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Nobody knows more about “once-in-a-lifetime pricing” on home improvements than The Great Rowlando.

h/t Ren Dawg


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15 thoughts on “Public Appearance of the Week

  1. Eustace from East Windsor

    Amazing how your former employer has turned this guy into someone who can actually make public appearances. I know he paid his debt to society, but I wish I just never had to see or hear from him again. Of course I NEVER listen to the radio station he is on, so….I apologize for my rant…..

  2. Mr Bill

    Scott Haney and John Roland?

    It would be more exciting talking about the Asexual community.

    Well how about the Bsexual (not bi but b). Ok, it may signify beastiality. You know, “oh, I love my horsey so much I built a sling.”

  3. Lynne

    Rowland is shameless…totally shameless!
    He does commercials for them, and brags about the beautiful “barn” he has on his property from this outfit. I wonder if it includes a hot tub? One thing I am absolutely certain of….it didn’t cost him a dime! Remember when WTIC AMRADIO had class, with the likes f Bob Steele and Arnold Dean? Boy…those days are certainly a distant memory, although I remember growing up listening to them. Sadly, we’ll never hear their ilk again.

  4. peter brush

    Rowland’s practical criminal mistakes seem to me to have been two; not having the Ct. press, such as it is, on his side, and not using proper insulators – bankers, brokers, lawyers- to do the dirty work. The Klintons are masters in both skills. For example, Mr. Bone never met Mrs. Klinton prior to arranging fantastic returns on her account. The lying dirtbag’s prestige, popularity, and pecuniary prowess remain sufficient to sustain speculation that she may yet be Commander in Chief.
    Rowland’s third mistake relates to his behavior post-scandal; should have gotten Junior Jackson’s corrupt-pol career-management consultant to cook up a disability.
    Chicago Mercantile Exchange records indicated that $40,000 of her profits came from larger trades initiated by James Blair. According to exchange records, “Red” Bone, the commodities broker that facilitated the trades on behalf of Refco, reportedly because Blair was a good client, allowed Rodham to maintain her positions even though she did not have enough money in her account to cover her activity. For example, she was allowed to order 10 cattle futures contracts, normally a $12,000 investment, in her first commodity trade in 1978 although she had only $1,000 in her account at the time.[13] Bone denied any wrongdoing in conjunction with Rodham’s trading and said he did not recall ever dealing with Rodham personally.[7][12]
    Graft: In another sign Washington’s hopelessly corrupt, disgraced Illinois Democratic Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. will collect tens of thousands of dollars in government disability pay while serving time for defrauding government.
    Seems the feds bought his last-minute claims of a “mood disorder,” qualifying him for a reported $8,700 a month in federal aid.

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      1. Mr Bill


        Now…now… Mr Brush is entitled to his partisan gab without harm. After all, he doesn’t fair too well jogging down the street.

        1. btw

          Good one Mr. Bill. But his diatribe is so full of Star Trek references that only he understands – why would Bones marry a Klingon anyway? At least get to the Next Generation, Peter Brush!

          1. Mr Bill


            funny. I never saw any Star Trek references in the rant of that crazy wire Brush. And still don’t. Peter Punkin Eater does though enjoy prancing linguistically around.

            He is a swordsman. Attack. defend. Attack. Defend.

      2. peter brush

        does your mother know what an idiot she raised?
        Well, she is aware of my living in the Nutmeg State. She thinks it’s full of humorless liberals and run by Dem hacks. I try to explain that the workforce here is extremely well educated , and we’re going to have a Busway shortly.

        Sorry to hear about your mom’s accident. She’s definitely getting poor service from the Hartford bureaucracy. Call 411.
        “Without any form of due process,” he said, “they are terminating her for political benefit.”,0,7225001.story

  5. Richard

    The important question(s): Would Rowland win the GOP primary? And would Rowland beat Malloy?

    You know the answer 🙂

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