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I’m starting to pull together material for my fall course at Trinity, and I may as well put some of it here.

How will the media cover the hate issue? And how will those notions about Obama most effectively spread? This lays out the way “You didn’t build that” couples with the notion that Obama is strange and angry. And there’s the notion that Obama rejects exceptionalism.

For Romney the most destructive memes right now are the offshore accounts (which are rather unusual for a presidential candidate). In a lot of ways the negatives on Romney are, at their core, similar to those on Obama — at least in the sense that each man will be painted by the opposition as “different,” “hidden” and unknowable.

The place to watch polls, by the way, is with Nate Silver. 


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13 thoughts on “Memecheck #1

  1. Richard

    As much as I like reading Nate Silver he has to routinely outperform a simple poll averaging service like Election Projections to impress me.

    On the hate thing: nothing was better than Sarah Palin for hatred. A pure lightening rod. Before she opened her mouth in front of Couric the snuffies found out she brought a child with Down syndrome into the world earlier that year (2008). It was classic monkey mind with the snuffies flipping and jumping and flinging feces at the walls and swinging from loose blogs and threads like howlers from vines. Then there was the “it was really Bristol’s Child” rumor and so on. I don’t think Romney can find a candidate that’s qualified and elicits that kind of hatred where the inferior members of the human tribe go ballistic.

    Then there was Cornell West and his rant and raves that brought out the old Jewish and Black tensions as expressed over the appointment of Rahm Emanuel as Chief of Staff and then Obama’s backing of Rahm over the West-backed Carol Mosley Braun for Mayor of Chicago. Or in Cornell West’s words:

    I’d already been called, along with all leftists, a “F’ing retard” by Rahm Emanuel because we had critiques of the president.”

    “I think my dear brother Barack Obama has a certain fear of free black men….When he meets an independent black brother, it is frightening.

    “He feels most comfortable with upper middle-class white and Jewish men who consider themselves very smart, very savvy and very effective in getting what they want,” he says.

    And let’s not forget that CT’s largest mass murder occured two years ago next Friday. 9 dead at the Manchester Beer Distributors,

    A yahoo search on Romney Racism reveals over 11 million hits. The Left is very busy painting an inaccurate picture of Mormonism and Romney. Yes, hate will be a part of this election. The table is set on both sides

  2. Richard

    The “Obama is a Muslim” thing makes sense to many in the GOP under the “Walks like a duck and quacks like a duck” litmus test.

    Has Obama done more to advance radical and conservative Islam overseas than he’s done to advance mainstream Christianity here?

    Does Obama support vouchers for Religious education? Or School Prayer?

    Does Obama support mainstream Christianity at all? Or is he demanding compliance with various presidential directives on abortion and LGBT rights?

    Has Obama bolstered the nuclear family or accepted the fractured rainow family as the new American norm?

    Does Obama favor funding Planned Parenthood over Catholic and Christian hospitals? Which vision of family planning does he support?

    There’s little to no evidence Obama is a practicing Christian outside of occassional church attendance.

    While the claims Obama is a Muslim are ridiculous they are code for “not a Christian” or Glen Beck’s “Not a kind of Christianity I know of”.

    So I checked into Glen Beck who is at the 3-Day “Beckstock” this weekend in Texas.

    One recent show topic: “Obama’s buddies in the Muslim Brotherhood push for sex with dead wives. Farewell Sex Law passes in Egypt.”

  3. Cynical Susan

    ” Glen Beck’s “Not a kind of Christianity I know of”. ”

    Perhaps Glen Beck doesn’t know about the wide variety of actions and philosophies under the larger Christian umbrella.

    1. Richard

      Including the many times discredited and purged and inquisitioned humanist heretics where sin becomes democraticized and voted on by the church community. A good essay ” The new fifteenth century: humanism, heresy, and laureation” which is equally applicable today.

  4. John R. McCommas

    Well the hyperlink you provided under “hate” asks “is there any President that the Republicans hate more than 0bama?”

    The answer is yes, Bill Clinton. I just want to punch him all the time whenever I heard him talk. I actually kind of like Obama on a personal level. I like Hillary Clinton too. It is his Communism I don’t like. If he is re-elected, this will be a Socialist Nation and that can’t happen.

