Love the Gov.?

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1.Possibly the most damaging new revelation in the allegations made by the feds in today’s indictment of John G. Rowland is that he apparently signed off emails — even to men he didn’t know all that well — “Love the Gov.”

2. The feds have charged Rowland with seven different counts.Some of this represents the piling on they do when you don’t take the deal. But some of it represents their apparently strong cases against Rowland in two different elections. We know about the allegations of a fictitious contract connecting him to the Wilson-Foley campaign in 2011-12. What we did not know is that his similar attempt to procure a similar dummy contract with Mark Greenberg in 2009-10 was conducted largely via email and that Rowland even, the feds allege, drew up the fictitious contract himself and emailed it to a lawyer before he showed it to Greenberg. Because email is so secret!

3. Rowland has a lawyer in Hartford and another in D.C.  This is pure speculation, but I don’t think he’s listening to either one of them  This is not unusual. Defendants who are accustomed to driving the bus will often try to do that in their own cases. With predictable results.

4. Should we feel sorry for Rowland?  I do, a little bit.  He’s obviously a broken unit, a guy who’s probably about to make a completely unnecessary second trip to prison over something that was more pathologically stupid than evil. (As distinct from his first conviction.) You read his finagling emails to Greenberg and you see what a habit this kind of thing had become for him. He  tells Greenberg that other consultants:

“can not get you elected .. none of them wiil want me involved for obvious
financial self interests [sic]  . .. I give you the only chance of winning and that is still going to be
hard, I by the way what you don’t understand is .. if I go with you I am going against alot [sic] of
friends from 25 yrs ,, [sic] not easy for me to do[.]] Sorry about today , [sic] I thought I was
coming over ,
for you to give me a pitch , not that I was supposed to sell myself to you, I tried
that already.”

5. Wait. Should we really feel sorry for him? I struggle with this every day. I actually want to feel sorry for him. It would be good for me spiritually. One thing that gets in the way is thinking about all the inmates transferred to Wallens Ridge back in the day when Rowland was often quite glib and flip about getting tough on crime.

6. I worked for WTIC for 16 years. I was let go in 2008. Two years later, WTIC hired Rowland for my old time slot, where he stayed for 3.5 years. According to some commenters, I have to declare this every time I write about this case.

Here, via Wikimedia Commons, is Rowland’s vaguely porn star (but cute) 1990 Congressional photo.

John G. Rowland 1990 congressional photo





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