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Write a short poem using at least four words from the social media monitoring list of the Department of Homeland Security.  The list starts on page 20 and includes some fairly innocuous terms.  Winning entries will be read by Chion Wolf on Thursday’s show.

You can send entries to me at Colin@wnpr.org

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15 thoughts on “Poetry Contest

  1. Todd Zaino

    A poetry contest, I am so happy I could burst!
    What will it take to put my poem in first?
    Dirty bombs make a toxic cloud.
    If I win I’ll be so proud.
    Hope and Change has gone from first to worst!

  2. bill katz

    Evacuation Blues

    I’m toxic-fusion with my baby
    Drunk with alcohol at night
    If she talks to Homeland further
    It might drive me into flight

    I am hazardous material
    A plague upon the news
    The Bomb Squad won’t get me
    Got evacuation blues

  3. Todd Zaino

    We’ve elected a president we cannot attack
    Media power elite forever have his back
    He’s often found in a golf cart
    They keep telling me he’s smart
    This shouldn’t leak… but Barry don’t know jack

    Hope and Change dancing at a ball
    How did he win…I don’t recall
    Barry will play the race card he must
    Since our economy has gone lame and bust
    Chicago thuggery and tricks for all

  4. bill katz

    Mr McEnroe,

    Nothing was read on your show. Perhaps the name for a new book is, “Mr McEnroe and Rush Limbaug are big fat liars.”

    Or did my siesta slip in just as Miss Wolf spoke?

  5. bill katz

    @ Todd: No. No. Don’t try making this your new Susan Campbell post, you trouble maker.

    Oh, and Colin, please convey for me to Miss Wolf that I like they way she pronounces her “W”s.

  6. bill katz

    Mr Mc claims that things were announced and is demanding a big fat public apology from me. Even though I recently lost sound on my computer and cannot verify his claim that rhymes were indeed read, I will hereby apologize.

    But I did listen to his show today while reading a book. Perhaps it was the book that took my attention away from his show. Or maybe aliens blocked the signal to my house just as he was announcing.

  7. Cynical Susan

    I heard two good poems and wish there had been more. And I agree, Chion’s diction is wonderful.

  8. bill katz


    what I wrote isn’t poetry but lyric. of course, the debate continues over the difference between poetry and lyric. perhaps lyric could be defined as the pop version of poetry.

    I kinda like that. And I will continue listening to Colin’s show but mainly to hear Miss Wolf pronounce her “W”s during her intros and infos.

    more of “The Evacuation Blues”

    I have gone into hiding
    my whereabouts unknown
    the one I most cared about
    has left me so alone

  9. bill katz

    My new theory of why I missed listening to the rhymes on Mr Mc’s show is that Miss Woff’s “W”s lulled me to sleep.
    That’s it. Sorry Colin. If you want me to listen to you, then hire a storm trooper to make announcements and I’ll stay awake.

    I once had to pull over to the side of the road to nap when Miss Woff did a PSA. I hope Public Radio is paying her well.

  10. Cynical Susan

    “…Miss Woff’s “W”s lulled me to sleep.”

    So much better than those who say “dubba-yen-pyar,” yes?

  11. bill katz

    Her double “W”s are super. Even my cat, Nefertiti lies down when she hers Miss Wolf do her “W”s.

  12. Patrice Fitzgerald

    I heard your poem, Mr. Katz.

    (Now wouldn’t it be interesting if you got together with Ms. Wolf? Katz & Wolf. Sounds like a wild law firm.}

    I must point out, however, that I didn’t hear MINE! Of course, all I did was list words from the list… which made me listless, as I was so overwhelmed by the power of the words I thought they made a poem all by themselves.

    Pardon the puns… I listened to McEnroe’s show.

  13. bill katz

    Miss Fitzgerald, (These days, I’m calling every woman “Miss” since the French deleted “Mademoiselle” from their word list. I’m a hopeless contrarian.)

    How about a law firm of: Katz, Wolf & Baloney? Unfortunately, I would probably fall asleep in our corporate conferences.

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