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I confess I don’t know anything about DebraLee Hovey. Is she routinely a moron, or was this just a bad day?

The post looks [like] something written after a few frozen margaritas. Two names are misspelled. (Giffords and Blumenthal.) One sentence is agrammatical. “So…There was pure political motives.” In execution, it falls well below 8th grade competency.

And then there is the baseless accusation of political motives. The meeting in question was not open to the press or public, and there was no press conference held afterwards.

And finally, there is the initial salutation, written in the style of a foot-stomping petulant child. “Gabby Gifford stay out of my towns.”

Your towns, madame?


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60 thoughts on “Everybody doesn’t like something

  1. Urquhart

    I only wish she had avoided that ubiquitous and spurious non-apology apology afterwards—”if I offended anyone….” It never seems to be a question of “if” when someone issues that statement, and this time is no different. And one doesn’t “truly” apologize, he is either sorry or he isn’t. In Hovey’s case, I hold with the latter.

  2. david edelstein

    There is a special place in the Coward’s Pantheon for “If” Apologists. And I think you’re right to dwell on the spelling, Colin. It reminds me so much of illiterate right-wing commenters on the NY Post and other websites–or, probably, some of your commenters in ‘TIC days gone by. She’s now a laughingstock all over the country and I hope in “her towns” as well.

  3. Chris O'Brien

    What town do you live in? What pronoun do you use to refer to it? Ms. Hovey lives in Newtown. Yes, its HER town.
    Do you need a remediation in English or Connecticut geo-politics?

    Secondly, you say there was no political motivation for Giffords’s visit. Let’s see. She visits families of the most tragic school shooting in American history on Friday. On Tuesday she and her husband announce a new political organization to propose stronger gun control.

    Cause and effect? You need an eye appointment.

    Lastly, Newtown has essentially one main road that winds along Rt. 6 from Bethel, through Newtown Center and towards Sandy Hook before diverging into the backcountry woodsy Rts. 25 and 34 to other places. The place has been hounded by media for 3 straight weeks while they try to mourn their dead in smaller than usual caskets. They took in politicians and the President.
    Meanwhile, the media can’t figure out how to pool their resources and isntead trample lawns, church property and park in driveways, sometimes without permission.
    The town has had a bit much when they can use some privacy. I’m sure you’ve had loss in your life and need a little privacy. Give Ms. Hovey a break… unless of course you can’t give a lady having a bad month a break because she happens to be a Republican.

  4. Jim

    No, Chris. DebraLee Hovey lives in Monroe. Not Newtown.

    And a small, private visit has nothing to do with the media circus that you mention. Hovey’s remarks were and continue to be completely unacceptable. And the non-apology was a deliberate choice to avoid admitting just how wrong she was.

    Colin’s not the one who needs an eye check.

  5. Mark

    What I find more interesting is how name calling and fun making of those we don’t like or agree with has become commonplace. Is there any other way to send your message to the one you attack without without being so disrespectful? I don’t care about her or your touts, but you are entitled to your opinion as is she, but to call her a moron in a public forum among other things is childish. Then we wonder why we can’t get along or agree whats the best path to follow as a society, no one is taking any of the issues if not the people seriously. People need to start showing respect for each other and maybe, just maybe we can move ahead as a society. Otherwise let’s keep teaching that hate and bulling and name calling is the answer.

      1. Mark

        Whatever, mock me if it makes you feel better and hey, maybe it’s better to point fingers and make fun of each other. Truth is I’ve seen it for far too many years and it hasn’t solved a single social issue yet. We’ve learned nothing from history.

    1. Bill

      Mark, when one posts online, responsibility and concern to the one you are addressing is removed by anonymity. This is the nature of online posts for better or worst.

  6. Chris O'Brien

    Oh, and before you attack MY grammer, I’ll apologize. I get a little pissed when one starts rolling boulders on a woman who just lost 28 of her constituents and is trying to find comfort and counseling for 500 young children.

