GE is everywhere

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Such a weird commercial. And a despoiling of the movie’s iconography. And what about this would make you anything but uncomfortable about
GE in your hospital?

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9 thoughts on “GE is everywhere

  1. equality 7-2521

    Yah, my life expectancy may be controlled by a naked Janite computer programmer who has no concept of quality medicine but is willing to work for low wages for a company who was low bidder to a greedy multinational who spends vast sums in legal maneuvers to get out of paying their fair share to its own society. Ho-hum, same old, same old.

    1. Richard

      Quiet down. Sounds like you need a GE MRI to see what’s disturbing your aura. Yes folks the new GE hand held MRI, covered by the ACA, can be used by Medical Professionals in Beneres to analyze your thought patterns and suggest an organic diet of grains and medication to supplement your state healthcare wellness plans prescriptive cures

  2. Cynical Susan

    “…to a greedy multinational who spends vast sums in legal maneuvers to get out of paying their fair share to its own society.”

    Ah but we admire them because they’re successful and they’re the job-creators and we know if we try just a little harder we can get rich too.

    1. equality 7-2521

      Job creators here in the US? They’re more like dairy maids.
      I’ve done the corporate hypocrisy but now enjoy enriching my own mind and pockets my own way with my own hands.
      My constitution is my freedom and money does not provide stable traction, only friends, whom you find you should do without.

      1. Cynical Susan

        Sorry E 7, it was a feeble attempt at a joke. Many who defend those who avoid taxes and who don’t want to pay a living wage to their employees refer to said people / entities as “job creators.”

        1. Cynical Susan

          BTW, if you haven’t already seen it, and think you have the stomach for it, watch “Capitalism – A Love Story.”

    2. Richard

      Then there’s the structured losses of the Tribune company. Hermann Cain’s most memorable point: with 9-9-9 even the Tribune would pay taxes (The V.A.T.). Mismanagement and contrived operating losses are rewarded under the present U. S. Tax code.

  3. Richard

    Where’s Jack Donaghy? Devising new land swap deals in Haddam? Lobbying to put GE solar convection ovens on the endangered species list? Issuing tax credits for the purchase of any GE green appliances including classic avocado restorations?

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