    And let me tell you what about his “you did not build that” statement. I will have him know that while I prefer to clock in from 7:30 to 4, my Dad built his own business. It was called Eastern Aquanalysis. Get it? Aqua meaning water and “nalysis” as in analysis. He merged the two words to describe his business which was testing water for bacteria and other harmful substances.

    He and his two partners started I think in the late 1970s. The building he started in is now Kikapoo Family Restaurant on Route Six in Danielson going into RI. (I ate there once and it was such a hoot!) Dad was a widower (and a Conservative Democrat BTW. He had quit his job over a dispute about a time clock.

    He saw a need out there for his service but he could not get a loan from a bank. He resorted to borrowing from his parents – something he hated to do because that was their nest egg.

    In the start he had a teenager named Maria handle the phones. She literally got off the school bus and went to work. Sometimes there was nothing to do so she would play cards. He didn’t know if he was going to make it but worked hard and followed his instincts. There were a lot of risks I can tell you about.

    He married again, they moved to School Street in Danielson, my new Mom manned the phones and gradually business took off. Then the sprinklers went off for some reason. No fire, they just went off. Dad really thought he was ruined. The water had destroyed a lot of the scientific equipment, stationary, everything. He didn’t have the money to replace all of that.

    To his surprise the insurance company cut him a check but what if they hadn’t? I am fairly certain there a lien on our house back then. We could have lost it. This is what a person with a small business risks. A lot of people don’t understand that. Obama certainly doesn’t.

    Dad worked his butt off, worked weekends and treated his staff right. One lady I remember walked in off the street and told him she would work for nothing. She needed the experience. Her name was Priscilla as I recall. Dad took her in but he told her no one works for free here.

    I worked there when I was a teenager. I went in and made “buffer” and washed the dishes, took out the garbage and the like. I was re-employed part time after I came back from the Navy doing the same thing 2 or three times a week.

    Dad made a lot of money doing this and Mom and Dad built their dream house when Dad and his partners sold the business for 1.2 million.

    I am very proud of what Dad had accomplished and I will have none of this “he didn’t build that” crap because oh yes he did.

    Republicans are not taking Obama out of context. This was a Freudian Slip. Obama told people what he really thought – accidently.

    1. Richard

      If Obama is aiming that quote at Mark Zuckerberg it rings true. It obviously rings false to those of us with parents brought up on depression era family farms.

      The best analysis I read talked about the Sunday News cycle on a slow week and the importance of feeding the media something worthwhile. If not “you didn’t build that” dominates the news cycle on Sunday. A good take if you are a political media consultant and pitching your wares I guess.

      When the post-mortem is written I give it a footnote at best.

    2. Cynical Susan

      ” If he is re-elected, this will be a Socialist Nation and that can’t happen.”

      John, I’m wondering how you see that happening. As Commander in Chief would he order all U.S. troops to take over the nation? (Actually that seems to be a not-too-often mentioned fear, but among those on the left.) Would he magically change the minds of all those congress-critters whose major goal in life seems to “break him?” It seems to me that there’s far too much power and money, concentrated among a few very influential people, for our capitalist system to change any time soon.

      Congratulations to your father on his exemplary life and success. It sounds as if he deserves your pride in him. I do wonder if you heard or read the whole speech-segment from which your quote comes — I think it makes more sense taken in context: “If you’ve been successful, you didn’t get there on your own. You didn’t get there on your own. I’m always struck by people who think, well, it must be because I was just so smart. There are a lot of smart people out there. It must be because I worked harder than everybody else. Let me tell you something — there are a whole bunch of hardworking people out there.

      “If you were successful, somebody along the line gave you some help. There was a great teacher somewhere in your life. Somebody helped to create this unbelievable American system that we have that allowed you to thrive. Somebody invested in roads and bridges. If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen,” he said…”

      Your father would never have succeeded if he didn’t have the talent and determination he has — but he was helped by Maria, and you, and Priscilla, and that lucky insurance break, among other things. People who are as talented and determined as he have had business go under — is it one in five that succeeds? — not because of lack of talent or determination, but because of other pressures, no?

  5. John R. McCommas

    The element you and the President miss is the risk part. Yes other people work hard, other people are smart but the 9-5ers didn’t take the risks he did.