    Grammer? Margaritas? Really?

    Just saying…

    1. Ken Krayeske

      The dignity of elected office demands proper punctuation and spelling. Unless she represents a bunch of illiterate miscreants, I don’t think Ms. Hovey carried herself with the modicum of respect required. There is a reason protocol demands you address a letter to a legislator it looks like this: “The Honorable Jeffrey Berger State Representative.” There is no honor in petulance.

      1. Ken Krayeske

        And I can’t even get my grammar right…but I am not an elected official, who should know that facebooking while irresponsible can lead to national embarrassment.

  7. Todd Zaino

    11 armed guards at the Sidwell School
    Obama and Gregory’s kids find this cool
    Liberals entering the gun fray
    Better do as they say
    Leftists swimming around in their hypocritical cesspool

    1. Bill

      I’lladdress it, Todd. And this liberal noise about guns shouldn’t be only liberal. But those of us who are pro choice Refuse to cow tow to your version . We are not going to ever agree so enjoy the diversity of society. We will continue the battle. And after we die, our offspring will continue the fight.

      1. Todd Zaino

        “Pro choice” that’s a euphemism for something…right?! Oh yeah, baby-killing. The current president is quite the fan of this euphemism…no wonder our country is sliding down a horrible road.

      2. Chris O'Brien

        Those who ignore the scientific facts choose to remain ignorant of human life before birth. We just lost 20 children in Newtown. Why not protect those unborn as well?

  8. Richard

    It was reported today Al Gore’s wealth increased from $2 million during his 2000 campaign to over $500 million. There are some things more crass than Hovey IMHO. Ex-Senator Jon Corzine is another. Losing $2 billion of customer funds and Washington saying nothing’s wrong.

      1. Richard

        The Washington Post reports that 14 green tech companies that Gore invested in directly or indirectly have “benefited from more than $2.5 billion in loans, grants and tax breaks, part of President Obama’s historic push to seed a U.S. renewable-energy industry with public money. ”


        Then there’s the rash of “Richer than Romney” articles running all over the net

        1. Richard

          CBS Reports “In 2003 Gore joined the board of directors at Apple (AAPL). The position came with $50,000 a year in fees and an accumulated **tens of millions** in Apple stock. Since 2001 Gore has also been a senior advisor to Google (GOOG), where he received significant pre-public stock options.”

  9. Bill

    The Beatnicks thought we were all doomed in the 1950s but it diidn’t happen. No, we will survive. And if you have a strong understanding of American history, then you will find that we have always been at strong odds on most everything. Frequently the issues are different and sometimes the same old fights renew every generation.

    Your premis on abortion is religious based. Not everyone is religious and some who are still don’t follow your belief.

    Since you are so adamant about abortion, have you adapted any black or brown babies into your home and made them your child? Quick Todd. Yes or no. If your answer is no, then don’t try to tell others not to use birth control including abortion.

      1. Todd Zaino

        First off William, why only black or brown babies? Talk about knee-jerk. Secondly, I have two sons-they both keep me plenty busy, and it would be unfair to them and an adopted child right now. Not all pro-life is religious based. I have plenty of friends who have not seen the inside of a church in years…yet they still know that killing a baby is still killing a baby.
        Chris o’Brien from an above post asked you a great question.

        1. Cynical Susan

          ” I have two sons-they both keep me plenty busy, and it would be unfair to them and an adopted child right now.”

          …which of course is very different from having two sons and being in no position to afford, financially or physically, a third child but getting pregnant perhaps while using birth control. Of course that’s a WOMAN’S life we’re talking about, one whose sons might keep HER plenty busy, so she should have to deal with it.

          I suspect Bill was referring to the large number of black and brown babies up for adoption, nothing more sinister than that. But I do seem to recall your concern about said babies, while arguing the other side.

