Ol’ Blue Eyes Is Back !

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Martha Dean, by Chion Wolf for WNPR

Martha Dean, by Chion Wolf for WNPR

It’s 58 degrees and dry; and Martha Dean is seeking the Republican nomination for governor. Happy days are here again!

Connecticut’s most adorable heat-seeking missile will vastly complicate the race and tell us a few things. If she hangs in all the way to the primary, we’ll get a good sense of the real size of the party’s hard right, pro-gun voting bloc. People who underestimate Dean do so at their peril. In the 2010 general election for attorney general, she polled 43.6.  In the primary — admittedly against an opponent who got into the race when they were setting up the steam tables at the convention — she polled 60 percent. She was probably emboldened by the crap numbers other challengers posted in last week’s Q-Poll.

In the words of Connie Francis, “Who’s Sorry Now?”  Well, Joe Visconti, we love you, and we will miss you. And I have to assume Tom Foley is pouring a little extra Barrique de Ponciano Porfidio in the blender along about now. I don’t know whether her entry clears out some of the clutter or peels away Foley support, thus allowing McKinney and Boughton to breathe a little.  But I know it’s not a good day when you find out you gotta run against Martha. One of the songs on “Ol’ Blue Eyes Is Back” was “Nobody Wins.” Sing it, Tom!

Anymore it doesn’t matter
Who’s right or wrong
We’ve been injuring each other
For much too long

And it’s too late to try to save
What might have been
It’s over, nobody wins


One of the other songs on that album is “Send In The Clowns,” but we will not go there.

Even while starting late, she will probably qualify for the Citizens Election Program. She needs $250,000 in amounts of $100 or less. That’s not easy to do.  My guess is her first $100,000 is a lay-up. The gun people will get her there. I mean, just the people refusing to comply with the 2013 gun law should be worth that much.

If she qualifies, she gets $1.3 million, just for the primary. Do you know how much I want to see Martha Dean spend $1.3 million in a primary? A whole big bunch. That and Game of Thrones will make my spring. And be basically indistinguishable from one another. khaleesi


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