Just so you know: People on the left are no nicer to me than people on the right

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From Jennifer Seelhorst


I have always believed that you have sexist tendencies, based on your (at times) offensive rhetoric towards women, but today’s show takes the cake. All your topic did today was further degrade women and make young girls seem flighty. In reality, you are the unthoughtful one. I’m sure that you get your butt kissed daily and have a high opinion of yourself, but I think that you are basically a hack and that your show is the biggest mistake in NPR’s history. Despite your degrees, you clearly have a weak understanding of women’s issues and you are not worth the time to explain how offensive you are to your listeners. I just want to make one comment: That fear that you have, deep down, that your show is a joke, is accurate. Even worse, you actually do harm to women. You should be ashamed of yourself, but you would have to be self-reflective to care. Let’s be honest: your ego won’t allow you to grow into a decent man — the type who doesn’t have to perpetuate negative sterotypes towards women. I’ve seen your picture, and if you were a woman, you would be nowhere with your career. But, since you’re a man, you get to be ugly on the inside, and outside. For some reason, people listen to you. I will no longer be one of them.

-A deeply offended former listener

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50 thoughts on “Just so you know: People on the left are no nicer to me than people on the right

  1. Kim

    Colin, I think your show is great, I think you treat women with respect, and I think you are always willing to learn.

    Kim, a 55 year old woman.

  2. Todd Zaino

    Great post Jennifer..liberals will always break your heart..all you have to do is give enough time. Don’t allow the negative posts that are sure to come get you down.

  3. Toni

    I am a 64 yr old woman with 2 daughters and 3 grand children also girls. I listen to you all the time and I have never heard you be sexist even as a joke. You can tell by your interaction with the intelligent women you have as guests and on The Nose that they never feel as if you are talking down to them. Not sure what Jennifer is blustering about but to each her own opinion.

  4. Richard

    Earlier this week there was the brouhaha over Rocket-scientist Yvonne Brill’s obituary. Seems her son said the thing she’d most want to be remembered for was being a good mother so that led the obit.

    That was red meat for the mentally deranged — women who would never receive an obit that read “she was a good Mother”. Women without the qualifications (or a sense of humor) went ballistic. Rather than admit their inferiority to Brill as both a mother and a rocket scientist these creaking old feminists simply started quoting all the sad girl tripe of the 70s like it was sage wisdom. They need to loosen up and watch 1959s Gidget, take some advice from Moondoggie, and start all over again.

  5. Bill Dauphin

    I haven’t listened to today’s show yet (because I’m caught in the podcast timewarp), but the first time I heard about the whole “vocal fry” thing was on Slate’s Double X Gabfest podcast. Does Ms Seelhorst not realize that this is an issue that women — *feminist* women — themselves are concerned about?

    Colin, I can’t imagine your treatment of the issue was anything other than thoughtful and respectful. Maybe Miriam (above) is right: Haters gonna hate.

    Anyway, keep up the good work!

  6. John

    Jennifer you could find sexist tendencies in a cantaloupe. Colin McEnroe is one of the most respectful persons in CT. And if you think he has a high opinion of himself you clearly know nothing about Colin.

    Let’s talk about the deep seated psychological trauma that occurs in someone’s childhood that makes them point out Colin McEnroe as a sexist. You are scarred, hurtful, lashing out, and someplace, deeply sad. Please use the information below to seek help for whatever made you this way.

    The Institute of Living
    200 Retreat Avenue
    Hartford, CT 06106
    Main Number: (860) 545-7000
    Assessment Center: (860) 545-7200

      1. Todd Zaino

        @ John and Bill, so Jennifer writes her opinion and because you both don’t agree…she’s crazy? So much for leftists being champions of free speech. She also has the guts to not hide behind a one-named pseudonym.

        1. Cynical Susan

          “She also has the guts to not hide behind a one-named pseudonym.”

          …like Richard.

          1. Todd Zaino

            Cynical, Richard is a To Wit treasure. Why so angry Cynical? You live in a very blue state, you’ve got your very blue governor, your blue president…and once Malloy signs it…a very blue warm and fuzzy gun law to make everyone in CT nice and safe! I’ll bet this is a really sad day for the criminals, and mentally-challenged folks of CT-now that we have laws on the books…I am certain that they will be followed…right? Please.

  7. dom

    Richard, bravo for this line:
    these creaking old feminists simply started quoting all the sad girl tripe of the 70s like it was sage wisdom.

    that’s just pure gold.

