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Cats as killers came up on a recent installment of The Nose.

But it’s worse than we imagined.

Is there a trap / neuter / release program for ferals in CT? I’d make a donation.

UPDATE  Looks like I’ll have some choices.  Forgotten Felines in Westbrook.

This is the Mark Greenberg place. The one he said Rowland wanted to be paid by.

And here’s Cheshire.

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23 thoughts on “Keep Puff Inside

  1. Todd Zaino

    Gun control, a so-called heckler in the grassy knoll, a pretend girlfriend, a dirty Tour de France “winner”, TSTOG, killer cats, and how to be hip with the Rat Pack…yet not a single word about DEMOCRAT Robert Menendez and his taste for underaged Dominican prostitutes. Perhaps if someone killed a hip cat with an assult weapon while Menendez was buying some love with a Notre Dame game playing in the background…then we’d have a story. Imagine how To Wit would have been all over the Menendez story if he were a Republican…now that would be one story too hip to ignore.

  2. Todd Zaino

    Was Rush playing spin the bottle with minors? Of course not…but I suspect Team Liberal will be more than willing to give Democrat Robert Menendez a free pass, after all he plays on your team, and in his hearts of hearts had no idea the prostitute was still someone’s little girl.

    1. Cynical Susan

      No, Rush just traveled to that half-island with a bunch of guys, and carried his Viagra with him (prescribed under a different name). And of course we all know he’s not gay, but I’m sure he wasn’t going there for any sexual tourism, right?

      Both of these idiots are wrong, whatever their political persuasion. I don’t know why you insist on painting all liberals with the same color — guess you just got the 8-color Crayola box as a kid.

  3. Todd Zaino

    No Cynical my Crayola box was mostly filled with Gen. Schwarzkopf green…but thanks for asking.

    Not for a single minute did I think that you were a fan of Sen Menendez…my problem with the story is the lack of media attention it gets once it’s discovered that that a Democrat is behind it…who does Robert Menendez think he is…a Kennedy!?

  4. Olia

    The feral cats are only a small part of the problem, because the furry bundle of purrs you love so much, but continue to send outside unescorted, is actually a ruthless psychopath who kills and maims for pleasure. Keep them indoors, and you not only help to stop the small mammal and bird slayings, but you also keep your pet safe from wild animals, cars, and sadistic people. Those who cannot afford to spay/neuter their cats can call T.E.A.M. in Westbrook. This organization operates a mobile cat neuter program for a low fee.

    1. rally for gun control Feb 14 at 11

      Also there is a clinic in Springfield called Dakon Animal Shelter. This month, they are having a special on ferals only. Cost is only $18.00 and normally only about $85.00. Call first.

  5. John R. McCommas

    Oh come now! I was always perfectly aware that my Mittens was a natural born killer. She was my beloved childhood pet. She loved those chipmunks. She ate those like popcorn but she also killed and ate rabbits, snakes, rodents of all kinds as well as a few birds. In the summer it practically wasn’t necessary to feed her but of course we did anyway.

    It really is no big deal in the grand scheme of things except maybe in those areas with threatened species of bird or whatever. Those animals are all on the bottom of the food chain. They multiply like crazy and the ones that get away pass on their genes. The strong live and the weak are katfud.

    If anything with other natural predators being squeezed out, the housecats can keep those animals (some of which are pests like mice) in check.

    There is though a real reason to keep Puff and Mittens inside — cars. Mittens was smart enough to avoid that fate but maybe Puff isn’t. I keep mine inside nowadays.

    1. rally for gun control Feb 14 at 11

      John: Thank you for the inside only. I was stupid letting my first one out once in awhile. she was the sweetest little creature for 8 years. and I had to do something very stupid. She was hit in front of my house as I planted flowers in the urns in May. I rushed her to the vet but the deed was done. I will never forgive myself. My cats now enjoy the world from the perch on my window sills. And my house doesn’t smell of cat because I clean.

      Mr Katz

      Let’s not forget young Mr Katz,

      The son of Mama Nefertiti.

      Suspicious as a cat can be

      From living too long under trees.

      This panther has so grown and grown

      And now is the alpha cat at home.

      Who rules the house

      With iron paws.

      And there’s no sense appealing,

      If you are a cat or foolish mouse,

      His rule of law.

        1. Rally Against Guns Feb 14 at Capital

          Charectorize for me Rosicrucian poetry unless your statement is pure snark.

          Plain speak?

          1. rally for gun control Feb 14 at 11


            Getting to Know Elizabeth

            I know not why a cat rejects

            The weight of men when they suggest

            To do or not to do as we request.

            They seem to listen; yet only blink and yawn.

            They preen themselves and then they fawn.

            For Elizabeth, her new name so it seemed;

            Named after, yes, the English queen –

            Who did whatever queens will do

            Regardless if men want her to.

            And never listened, not at all.

            And paid no mind to all my calls.

