector (insurance) against others (legal, regulatory, delivery system, non-profits, government).

  10. Todd Zaino

    Moochelle is a play on the word “moocher.” I am a lot of things…but racist is far from the truth.-why does that word get thrown around so easily? Obama did in fact take over GM. If you want to call it re-structing…that’s fine.


    Come on Colin, all of the Silverman limericks were on topic…and you cut the Demi limerick-my favorite. The Silverman video was far from Oscar-worthy-I was only having fun. Is fun still allowed at a blog that has the word “wit” in it?

    1. cmcenroe Post author

      Again Todd, the auto bailout was launched by Bush, continued by Obama.
      In explaining his decision Friday, Bush said holding back “would leave the next president to confront the demise of a major American industry in his first days of office.

      Too many limericks. If I find more than one on a given thread I will kill them all.

      1. Todd Zaino

        Everything Midas touched turned to gold-Obama put his hands all over GM and look at the results. GM stock sold for $33 per share before Barry took over-today GM sells for $19.86 Our young, in over his head president has the opposite Midas-Barry has the Sadim touch.

        This is why Barry is trying like crazy to talk about Mitt’s taxes, and anything but his horrible economic record. Hopefully the Texas Tea Party victory and the Chick-Fil-A day yesterday are a sign of what’s going to happen on Nov 6.

    2. Richard

      The Moochelle thing has its roots in many Conservative sites claiming her hospital staff position is an example of everything that is wrong with urban hospitals and health care. High-paid make work positions for political wives.

      $316,962 as Community coordinator working on diversity and minority recruitng and outreach. When Michelle left the position was eliminated which only feeds the critics saying it was a make-work job.

      Then there was the $1 million request for funding for the UC Med Center by Senator Obama that some cite as further corruption as this incestuous relationship is the new graft unlike the old graft practiced by dummies like Rowland and Perez. Under the new convoluted system of government funded non-profits a politicians wife or relatives are worth their weight in gold (or should be). It’s a well structured system of payoffs for a young couple on the make.

      Then there was the Board of Directors position for TreeHouse Food……

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