My life and welcome to it

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I’ve gotta do a better job with this blog.

We just wrapped today’s show, which featured authors Dave Barry, Alan Zweibel, Daniel Mendelsohn and Jeff Gomez.  The Barry/Zweibel segment was rife with poop, pee, climaxing and one ethnic joke. I’m amazed I’m not getting more outraged NPR emails.   (P.S. this is the show with the offending Kenny G opening segment.)

Yesterday we tried to go a little deeper into the potential — good and bad — of videogames. Even if you don’t listen to the show, click to hear the beginning where Wolfie added some artful production and performing into my somewhat lame script.

Tomorrow’s show is about our current inundation with images that are airbrushed, re-touched and photoshopped.   I love this guy, who takes it in the other direction.  Thursday is the story of Aaron Swartz. On this Friday’s episode of The Nose, we’re going to discuss “Zero Dark 30,” which has been festering in me since last Friday night.

tonykIn the background, I’m also struggling to prepare for an onstage interview (Friday, not open to public) with Tony Kushner. (Reading and watching everything I can get my hands on.) It’s inspiring to behold his blend of art and activism. I’m also squeezing in voice rehearsals as I prepare to sing in public for the first time in about a year. I’m not even going to say where. I’m also building and readying a panel discussion about the natural history of the Love Song, open to the ticket buying public of Feb. 13.

And tomorrow is write-the-column day.

This may explain why I have not returned your email.


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3 thoughts on “My life and welcome to it

  1. Richard

    What’s the difference between actors or actresses wearing enough pancake to fill in the wrinkles and divits and crevices or undergoing plastic surgery or botox or facelifts? Now we have post-production effects for altering aging faces

    Besides, imitating anime girls is much cooler as a social sickness than merely scrubbing print or film.

  2. Patrice Fitzgerald

    Re singing in public: Remember that it’s not about the perfect note or the mellifluous vibrato. It’s about communicating. It’s about a song. It’s about music, which babies and children make, and every human being has enjoyed since humans began.

    Just have a good time.

    And you know what the listeners will say? “Hey… that’s Colin McEnroe, isn’t it?”

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