    Those that helped my late father did not have much to lose and they did so serving their own best interests. Dad and is partners did pay their employees you know. His employees would not lose their house if he went out of business. They would just find work somewhere else. They played it safe like I do. I work for someone else and I get less money but I am more or less secure.

    Obama thinks that it is the government that my Dad owed for his success and that is a truck load. That is what Obama was getting at. His tax policies will punish successful achievement and worse will stifle expansion and start ups. People are not going to start up a business if they don’t expect to make any money. My Dad had some money to invest after he sold the business and my sister just graduated college. She had the credentials and he had the money. They thought about opening up a Daycare center. They took one look at the regulations and that was the end of that. If the regulations were to burdensome to the point he didn’t foresee making any money, what start up something that will lose money? That isn’t smart. This is happening all over the place right now. People are looking around and they are thinking this is not the right time to take any risks.

    Daria Novak said last night that a lot of people with less than 50 employees are holding back on expanding because once they have 50 plus employees they fall under a whole new set of federal regulations having to do with healthcare etc. They also don’t know what will happen with taxes so they are holding back.

    Once the Republians take over the Senate and are back in the White House, the market will take off.

    1. Cynical Susan

      “The element you and the President miss is the risk part.”

      No, I didn’t miss that — I mentioned that only about 1 in 5 new businesses succeed (at least the last statistic I heard/read indicated that). Lots of people work hard, lots of people take risks, and only some succeed. What’s the difference? I can’t tell you, perhaps a business expert can. I can tell you this: my nephew also started his own business when he was in his late 20s, and now at 43 he has 40 employees, the respect of his peers, and the friendship of many. Unless something drastic happens, he’s set for life. Did he do it totally on his own? Yes and no. He certainly has worked his butt off. And he got some scholarships in order to get an education; he trained with some other somewhat-similar organizations; a few of us gave him tiny bits of seed money; his childhood best friend worked alongside him; his girlfriend/now wife had a full-time job; he’s gotten some good financial advice; and he happens to have some of those characteristics that often (but not always) attend success: he’s white, he’s tall, and he’s extremely good-looking (not just my opinion). ANYone who sets out to start his/her own legal/ethical business has my admiration.

  6. Richard

    Great article on Obama’s proxy war in Somalia.,0,1426936.story

    Factoid: US Afghanistan Deaths: 2082. 1432 (70%) under Obama.

    Yahoo Search:
    Bush Treason 14,300,000 hits
    Obama Treason 9,380,000 hits

    Meaninful war demonstrations in CT during the Obama administration organized by Donovan and his ilk (SEBAC franchisees and affiliates)? Zero.

    I miss the gaudy election-year caskets and crosses in and around Bushnell Park 🙂

  7. peter brush

    Liberals look at conservatives claiming that Obama is a socialist or that he doesn’t really love America and think, “Those people are nuts.”
    It’s pretty clear how you guys in “media” will deal with “the hate issue.” It will be suggested that vehement opposition to the Obama disregard of the Constitution, the rule of law, fiscal prudence of any kind whatever, the natural laws of economics, long established market arrangements in the healthcare sector (despite the obvious opposition by the bitterly clinging electorate), and immigration control is somehow a pathology; i.e., “hate.” Speaking as one nutty tea-bagger, I don’t think Obama has a religion, but I’m certain he doesn’t love the country, and that does make me dislike him more than the odious FDR, JFK, or even than LBJ. Would the Roosevelt White House leak sensitive information about clandestine anti-Kraut or anti-Jap initiatives, as Barbar Franken-Feinstein allows Mr. Obama’s has done? On the other hand, compare our hatred of Obama to Bush Derangement Syndrome. Where are the lawn signs saying, “The Black President Lied, Thousands Died?”
    By the way, will your course involve scrutiny of actual right wing outlets, or will it rely on New Yorker, New York, and the NYTimes for that?

  8. Todd Zaino

    The party of abortion, welfare,EBT, and ObamaCare
    Let’s talk about hate that seems fair
    To me it’s very chilling
    Leftists yawn at the baby killing
    Legal pot, food stamps, and abortions is more than I can bear

  9. Todd Zaino

    A campaign of lies that is media-led
    The subject of hate they go crazy and see red
    Mitt better watch his back
    The media they will attack
    Leftists have more than cornered the market on unfair hatred

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