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…famous person in photooldschool

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19 thoughts on “Identify

  1. Paul

    I’m guessing Bill Curry on the far right (jeans, barefoot)and you in the pink two-piece.

  2. Todd Zaino

    Dude in the sportscoat giving the finger is Michael Skakel. Shirtless guy in brown shorts is Karate Kid’s Ralph Macchio’s older brother. The blonde dead center is Dannel Malloy in drag, feeling, and looking pretty.

  3. Bill

    The girl standing at top left is Colina McEnroe and by her 18th birthday, treated herself to sexual reassignment surgery after which the “a” was dropped from her/his name and subsequently became a regional personality.

    Note the hair style has remained the same.

  4. Todd Zaino

    I’ll admit I am no Robert Frost
    Obama exposed, he should be tossed
    Barry’s lost his grip
    Stewart and Matthews have now jumped ship
    Audacity and Hopey Changey are all now lost

  5. Todd Zaino

    The blonde standing next to the person formally known as Colina, is a young Cynical Susan telling another group of teens to remove their NIXON NOW sign from the park. Funny how some things never change, Cynical telling people what to do, and her uncanny Michelle Obamaesque scowl…which I suspect is still prominent.

  6. Paul

    At this point, I would like to apologize for starting us down this path but I’m sticking with my Curry guess.

    1. Bill


      You may be correct on Curry. And no need to apologize. Nobody has been insulted and it has been said in good fun.

  7. dick ahles

    The rocks are the remains of the Barkhamsted Lighthouse on the Farmington River near Riverton.

  8. John R. McCommas

    Is that Jon Pelto on the lower left? No wait, he ain’t famous…. I got nothing…

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