I sheared a man in Bergholz, just to watch him cry.

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The Amish seem so wonderful and forgiving.

Except when they’re not.

Prosecutors have described the clan’s unorthodox practices as signs of Mr. Mullet’s dictatorial domination. Those practices included earlier beard-cutting of men by their own wives for ogling “English” women at Walmart, the forcing of men to do penance for impure thoughts by making them sleep in chicken coops and Mr. Mullet’s decision to abolish formal church services as meaningless displays.

Ogling at Walmart?  Forbidden? Why go oAmish_Attacks_jt_111123_wgn living?


AP Photo

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2 thoughts on “I sheared a man in Bergholz, just to watch him cry.

  1. Bill

    Wow. I think I recognize some of those guys from my hippy days in 1967. The guy in the middle looks the way my pot dealer did back then.

    I arrived in time for the love children of 1967. I’m glad that I didn’t come out of the Beat generation for 2 reasons. I would be older now if I had. And it seems that the Beats were mostly a guy guy thing if you catch the drift. While the hippies were into chicks, drugs and rock ‘n roll, man.

    I wouldn’t have survived well an an Amish man. Shit,man, I would have lived in that chicken coop all my days. And they don’t seem to joke around much. Too serious for me.

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