Powell speaks the truth

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In the course of defending Beth Bye against the ridiculous FB complaint from earlier this week, Chris Powell says what many have silently thought:

While the gun issue may be angry enough, it would have been nice if Bye had dared to reply to the criticism more relevantly — dared to note that at a hearing on a single issue with dozens of people taking turns speaking for hours, all the worthwhile arguments are covered fully in the first hour or so. The remainder of the hearing is only tedious repetition as the competing interests just try to make themselves feel good by venting and to intimidate legislators with their numbers. Any legislator who does nothing but sit through this repetition and intimidation is wasting his time and risks losing his mind.

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12 thoughts on “Powell speaks the truth

  1. Richard

    I’d feel a little I’d feel a little empathy for Beth Bye here but for her inclusion at the “Farewell to Arms” weenie roast on gun ownership being held in Hartford on Feb 13. It’s essentially a forum to pimp Beth Bye’s ammunition proposals and The Connecticut Conference of Municipalities Offenders Registration database proposed by Jim Finley.

    It’s the blind leading the clueless without an NRA moderate or constitutional lawyer to speak and slap them to their senses.

    There’s no one there to validate their proposals with research or to defend the mentally ill.

    There’s no one there to speak to urban crime and the successful and validated programs like the “target the 1,000 felons most likely to commit firearm offenses” initiative favored by the Rudy Guilianis and just now making its way into CT with the ‘Project Longevity’ initiative announced in November by Eric Holder and Dan Malloy.


    I know Project Longevity isn’t liked by CT Democrats as it targets the most at risk: urban minority gang members. The Rudy Guilianis want to let the cuffs off the police when dealing with these profiled felons and authorize gun sweeps with near unconstitutional police power. The fundamental idea is to harass the at-risk felons and not harass the law abiding with mountains of legislation. If you are going to go into the unconstitutional grey area why not target the felons first?

    It’s essentially why I despise Democrats. Say the name Omar Thornton and most go into hiding. The Beth Bye’s will harass and tax good gun owners and won’t say a peep about urban violence or The Manchester Shootings.

    Would you target these at-risk felons with the same vigor as you harass legal gun owners and stigmatize the mentally ill? I realize it may cost a couple votes but show some courage!

    When Beth Bye has the police round up the 1,000 targeted felons and has them brought down to the Jai Lai Center where she tells them she will harass them endlessly with legislation and authorized and funded police action unless they renounce violence and guns then I’ll be impressed. Let’s have a hearing on that proposal.

    Back to your Facebook and Weenie Roast Beth.

    1. Rally Against Guns Feb 14 at Capital

      Richard; Well at least we have something in common in the love of cats. And if I may diverge for just a moment; a quick cat story. After finding a home for one on Saturday, I mentioned the great news on my Craig’s list ad. Next day someone asks about Ringo. I replied that he was adopted. Another message from same person asking for Ringo. But this Tim I replied that, in my usual twisto sense of humor, I told him that I ate my cat. And I got a little discriptive. Told him the hind legs and breast was the tastiest. He responds with an exploitive and I return the compliment. He responds that I need help for eating my cat. At that point, I had to explain that I was joking. I’m waiting for a response.

      When a panelist needs to listen for hours on end to constituents, boring boring boring. It is beyond the call of duty. So I would give Beth a break here. Since I am not twitterer or a Facebook jerk, I would only fault her on her choice of diversion. She could have brought a book an electronic book could be discreetly placed on her desk.

      When I waited to testify in Newtown, I had to listen to speaker after speaker (not families of the lost) talk about themselves that I couldn’t stand it any longer and I had to walk out without testifying.

      So I can feel their pain when they must listen for hours.

  2. peter brush

    had to listen to speaker after speaker (not families of the lost) talk about themselves that I couldn’t stand it any longer and I had to walk out without testifying
    Our loss.

    1. Rally Against Guns Feb 14 at Capital

      No Peter- unless you were there, you don’t understand. Those speakers, not the families who loss loved ones, took about half of their time talking about themselves. I guess this makes the speakers feel important. Frequently if not every speaker, they went well over the 3 minutes thereby denying others the chance to speak. It had to close at 12 midnight. When I spoke at the LOB on Monday, I took about a half a minute. My life wasn’t important to exhibit. My argument was important.

      So if I sounded a little callous, sorry about that. I don’t need to speak lengthily to get my points across. do you?

  3. John R. McCommas

    I have not read the Powell op-ed in full yet but I think what he seems to miss in that little snippit there is that people need to express themselves.

    I was 25 and got appointed to the Killingly Town Council to fill a vacancy and one thing I took away from that is that people NEED to be heard.

    By the time someone was mad enough to come to a Town Council meeting they were plenty mad about something. They all seemed to feel better after they got what was bothering them off their chest even if we could do nothing about it.

    This Bye person is disrespectful of the process. If she was tired she should have gone home. I hope the voters remember and toss her out next time either by primary or in the general election.

    We need people who will listen.

    1. Rally Against Guns Feb 14 at Capital

      John; I understand what you say and I agree that oftentimes, just appearing to listen is enough. I was on the other end. Folks were simply taking up more then their time allowed thereby preventing others from speaking. And much of that time was wasted talking about themselves. I don’t have such needs and I only wanted to express myself on the topic.

    2. Cynical Susan

      “This Bye person is disrespectful of the process. If she was tired she should have gone home. ”

      If I understand the situation correctly, she was mainly tweeting about what was going on. She didn’t have to be there, right? And she was reporting to her constituents about the proceedings. She DID make the mistake of joining in on a thread about having a drink each time someone said a certain phrase (was it “law-abiding citizen,” maybe?). But it does appear that she was paying attention.

  4. peter brush

    The massacre is just being adapted to longstanding political agendas.
    The hearings don’t appear to me to have revealed any new information upon which our solons could act, anything new that would direct their action.
    Ms. Bye proposed her tax on bullets before the hearings were held. Can we have some hearings, please on the efficacy of any proposed new laws?

    1. Rally Against Guns Feb 14 at Capital

      I like the idea of taxing the freck out of arms both guns and ammo. If we can’t get past the conservative Court, then we can tax the hell out of the gun industry.

      ’cause I’m the tax man, yaaaa, I’m the taxmannn.
      If you buy a gun we’ll tax your sheet
      If you buy a bullet, we’ll make it steep
      If you NRA, we’ll tax your teeth
      ’cause we’re the taxmen, yaaaa, we are the taxmen…

  5. peter brush

    I might have missed it, but I saw no report from the Hartford Courant on this “common sense reform” that doesn’t implicate the State’s Constitutional right to bear arms or threaten the privacy of gun owners.
    Last Thursday, the Newtown Board of Education formally asked the city to budget for four additional full-time police officers, placing one at each of the town’s four elementary schools.
    “Our parents are demanding of us that things are made safe and secure and certain measures are put in place,” the local NBC affiliate quoted board Chairwoman Debbie Leidlein.

    Read More At IBD: http://news.investors.com/ibd-editorials/020413-643107-connecticut-town-where-children-massacred-nra-advice.htm#ixzz2K21le1SC

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