          1. Todd Zaino

            Two words for you Cynical: Margaret Sanger…take a look into her life and you’ll know why I was mentioning babies of color in past posts. Another racist liberal who gets a get out of jail card from the liberal media because she used to play on their team. This to me is not a male/female issue Cynical…it’s a right or wrong issue. Killing a baby in a Planned Parenthood office is just as bad as what happended at Sandy Hook.

          2. Cynical Susan

            Another racist liberal, eh? I guess there’s no negative word that you won’t use when describing All Liberals All The Time. That’s kind of limiting, no?

            But to re-address the issue I mentioned: a little inconvenience shouldn’t deter you from adopting now, should it?

          3. Bill

            Cynical: I think many Americans who wrongly complain that abortion is killing would anyways sooner adopt a lily white baby from Russia then an American brown baby.

            and the same ones will continue to complain when social services increase to cover costs of said babies.

            My main point; abortion is not killing. But then again, being able to think straight is not equally endowed by all.

          1. Richard

            Women who abort are no more sane than the Newtown shooter. Gallup says 60% of women think abortion is a moral matter, not medical. 40% haven’t evolved yet and lack spiritual development.

  10. Jeff Wright

    Debra Lee had a bad day. A bad day that I refuse to believe obviates a decade of stellar representation at the Statehouse. Debra Lee posts a questionable commented and gets blasted from all four corners while Chris Donovan gets a standing ovation.

    What message is that sending?

    I’ll take Debra lee’s ill advised post over a career thief and looter any day of the week.

  11. Todd Zaino

    Pregnant man…and “try’s” is this really the best the party of PC, holier than-thou, Godlessness, Sec-8, on-demand abortions, ID free voting, college for illegals, welfare, EBT cards, carbon footprints, anti-meat, anti-fur, anti-guns can do?

    Liberal flag-burners celebrate as Barry and Uncle Joe fight over guns…while Barry signs a backdoor bill affording him and Moochelle lifetime armed protection! N-I-C-E! Even the biggest Obama fan has to be a little red-faced over this…right?


      1. Cynical Susan

        Been to any flag-burnings lately, Bill? Me neither. I did hear that there was a woman in Glastonbury today who was holding up a sign which showed Obama with a Hitler mustache and which said “Come talk to me about impeaching Obama.”

    1. Cynical Susan

      I guess it must be a full time job maintaining your level of outrage, Todd. But look at this:

      “President Barack Obama on Thursday signed into a law a measure giving him, George W. Bush and future former presidents and their spouses lifetime Secret Service protection, the White House announced.

      “The legislation, CRAFTED BY REPUBLICAN REP. TREY GOWDY OF SOUTH CAROLINA [emphasis mine], rolls back a mid-1990s law that imposed a 10-year limit on Secret Service protection for former presidents. Bush would have been the first former commander in chief affected.

      “At the time, lawmakers who supported the measure said it would save the government millions of dollars. They also argued that former presidents could hire private security firms (as Richard Nixon did after he decided to forgo Secret Service protection in 1985).

      “The bill had sailed through Congress with BIPARTISAN SUPPORT—it cleared the House of Representatives by voice vote in early December, and then it zipped through the Senate unopposed. The law also provides protection for former presidents’ kids until age 16. But “protection of a spouse shall terminate in the event of remarriage.”

  12. Todd Zaino

    Oh please Cynical, have you ever seen the same Hitler mustache put on Bush? Please! Funny how you and William are both pretty quiet about Barry signing up for lifetime full-armed protection…at the tax-payers’ expense. Any thoughts kids on Barry and Moochele’s new security detail post-presidency…pray tell. Oh… and what a shame that Barry’s security team is going to be armed and ready for bear! I guess liberals are the only ones allowed to play around with those mean guns while the rest of us are left to our own devices. Hypocrites!