    1. Todd Zaino

      Once again Richard is spot-on. Great line Richard! Somewhere in Feminaziland a bunch of fems are poking holes in a voodoo doll with the name Richard on it!

      1. Richard

        A voodoo doll? Either that or writing another fictional, white-washed autobiography (or victimography as they are now known) to preach to the library and book store crowds as therapy.

        1. Todd Zaino

          Richard, when Leno leaves NBC-send him your resume-he could use some of your wonderful lines. Your posts never fail to get under the Left’s skin, and they never fail to give me a great laugh!

  8. Mark O'Brien

    These are the kinds of threads that lead one to justifiable concern about the prospects for civilization.

  9. Jane Harris

    Gosh — I only listened today with half an ear because the subject seemed to be straining to fill a whole hour. I had just mentioned to my husband that there are few women in radio these days whose voices don’t drive me mad — Terry Gross, Chion Wolf and Susan Forbes Hansen come to mind as pleasant voices. Is it sexist to say that Flora Lichtman’s voice is like fingernails on a blackboard? Is that worse than saying that so many men’s voices are pitched alike that some shows involving dialogue (E.J. Dionne and David Brooks, for example) sound like a confusing monologue? Or that David Sedaris should be read, not listened to? I’ve heard Terry Gross joke about how high and querulous her voice was when she started in radio. Certainly Colin can be annoying, too, but I’ve never detected sexism or condescension toward women. I’m pretty sure I know sexism when I hear it, having worked for IBM (where wives are always referred to as “brides”) and Siemens (where women don’t rise.)Here is sexism as it was when I was in college: Lionel Trilling at Columbia got away with saying Barnard women could take his courses if they agreed to wear paper bags over their heads…so as not to distract his male students. Colin’s okay.

    1. Bill

      ” that there are few women in radio these days whose voices don’t drive me mad — Terry Gross, Chion Wolf and Susan Forbes Hansen come to mind as pleasant voices.”

      Especially Chion when she uses words with the letter “w” in them. It is so soothing for me that at times, I need to take a nap after listening to a few of her “W-s.” Just the other day, I was driving down the turnpike when Chion announced a few words with “W” in them and I had to pull over to the side of the road and take a nap. A few minutes later, I awoke refreshed and continued on my way.

  10. peter brush

    E.J. Dionne and David Brooks
    I’ve seen pictures of E.J. Dionne. If he were a woman he’d “be nowhere with his career.” Brooks, on the other hand, is really hot, and is successful despite being a woman.
    Chion Wolf sounds great. Is she the only one manning, so to speak, the station on the weekend?
    I’ve been annoyed by Faith Middleton’s voice for thirty years, but lately I’ve discovered if I listen with a paper bag over my head her unctuous tones are more tolerable.
    But, baseball season is here; God Bless Susan Waldman.

    1. Tom K

      Susan Waldman is objectively awful. Nothing is wrong with Faith Middleton’s voice… Unless those two sentences were sarcastic then never mind.

    2. Bill

      Perhaps you might try the double bag technique with Faith. It works better although I still occasionally rush to jot down a food recipe.

  11. peter brush

    I guess she spells her name with a “z;” Suzyn.
    I prefer Michael Kay, but she’s grown on me.
    Faith has grown on me, too, but still annoying. Perhaps if she were broadcasting for the Yanks or if she were to know her political ass from her elbow I’d more readily get along with, or put up with, her way of being.

  12. iain

    “I think that you are basically a hack and that your show is the biggest mistake in NPR’s history.”

    Colin, that’s a t-shirt or coffee mug in the making right there…

  13. equality 7-2521

    As one caller stated and I agree, that this quality is sexy to a male so perhaps there it is a primal, hormonal, physiological reason for this. If this is sexist, viva la difference.(sorry I only have a rudimentary knowledge of French)
    Sexism is like toilet trainiing. It can be harsh and brutal or respectful to our nature. Maturity should place it in its proper context.
    I think Colin understands this.

  14. Richard

    To the original complaint: is there any upside to a show on Vocal Fry? 30 years ago it would have been ‘Valley Girl’ talk. Joss Whedon might have gotten away with Buffy (the series) as a send up of that culture that didn’t degrade the subject matter.

  15. btw

    She’d better throw her radio away, or send it back to York College, where one former student rated her as “She is very feminist”. Radio shows with a more thoughtful agenda are few and far between. If you can’t get along with Colin McEnroe, you are trying hard to not get along.

