Isn’t it good? Norwegian wood!

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One of today’s must-reads.  A nation of Log Ladies.The-Log-Lady-twin-peaks-17264854-660-440

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6 thoughts on “Isn’t it good? Norwegian wood!

  1. Cynical Susan

    “On Twitter, a viewer named Andre Ulveseter said: “Went to throw a log on the fire, got mixed up, and smashed it right into the TV.” ”

    Heh — if this were the U.S., Andre would sue the broadcaster no doubt.

  2. equality 7-2521

    We seem to be too emersed in the self loathing fear we created to even think of a simpler time. The values of Willoughby, ahh Willoughby. Perhaps the Norwgians know how to deal with life better than us or perhaps we can outdo them by having 24 hr coverage of families polishing their firearms. I mean isn’t wood better used as comforting gunstocks rather than being destroyed for public entertainment?

    1. Richard

      Springfield’s nesting Falcons at Monarch Place get viewers. It was a feature of cable for years and is now used to pimp internet services. People love them.

      I won’t get on my soapbox as to why we don’t get these types of simple programs people enjoy on CT Media. CT Wildlife Cam, etc.

      Hell, I’d much rather watch those ugly orange fish in the Bushnell Duck Pond than Scott Haney or Al Terzi.

  3. peter brush

    Connecticut is a community without one; no common principles or myth. But, by Heavens, we have excellent fire wood; white oak, black oak, pin oak, silver maple, red maple, sugar maple, Norway maple (did the article identify the wood the norwegian-community-Norwegians use?), cherry, ash, apple, honey locust, black locust, and birch. Driving to R.I. yesterday I celebrated the quite-a-few outdoor wood furnaces seen along the highway. When will Attorney Malloy and his Ass-ociates regulate/eliminate this environmentally offensive custom?

  4. No more guns bill

    The first song I ever learned to play on guitar. Do, do do do do, do do do do, do do do do.

    I once had a girl, or should I say, she once had me.

    Almost clever youth lyrics.

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