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MONDAY: Keno – This highly addictive, low-payout game was passed very quietly in the CT state legislature, without public debate and with agreed-upon cuts of the profits (tribes will get 12.5% of revenue – how and why that number was achieved is unknown). What exactly is Keno, how did it get passed, and what does this mean for gamblers in the state?

TUESDAY: Netiquette – For generations, manners were passed down from parents to children as a guide to navigating a world of face-to-face relations where respect, civility, and formality were valued. Today, while the values remain the same, there are pitfalls for the well-mannered at every turn in a digital world where users are torn between honoring established niceties seen by many as a waste of time in a world that never sleeps.


Wednesday – Sounds of the Wild – Bryan Pijanowski is one of the founders of a new field of study called “soundscape ecology.” He studies the acoustic health of ecosystems by recording swaths of continuous audio from all around the world and asking a fundamental question: “What did nature sound like before humans started making so much noise?” Later in the show, John Cooley talks about Connecticut’s noisy cicada invasion and composer Emily Doolittle describes “zoomusicology” and how nature inspires her art..

[A pastiche created by combining elements of two PD-art files, in Photoshop, in order to illustrate the term “pastiche” via Wikimedia Commons.]
THURSDAY: Forgery – Forgeries have often been derided, but Jonathon Keats says maybe we should appreciate counterfeits in their own right as high art. His new book, Forged, explores art forgery from ancient times to the present. We’ll also walk you through the fundamentals of forging a masterpiece. Think you could do it?

FRIDAY: Newtown: Six Months Later – On the six-month anniversary of the Newtown shootings, The Colin McEnroe Show and Where We Live will broadcast live from the offices of the Newtown Bee. Our guests in the afternoon with include First Selectwoman Pat Llodra and members of the town’s arts community. How does one rebuild the soul of a wounded town so that it both remembers tragedy and accommodates laughter and hope?


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12 thoughts on “Our shows next week

  1. DrHunterSThompson

    to witless:

    leave Newtown alone. don’t you think they have suffered through enough BS with the media?


    1. cmcenroe Post author

      Well, gee. We could base this decision on our extensive conversations with the Bee — whose leadership is very protective of and thoughtful about the town — or we could go with the gut instincts of CT’s Most Gutless Troll. Mmmmm. Toughie.

      1. DrHunterSThompson

        To witless:

        Your comment certainly reflects your writings and your personality – it, like you, are simply witless.

        I bet you called people names in the schoolyard too, hmmm? On the bus? And, I’ll wager, especially behind their backs. Ask yourself, witless, who is really the gutless one? Hmmmm, tell me gutless name calling witless…..


        1. cmcenroe Post author

          Wait a sec!
          Do you object to name calling?
          Because, dude, you’ve been addressing me as “witless” in every communication for — what? four or five years ?– on a multiplicity of platforms.
          This suggests (a) an imagination so weak that you will use one taunt hundreds of times rather than come up with another and (b) a determination to begin every conversation on an uncivil note.
          I am thrilled by your new commitment to civility and look forward to your future, more respectful contributions to this blog.
          As to the substance of your comments, my career speaks for itself. I say what’s on my mind in public, in columns, on the radio, on my blog, on television always with my name attached.
          You do not.
          You use someone else’s name and fake email address wile you spew negativity.
          You’re a troll. At least embrace that.

          1. Todd Zaino

            I am never one for abruptness
            Colin’s upset about HST’s acidness
            Calling the kettle black
            Colin’s on the attack
            He once even called Rowland the Prince of Darkness

          2. DrHunterSThompson

            To witless:

            To wit, “witless” is a term of endearment.

            And as to my original comment, simply: Newtown has been through enough. I think it’s time for the media to back off.

            That’s all. Peace.


          3. cmcenroe Post author

            But we’re not poking microphones in people’s faces.
            Anybody who appears on our show wants to.
            Newtown does not speak with one voice but there are many people there who are not ready to have the world forget this story.

  2. Richarf

    Netiquette. The question is actually pre-internet and goes back to BBS services and Usenet. It always resolves to water cooler jokes, billboards, Advocate ads, and the first guy to post microwave cat jokes and pictures on cat lover forums.

    A better question may be whether moderated media is a farce particularly the older letters to the editor and reader comments which were always an artificial and unnatural culling appearing days, or even months after an article ran.

    Then there’s the smart phone crowd including me with their devices always in use in restaurants, bars, movies, and sporting events.

  3. Richarf

    And there’s reality TV and Kim Kardasian pregnancy photos and tweets. Is there anything more offensive than the Donovan investigation and the open collusion of union officials? I guess its OK if its done politely and mannered. Manners are one of the calling cards of confidence men. A Flannery O’Connor and Hemingway trope.

  4. Richarf

    A better show than Netiquette? Privacy and the NSA and FOIA issues in DC and CT.

    The Democrats went missing on these issues. We won’t see HBO contacting Jay Roach for a follow up to Recount or Game Change addressing privacy concerns. If Palin did the same…..then a mini series would be on order.

    Why? Sexual freedoms. As long as Obama expands access to abortion and gay marriage the sexual libertines and secular atheists who comprise much of the Progressive wing of the party are sated. Content. Catered to. If the NSA and other privacy concerns happened under a pro religion Republican curtailing abortion and gay marriage? The tumult would be like drowning cats in a sack.

  5. Richard

    Or to paraphrase Marx: If religion is the opiate of the Republican party then sex is the opiate of the Democratic Party.

    None of that sickening faux antiwar or invasion of privacy outrage or racism crapola when a Democrat is in office.

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