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This is kind of a fun show we did today on the meaning of vocabulary.  I want brownie points for building it around darling-of-conservatives E.D. Hirsch who was a lot more fun and a lot less cranky than I had expected. Also, he’s 84, and he was kind of hitting on Deb Amlen. (Well, who wouldn’t?)

This will please Richard: We’re on Stitcher now.

And this was a show from earlier this week, on what happens when one musician reinterprets another, done live from the New Haven studio.

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5 thoughts on “Radio This and That

  1. Michelle

    Hi Colin, i am 46 and growing up my mother would always say look it up when I asked what something meant. I found it to be a valuable tool or mind smart as you say(said). My kids get the same message but they refuse despite the fact I am a lifetime credit (school) colector as well as several undergrad degrees.. I try but even the schools dont seem to expand on vocabulary. It is as if the kids don’t care at all. It is sad and I really tried.

  2. Professor Poop

    I once made a goal of reading the American Heritage Dictionary but I fell far short. I did once write words down that I didn’t understand while reading and later looked them up and put them in sentences. But I have a natural Norm Crosby struggle with language. Norm Crosby used double meanings and mispronunciations in his stand up comedy act. I stumble with mispronunciations without comedic intent. Although I usually cite Crosby when I mispronounce and mention that I am from the Norm Crosby School.

  3. Richard

    ‘Cheers’ fans know what happens to the Dianes in a world of Carlas.

    Vocabulary never replaces wit in conversation or debate.

    Some nice side topics at your WPR site from the love of word derivations to how mobile devices and voice commands are changing the British Vocabulary. That’s one of the most exciting topics today (for nerds). Voice agents and the Semantic Web (Web 3.0) and the way it will change the way people speak and lean and interact.

    Cursive writing is officially dead. Is the QWERTY keyboard next? How about the art of reading when reading agents will become more popular and all your Amazon books can be read to you on the go. Will kids of the 2030s be functionally illiterate by 1970 standards of literacy as they become increasingly more direct and monosyllabic? When video mail and alerts replace text mail and phone calls why type? With touch and voice interfaces why type when one can press and choose from limited options?

    And they thought TV was going to make a nation of illiterates passively watching the boob tube.

  4. peter brush

    darling-of-conservatives E.D. Hirsch
    It was an interesting conversation.
    Back in the nineties my kid was a student in a Hartford District Nutmeg Government elementary school. There was literally (to indulge in a common annoying mis-usage)no curriculum. I went to the principal to suggest that this was a problem, and in particular I mentioned Hirsch’s elementary texts, designed to impart substantive knowledge, as a remedy. You guessed it; Mr.Principal believed, or pretended to believe, that cramming for the State test was a way of teaching kids to learn, a way of proceeding, and further, he pretended to believe that Hirsch was an extremist for suggesting that kids should learn particular stuff. I did manage to procure a set of Hirsch’s book for the fifth grade class, but they were left unused. A weird thing is that despite the utter cruddiness of the public elementary “education” she received, my kid was not apparently at a comparative disadvantage when she attended private secondary school. Still, it is painful to think of the kids being put through that mill of monotonous vacuity, striving to achieve mastery of nothing, coming out both illiterate and ignorant. I am an extremist; stop government education.

    1. Rally Against Guns Feb 14 at Capital

      I went to a catholic elementary school and we always knew that we were one or two grades ahead of the public schools. Indeed we were. One of the few advantages of catholic school education. But those dam Sisters of Merciless Mercy. They were tyrants.

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