  16. Todd Zaino

    Thank God the knee-jerk liberals had their way yesterday and now CT has perhaps the toughest guns laws in the nation! Good for CT!

    Anyone here actually feel safer? I believe I do! I also believe in the tooth fairy, the Easter Bunny, and Santa Claus. Anyone want a ride on a unicorn…it’s going to Utopia!

  17. DrHunterSThompson

    to witless:

    are you arrogant, a blowhard, pseudo-intellectual, annoying, condescending, biased, closed minded, arrogant, etc? Yes, of course you are.

    sexist? i’ve never thought that.

    but maybe, huh?


  18. Richard

    President Obama a sexist!

    Today’s Obama Drama and very well hidden at every Democratic Blog and Paper: “Obama calls California Attorney General the Best Looking in the Nation”.


    The interesting angle: coverage once again appears to be political with the Right shaming the President and the Left generally ignoring the story. The opposite of the usual ‘War on Women’ coverage.

    This fits my theory of sexism and feminism as largely the pyschotic products of failed Gidget crones and its sole purpose is political theater. Wait. What’s that creaking I hear? A Mo Dowd commentary on this Presidential outrage and affront to all womenhood?

    Nope. Not a peep. Not even from the local bigot.

    1. Bill

      Richard: Really? That remark is getting you huffed?

      The Vigilance Society comes to order.

  19. John R. McCommas

    I have to respond this way: How do you like it?

    Liberals are always attacking Conservatives as Racist, Sexist and only out for the Rich. Now that the shoe is on the other foot you expect us to feel sorry for you?

  20. Todd Zaino

    Perhaps Barry finds CA Attorney General, Harris so attractive because she does have a huge rear end, and that scowl on her face like Moochele.

    The double standard that leftists enjoy totally on display on this topic. Well at least Barry just talks a good game-not like Clinton who would screw anything in a skirt…yet the feminists defend Bubba as well. Liberals certainly have mastered being able to talk out of both sides of their mouths…neat trick.

    1. Bill

      I suppose anything looks huge when you use a magnifying glass as I’m sure you probably do.

  21. HC Here

    As was said about Ruch Limbaugh, it doesn’t matter whether the host believes he was offensive or not, someone – especially a vulnerable and unassuming woman who had no expectation she would be offended when she tuned in – was offended. You can try to say it wasn’t intended to be offensive, it was funny, or she offends too easily. That is irrelevant. You offended someone and the media should report that you offend people with what you say. It isn’t what was said. It is the simple fact that someone was offeded by what you said. That should be enough for an FCC investigation. That is all liberals have said is needed to have the FCC look into Limbaugh.

    As for bad sounding voices on the radio, try listening to Diane Rehm. She sounds like she has one foot in the grave while polishing off that Pall Mall.

    Back to Limbaugh, after it was reported that a D.C. “Dump Rush” rally only attracted seven people, Rush commented, “Seven people? Wow. I am not working hard enough.”

      1. HC Here

        No, I did not know about any serious illness. Researching the matter a bit, I see the comment I made was not appropriate. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

  22. Todd Zaino

    NPR cocktail parties serve warm brie
    The Left and Right don’t like me
    1 P.M. radio such a bore
    1080 showed you the door
    Radio gold at three on W-T-I-C

    1. cmcenroe Post author

      Todd, when I left WTIC, it was the number two rated station in this market.
      It’s now number eight.
      So how’s that working out?

  23. Todd Zaino

    What? Sorry I can’t hear you I’ve got Vicevich on. How does CMS do vs. Limbaugh from 1 to 2?
    If you are going to see Obama later today tell him I was asking for him. It should be great theater today in Hartford watching all the liberals bowing before the Great One.

    1. cmcenroe Post author

      from #2 in 2008
      to #8 now
      so just keep telling yourself that’s a model any other radio station would want to repeat.

      1. Richard

        To be fair isn’t this a trend nationwide? I’m sure that’s how they justify it 🙂

        AM-Radio is fizzling in many markets while Hannity and the Glen Becks are cleaning up on XM/Sirius? Then there’s the internet threat…..

        Conservative Radio is no more dead than Howard Stern who simply found a better way to cash in.

        I expect Rush to be the next satellite or internet guy. He says no but the money is calling. At that point local Conservative Shows are in real trouble. No lead dog for the sled–the sled is on another mountain entirely.

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