  6. Rally Against Guns Feb 14 at Capital


    What do you want to know about feral cats? My house is a refuge for homeless cats. I only have 5 but I cannot say no to a homeless cat. Yes, they are predictors and carnivores. Indeed, I have written a collection of poems on cats and it will be made into a book.

    So what would you like to know? You mentioned catch and release program. Yes, if you want to donate to a grass roots non profit, animals Alliance Welfare League, Inc ( I have worked with them for a few years. In fact, my assignment in the summer of 2010 was to feed a mama cat and her 5kittens abandoned in a small woods area off Eliot st in Hartford. After we trapped 4 kittens and Linda found homes, The mama and me bonded and now resides in my home and she is the sweetest cat alive.

    Why don’t you adopt one. Or two. Or three. Homeless cat have a life span between. 2 a 4 years. They die or are killed. Did you know that the ancient Egyptians virtually deified the cat in the late period? Once as the Phonecians were invading Egypt, they unleashed thousands of cats on the battle field forcing the Egyptian army to lay down their weapons.

    So why don’t you adopt a cat? I’m waiting.

  7. rally for gun control Feb 14 at 11

    not one of my better ones, but the subject matter fits:


    The One-eyed Captain Jack

    A feral cat stops by each day

    To feed but not to play.

    He lost the use of one eye

    From a recent ugly fray.

    Off he went to Mr. Vet

    To remedy his plight.

    Even ferals you should know

    Have this right.

    The bad eye was removed

    And Jack was neutered too

    All of his contusions

    And his bruises

    All were fixed.

    Such is the life

    Of One-eyed Captain Jack.

  8. rally for gun control Feb 14 at 11

    Colin; I forgot to mention. If you want a beautiful cat, I have one for you. Is is my 2nd best in the house. But 5 is too many. He is on Craig’s List and his name is Ringo (because he is a star.)

    anyone else is welcome too have a look.

  9. Richard

    No snark. I’m a cat lover and your verse ‘Mr Katz’ reminded me of the below.

    The Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum of San Jose:

    The Kingship Gallery is mainly focused on the monarchy, especially those of Armana like Ahkenaten and Nefertiti, including a replica of her famous bust, the real bust is in Germany. The last gallery is dedicated to religious practices and the various Gods and Goddesses including many depictions of the cat Goddess Bast and Sekmet the lion headed Goddess of health and healing

    1. rally for gun control Feb 14 at 11

      Got it. I do cite the Egyptian love of cats in several of my poems. To wit:


      Nefertiti is Her Name*

      There is a new matriarchal cat

      Who roams the rooms inside the flat.

      Her name is Nefertiti

      Named for the royal wife

      Of ole Pharaoh Akhenaten.

      Of course you know the whole routine

      Of cats who rule in their extremes.

      She’s black as coal as you might know

      And disappears in darkness.

      The night time bathroom trips are slow.

      One dare not step upon her toes.

      Nefertiti lived around 1370 BC – 1330 BC and had many titles; Lady of all Women (hnwt-hmwt-nbwt), Mistress of Upper and Lower Egypt (hnwt-Shm’w-mhw), Lady of the Two Lands (nbt-t3wy), Great King’s Wife, his beloved (hmt-niswt). From all accounts, Nefertiti was light-skinned although my my Nefertiti is quite dark.

      After 3 months, I just found a good home for “Ringo,” a very beautiful spirit. he will remain on Craig’s List for awhile as i have announced his new name. but just in time. There is a new outside cat feeding and I must trap it for the clinic to get fixed. If it is not feral and disease free, I have not option but to take it in. I will never keep my door closed to a homeless cat. The was the promise I made two years ago. He too is black and i am told that black cats are hard to find homes for. Beats me. They too are beautiful.

  10. Rally Against Guns Feb 14 at Capital

    If I may return to the trap, spay and release movement. It does work. But we need more publicity on this movement. I know very dedicated folks that are burned out after doing this for decades. I only participate in this around my house. I don’t need to go far. They come to me. As I mentioned, I had the bitter sweet experience of finding a home for a big beautiful 3year old male that is full of life. Nobel by any stretch. I miss him already after having him raise hell since Sept 11. But the reward was finding a fantastic home for him. I didn’t make the mistake that I made last time I found a home by bending down and kissing him goodby. I just left quickly.

    The bigger problem is in CT cities in the distressed communities. These folks either just don’t think twice or care, or they think they are in the environment of the tropics. Even there, homeless cats don’t live long. You don’t find too many older cats running between cars in viejo San Juan. No, they just get hit by a car.

    One family insisted on feeding an unspayed female rice and beans and when her litter was born, one kitten was born Without any eyes. Another had enciilitis (misspell). How tragic.
    I wish trap and release would get more publicity. But with all the larger issues in our communities, I don’t think this will happen soon.

    1. Rally Against Guns Feb 14 at Capital

      You are quite right. But Our Companions are also on the right mission. Both are good organizations. Our Coanions have land being developed in Ashford and the first of 16 buildings has finished.

      All good people.

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