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TUESDAY: Although Buddhist monks and others have used meditation to seek enlightenment for a very long time, only recently have doctors learned that it can rewire our brain to combat conditions like anxiety, stress, and depression. During a time when we are increasingly asking whether we, as a society, are doing all we can to prevent the debilitating impact of mental illness, meditation has already transformed the most dangerous prisoners in an Alabama maximum security prison and calmed troubled students in a Detroit elementary school. So, get your mantra ready and breath with us.

WEDNESDAY: We’re talking all about the mechanics and potential of interstellar travel. From the University of Rochester and NPR’s “13.7 Cosmos and Culture” blog, Adam Frank will join us to discuss the marvel and perplexity of the stars in our galaxy. Les Johnson, Deputy Manager for the Advanced Concepts Office at NASA, will then talk about the methods of starship propulsion that are presently being considered for an interstellar journey, while Dr. Andreas Tziolas will explain how he and his team at Icarus Interstellar are working to realize interstellar travel by 2100.

THURSDAY: Honestly, we’re not sure. We may do a show on the dumbfounding and often sickening world of Newtown counter-narratives. They’re all over the internet right now, alleging bizarre conspiracies and stagings of the event. One video of this type has 10 million views. And yes, this is the kind of material you want to pick up with tongs and wrinkled nose.  But we’re interested in where these stories come from and in how they relate to a larger climate of paranoia and conspiracy thinking about the Obama administration. The style of this story has been around, as documented by historian Richard Hofstadter, since the late 18th century. But the internet allows it to spread faster.
But if we decide the whole thing is impossible, we might interview Jubilant Sykes, the amazing singer currently appearing at the Hartford Stage Co. But if we do the first thing, then we’ll get to Jubilant next week. Is this enough process for you? Too much?

FRIDAY: The Nose looks back at the news that happened this week and has intelligent and juvenile conversation about it AT THE SAME TIME.

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12 thoughts on “Next Week’s Shows

  1. Richard

    You could do a show on how the Major Faiths deal with senseless tragedy. The traditional apologists and Theodicy thing. Where are the souls of those kids now?

    The conspiracy thing is really the LCD conversation between the Left and Right.

  2. Paul

    Gee. Maybe it’s because I’ve heard enough from the tin foil hat crowd but a choice between fringe conspiracy theorists and a guy named Jubilant seems like an easy one to me.

  3. Urquhart

    If you give these conspiracy-theorists a forum, you provide them with a modicum of credibility, but you also bring them and their cockamamie ideas out of Internet anonymity and into the sunlight where, like slugs and earwigs, they’re a tad uncomfortable. But would I listen to one of them? No. I can find enough things to annoy me on a given day without searching for more.

  4. DrHunterSThompson

    To witless:

    You wrote something we can agree on! Wow, it took some time, but we made it. You’re having juvenile conversation! Sherlock! What an admission we have here!


  5. Richard

    Here’s one for The Nose: “Apple stock tanks! Al Gore watchers already new bad news was coming when he profited $30 mil in options last week”.

    Apple’s stock fell $55.58 to $458.43 in extended trading, after the release of the results. The shares are down 35 percent from their all-time high, hit Sept. 21, when the iPhone 5 launched.

  6. John R. McCommas

    The more I hear about interstellar travel, the more impossible it seems.

    As for the misinformation out there, could it be that liberals are using it as a diversion? I have only heard of this stuff from three people — all liberals.

    We should be talking about what role Hillary Clinton had in the Benghazi Disaster and Malloy letting violent criminals out of prison early. Someone has already been killed because of that.

      1. richard

        Mars? Obama settled for the Afghan desert which looks like Mars. Close enough for a never ending mission.

  7. Todd Zaino

    John, I am afraid that we’ll never get the full truth regarding Benghazi, had this happened to a Republican Secretary of State and president…it would be a totally different story. Malloy’s version of catch and release is going to continue to be yet another liberal failure. Malloy could careless, the prisoners he grants early release to mingle with the unwashed masses…not the crowd he runs with on the other side of the tracks.

    1. richard

      Benghazi is like Whitewater and Fast and Furious. Not enough pizazz and lacks a smoking gun so to speak. Hillary is stepping down so that leaves gun running charges and firing a low level agency stiff for power show.

      They really need a Richard Secord with his guns for drugs airline operating with impunity in Florida and a mess of Ollie North’s communications to Secord via a pretty secretary to make prime time.

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