Dim and Dimmer

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We can debate the merits of “The Life of Pi.” In fact we did, on today’s show.

But before you go see the movie, you might want to scout around a bit and see whose equipment is up to the demands of the film.

I prefer 2D, and I wound up seeing the movie in the enormous Odyssey room of Bow Tie’s Palace 17 on New Park Avenue. The lamp in the projector in that theater appears to be insufficient for a movie  like this.  Xenon lamps are expensive, and they have a lifespan. Some chains fail to replace them when they deteriorate. Some chains fail to buy a good enough one in the first place. Paradoxically, they actually charge you more money to sit in the Odyssey and see a movie whose visuals are washing out right before your eyes.

I’m increasingly convinced that some movies simply have to be seen on good equipment. It’s often worth waiting for Trinity Cinestudio to get a release like “Tree of Life” or “Melancholia,” both of which would seem kind of pointless on smaller or lesser hardware.  You might want to do it with “Life of Pi” too. Or see it in 3D at Blue Back.



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3 thoughts on “Dim and Dimmer

    1. Bill

      I agree especially about going to Trinity. A theater experience not like the container boxes on New Park ave.

      I couldn’t help myself I had to see Lincoln but I will most definitely see it again at Trinity.

      Talk about a perfectly made movie. Can you say Best Picture plus?

  1. DrHunterSThompson

    to witless:

    let’s party at the Art Cinema brother! you won’t care that the bulb is dim.


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