Must You Betray Me With a Malt

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h/t Ben Simon

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2 thoughts on “Must You Betray Me With a Malt

  1. peter brush

    Trouble commenting in appropriate spot. Something about 404!…

    I’ll be listening to your show today about secession. Would like to respond to your introductory queries by suggesting that legality less of a problem than feasibility. The Confederate States of America had an advantage not enjoyed by those of us who can appreciate the desirability of secession; they were a coherent geographical unit easily separable from the rump USA. We tea-baggers are intermingled throughout the country with post-constitutionalist, post-nationalist, progressive Obamanoids. Can’t secede without a territory. Pat Buchanan, however, suggests that the secession movement, such as it may be in places like Texas or Glastonbury, is a reflection of the fact that the country is hopelessly split.
    Our Pledge of Allegiance still speaks of “one nation under God, indivisible,” but that is far from the reality in the America of 2012.

    The secession taking place in America is a secession of the heart — of people who have come to believe the government is them, and not us.

  2. peter brush

    Put differently: Legality, smegality; what’s the historic Eric Holder going to do if Texas secedes? Sue in district court?
    The point of those of us who still hold the country in high regard is that the Constitution is not so held by the powers that have been since at least 1932, but especially the Obama regime. Who cares whether the AG, the courts, or a bunch of law professors think it would be “illegal” for a state to secede? The British thought the same thing about Connecticut in 1776.

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