Five questions Malloy must answer…

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…about his ill-advised D.C. jaunt.

1. Do you think Heidi Klum is moving too fast in the romantic marketplace after calling it quits with Seal?

2. Why does Lil Wayne keep getting arrested?

3. Are you worried about Amanda Bynes?

4. Would you be mad if you were trying to visit Disneyland the day it was shut down so Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon could renew their wedding vows?

5. Is there anything you know about the Kardashians that you are not telling us?

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7 thoughts on “Five questions Malloy must answer…

  1. Todd Zaino

    How about a couple of more questions:

    Do you always fail “eyeball” and “smell” tests governor?

    Are times so hard for you and the Mrs. that you had to accept a $1,234 gift from People magazine?

    Does the fact that you had to cut a check for $1,234 out of your own bank account mean that you’ll have a staycation this year…you know Gov, I’ve told that “Connecticut is still Revolutionary!”

  2. Todd Zaino

    Dannel this time has gone too far
    Here’s some feathers to go with that tar
    You’re a one-term bum
    Worse than gutter-rot scum
    Is you hand still stuck in the cookie jar

  3. Richard

    Best critique this week came from Phaneuf over at the CY Mirror with his 3 parter on the Budget. It helps to explain hoe CT is taxing more yet seeing diminished services. Boring stuff but enough space for enterprising young challengers from each party to take a swing at in 2014.

  4. Brian C. Duffy

    6. Do you agree with Obama’s assessment that he’s not the strapping young Muslim socialist he used to be?

  5. Todd Zaino

    7.) Governor, did you see Obama throw the United States under the bus to a bunch of Mexican college students, and can you believe he did it with a straight face? I mean after all, to complain about border violence when he, and Eric Holder, supplied all of the guns kinda, sorta, seems a bit disingenuous…right?

  6. Flora Parisky

    Malloy is the first real governor trying to govern since Lowell Weicker got us the income tax we would really be lost without. Give him a break. You’ve all forgotten how much worse things can be with a choice between corrupt leadership or no leadership

  7. John R. McCommas

    I am hopelessly uninformed when it comes to fluff.

    I don’t know who most of those people are. I know who Mariah Carey of course. I have heard of the Kardashians and I know what one of them looks like but I don’t know why people are always talking about them.

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