  13. Todd Zaino

    Come on Cynical…a third grader can see the hypocrisy of a bunch of leftists jumping up and down about guns…yet the King of Leftists, Obama, provides himself and his family the kind of protection that he doesn’t want regular folks to have. The same third grader would probably laugh out loud at protecting death row inmates, yet turning a blind eye to a little baby in a Planned Parenthood office. Must be nice to live life in a cafeteria where you get to pick and choose…be able to be as inconsistent as you like. Calling me “right” Cynical…well that has to be the nicest thing you’ve ever said about me…thanks! You also called me “pure” well since I vote Republican…you didn’t really mean that did you?

    1. Cynical Susan

      I guess you didn’t read the part about who drafted the legislation? Doesn’t matter — humans see what we want to see…..

  14. Todd Zaino

    I saw it Cynical…but in the end…the First Hypocrite had to sign it. I don’t know how he’s able to talk out of both sides of his mouth so easily.

  15. Bill

    Hey: both of you guys. Check in with me befor you go on yapping without me. I feel left out.

    Todd, secret service protection legislation was quickly proposed because W bush was facing termination of protection first. Your argument is without merit.

  16. Todd Zaino

    Bill…if former POTUS want or need armed protection…fine, but don’t whine about guns then sign a bill that involves guns…it makes Barry look like a phony.

    1. Repeal 2nd Amendment Bill

      Man, you are just not making any sense. With your reasoning, if you can’t possess a gun, then police can’t. Secret Service can’t. The military can’t.

      Your capacity to reason is not revealing much logic this morning.

      As much as I despise W Bush, I feel that as an ex president, he should get protection. Besides, I want him to live into old age so that he can reflect for a very long time how much damage he did to the US and the world while in office. I could only hope he would turn to booze and cocaine again to bury his guilt.

      1. Todd Zaino

        Bill: Wishing alcohol and cocaine abuse on another person tells me all I need to know about you…write all you want, I am done with you. I’ll pray for you, you could use them.

        1. Cynical Susan

          Wellllll — Bill’s comment is based on his despising of Bush, as well as Bush’s history, I believe. I think we’re all aware of his abuse of these substances, no? Interesting that in his early campaigning days it was stated that he simply would not discuss this. And Obama is guilty of using illegal substances as well, but discussed it. That doesn’t make Obama any less guilty, he just handled the situation in a different way.

    2. Cynical Susan

      “it makes Barry look like a phony.”

      Let’s face it, Todd: no matter what he does you’ll find something wrong with it, and that’s your right and privilege. Even people who vote for their favorite candidate will find something wrong with at least some of what s/he does — that’s what happens when a person is elected president of a whole country as diverse as this one. But why bother stretching stuff?

  17. Todd Zaino

    Cynical Susan, as a smart adult, I am confident that you can tell when someone is telling you “do as I say, not as I do.” Barry has many examples of this, the first lady loves to tell us to exercise and to eat healthy food… yet we still see plenty of photos of the first couple eating ice cream cones, hamburger the size of a football, and other unhealthy food items. My question is who in the hell are they to tell regular Americans about the second amendment, and our food and activity choices?
    You have mentioned not having a TV in your home, when someone like you (who talks the talk, and walks the walk) tells others about the evils of TV, it’s coming from a sincere person who is far from a phony, that’s all I am saying.

    1. Cynical Susan

      But Todd, I might watch TV if I’m at a hotel, if I can find something decent on. And the Obamas appear to be very fit, and apparently they occasionally splurge on stupid food. I hardly think THIS makes them (or me) hypocrites. I think one needs to be a little more realistic in one’s complaints. Were you so appalled by First Lady Laura Bush’s telling parents that their children should read? Can you assume she never read anything that wasn’t a classic? (She’ll be speaking in Redding on March 17, BTW.)

  18. Richard

    The problem in all this Is gun sales. The numbers in CT — a better than a million per decade run rate — tells me this reform effort will stick to the usual proposals

    1. Repeal 2nd Amendment Bill

      …and it also tells me that those who are rushing out to purchase more guns on top of the armaments they already own are like rats running into their sewers as the grates open to flush the black water out.

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