Jesus and J.R.

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OK, maybe I was a little harsh.

Not that J.R. Romano is the least bit justified in capriciously denying convention access to a member of the working press. (And I’ll get into some details of that down below.) (Click on Bruno for special .gif fun!)

But today in church, Pastor Liza Arulampalam (pictured here delivering today’s sermon in funny hat while other people in funny hats listen raptly) elizatalked about the little caesura in Acts 1: 4-8 wherein Jesus, back from the dead, tells his disciples not to go hastily out into the world to preach the Word. They’re champing at the bit like Nyquist, but he says, “Chill in Jerusalem.”

And part of the idea, says Liza, is wait a minute. (See above.) Allow things to ripen in their time. And I was sitting there saying to myself, “I teed up J.R. Romano way too fast and probably drove him down the fairway a little too hard.”

J.R., for his part, went way too fast. If he had thought this thing through more carefully, if he had said “Stop! Wait a minute!” he might not have done something so foolhardy. But maybe I burned him too bad and too hastily.

So, J.R., if you’re having second thoughts, let me promise you, there is no shame in saying so. I will applaud your sagacity, even if it’s on tape-delay.

I do, however, want to explain why this isn’t really Romano’s call to make (prompted by a comment on the previous post).

This convention is very much about the allocation of delegates based on the results of a primary whose cost was borne by the citizens of Connecticut. In fact, the 800,00 unaffiliateds and the 700,000 Democrats paid for more of the Republican primary than did the 400,000 Republicans. So we have a legitimate interest in reporting to all taxpayers on what the conventioneers do with those results. And maybe those 400,000 Republicans, none of whom participated in the choosing of JR Romano, want us to report on a convention they’re not attending. This convention is also about who gets certain ballot positions in the general election. Connecticut’s voters will only have two choices in many of the General Assembly and Congressional races. So maybe it makes sense to let the press report on how that sausage gets made. This is not a purely private debate. It’s a debate that affects everybody’s electoral choices. Only a few people participate in the convention.  The rest depend of the reporting of people like Niel Vigdor to know what happened.

Olive branch, J.R. Get Viggy wid it. And we’ll put all this behind us.

UPDATE: Ken Dixon is tweeting that JRR relented. Viggy in the House!viggy

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