Lisa Wilson Follies

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I don’t know Lisa Wilson-Foley, but her campaign is starting to make her look flimsy and tacky. And campaigns are supposed to make you look better than you are.

Her latest move has been bailing on her WNPR interview. You’d think a golf course manager could keep a tee time, but Wilson-Foley chickened out because the promos mentioned her Rowland connection. Everybody who goes through Mr. Dankosky’s political interviews knows two things (a) he’s going to bring up the uncomfortable question and (b) he’s going to move on and give you lots of chances to exhibit your thinking on other topics, assuming you have any. So what big boys and big girls do is sit up straight and get through the part where the doctor says “This is going to hurt a little.” (Tip: it hurts even more if you drag it out. Bysiewicz managed to extend the most uncomfortable part of her conversation by appearing to suggest that she has never sought the office of governor when in fact she has done so twice. This made it difficult to move on from that topic and get to the incredibly spontaneous cascade of positive phone calls, which included more plants than the average nursery operation.)

Anyway, Wilson-Foley didn’t want to face even a few bars of the music, so she turned tail and fled. Let me helpfully compile a list of interviewers who will NOT ask her about Rowland.  Well, there’s Rowland, but that one’s off the table.  Dunaway, Vicevich, Brad Davis. Hmmmm.  Somebody in Waterbury. Who else am I missing? There should be nine if we’re fielding a softball team.

Let me conclude by saying that the Wilson-Foley campaign has also been indulging in the time-worn dishonorable practice of the whispered smear against an opponent. It’s a tough thing to talk about without repeating the smear which, in this case, is wild speculation as opposed to anything even slightly based in fact. They should stop. It’s disgusting. It’s on page 8 of the old Rowland playbook too.

As I say, I don’t know this woman. But her campaign is that of a lightweight with few principles.

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6 thoughts on “Lisa Wilson Follies

  1. Allen Marko

    Lisa’s campaign is being run by your old pal Chris Healy so that pretty much says it all. Speaking of lightweights, I still remember the comercials she ran when she was trying to become Lt. Governor. The first few ended with her grinning a mindless, airheaded grin (although in retrospect it wasn’t as bad as Herman Cain’s slo-mo smile.) They were quickly replaced by a more stern and sober approach, indicating that at least back then someone advising her could recognize a serious mistake. Can’t really say the same about her current campaign.

  2. Richard

    The curse of the Jonah.

    The campaign was declared dead months ago and headed for Scylla and Charybdis without Odysseus.

  3. imajoebob

    There are ten players on a softball team. Not important, but I know you like to be accurate, and have a certain appreciation for the arcane.

    It’s nice to know someone shares my skepticism of the “spontaneous” support of Bysiewicz callers.

  4. HB

    I was a delegate to the Democratic State Convention. I voted for Susan despite all the bad things people have been saying about her, and despite the fact that my state senator basically dragged me over to meet Chris Murphy, and Chris later came back and spoke with me for another few minutes, still trying to change my vote.

    Susan is not as bad as people make her out to be. She’s made some bad decisions in the past, but so have the rest of us. She isn’t evil or mean-spirited like so many of our so-called leaders in Congress.

    She is certainly better than Joe Lieberman. I even think she would make a better Senator than Blumie.

    And yes, I will vote for Susan again in the Primary.
    So sue me.

  5. Wally


    Susan is that bad. She’s an opportunist who is only interested in climbing the political ladder and isn’t smart enough to get out of her own way. This campaign will produce only one productive thing for CT and that is finally ridding the state of her uselessness.

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