Snakes on the Brain

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Do I have anything to add to the national feeding frenzy over Ernest Hewett?


Probably not, but here goes. My guess is he probably didn’t fully understand the words tumbling out of his mouth, but that doesn’t amount to any kind of free pass. This was a public hearing. You are a legislator. This is all going on the record.  The deal is: you think before you run your mouth. (Not that most of them do.) While I’m on the subject, shut up, Mr. Hewett. Do not elaborate any further. It is too late to tell you: don’t explain why you don’t have female interns or utter any sentences that contain the words “grab a woman by the bottom, her breasts.” Shut up. Shut up. Shut up. Exactly how dumb are you? Who is handling you?

In fact, until he started doing all this explaining, I was still harboring a smidgen of sympathy for Hewett.  It seemed possible that maybe he just blurted out something stupid and Freudian and totally out of character. He wouldn’t be the first person. But the more he spins, the more he sounds like one very weird, inappropriate dude.

Looking for a silver lining, I give high marks to Speaker Sharkey.  This is how you deal with something like this. You swing the ax right away. You deal one decisive blow. Boom. You’re gone as Deputy Speaker. You lose 20 percent of your pay. You apologize. You take your demotion like a man. We move on.  And it would have worked, too, if Hewett had shut up. I mean, he wold have been “the snake guy” at some demi-legendary level forever at the State Capitol, but people have lived down worse stuff. There are people sitting around him who have mugshots from DUI’s, right?

He also blundered into one very hot minefield. For very good reason, hustling and hassling young women is a national tripwire. The Onion just apologized for a joke about a young girl. Letterman, when he and his writers confused Bristol and Willow and made a bad joke about getting “knocked up,” apologized at some length. (And immediately.) Even Limbaugh apologized to Sandra Fluke, although he waited way too long, until it appeared to be prompted by all those advertiser defections. This is a very specific kind of trespass and nobody gets out of it unscathed.

Oh, if you’re wondering how somebody like this could be Deputy Speaker, let me explain. There are usually about six of them. School crossing guards need and have a lot more expertise. A reasonably sentient ham sandwich could be Deputy Speaker in Connecticut. And has been.

P.S. Did I mention: Shut up?


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80 thoughts on “Snakes on the Brain

  1. peter brush

    Exactly how dumb are you?
    He’s apparently pretty dumb. But, I have to sympathize with him a bit. He might have missed the double standard applied to this sort of thing; one for regular guys, and one for the beautiful people. It’s easy to see the double standard, but hard to know who gets which. Maybe funny Ernest thought he’d be ok given his political party and apparent race. Suffice to say, though, he’s no Bill Klinton, who to my knowledge has never been sent to sexual harassment re-education camp.
    “You know, if I were a single man, I might ask that mummy out. That’s a good-looking mummy.”
    B.J. Klinton looking at “Juanita,” a newly discovered Incan mummy on display at the National Geographic museum

    “I would be happy to give him a blowjob just to thank him for keeping abortion legal. I think American women should be lining up with their presidential kneepads on to show their gratitude for keeping the theocracy off our backs.”

    Nina Burleigh

    1. Bill

      Peter, you are a disgusting el creepo. BJ Klinton. Shame on you.

      Well Nina has a great sense of humor.

      Get your mind out of the gutter.

  2. Todd Zaino

    Different rules, for a different party. If Mr. Hewett had Rep instead of Dem in from of his name…he’d already the former legislator from New Haven.

    Nothing to see here folks, keep your head down, keep on moving…perhaps Mr. Hewett will get a promotion, nothing that the media or Democrats do surprises me anymore.

    Godspeed Mr. Hewett, hey all this fuss, perhaps Hewett was a bottle baby just looking for a little love.

      1. Todd Zaino


        A.) Are you really trying to pass something off from Slate that’s the same group founded by Michael Kinsley, not exactly the most credible guy around…I hope we can both agree that Kinsley doesn’t just lean left, he swims in the Leftist pool…on the weekends he’s the life guard.

        B.) Is it plausible that Cain is innocent? Just asking. Also what does Cain have to do with Hewett?

        C.) Only a slow third-grader who was held back in first grade would be the only person not to get what Hewett was saying,and doing… come on be fair.

        1. cmcenroe Post author

          Do you dispute the content of that article? What is in that’s not true?
          Why is Kinsley not credible? He’s a serious thinker, not a partisan hack. He actually has no involvement with Slate, hasn’t for years and years. Slate’s a great publication. Lithwick has emerged as possibly the most formidable Supreme Court reporter of her generation. But none of that is the point.

          I shared that with you, Todd, because you are still in your infancy as a thinker. You will criticize anything Democrats do, and you flop on the ground and scream like a World Cup soccer play any time anybody brushes up against the Republicans. This is not adult thinking. What are the chances that one side is ALWAYS wrong and the other one ALWAYS right? What are the chances that one side is 100 percent full off ass—-s and the other similarly full of virtuous people?

          Case in point: my column today, which is very critical of Malloy and his policies. In the same vein, I made a point of doing a radio interview on the same subject with John McKinney last Monday which allowed him to lay out — very effectively — his objections to these policies. John is right about this. Malloy is wrong.

          Until you can do the equivalent on your end, you’re not a full participant and you’re not interesting. You’re just a slogan-spouting, nickname-parroting robot programmed by Sean Hannity. Your opinions will never be much more than motor skills. Try actually thinking.

          1. Todd Zaino

            Colin, first off I don’t know why you seem to think I am some big Sean Hannity fan, actually I am not. I enjoy Rush, Howie Carr, and Governor Rowland. I see today you couldn’t get through your column without taking yet another cheap shot at Governor Rowland. Enough already Colin-it really looks pathetic, sad, and desperate the way you go after the man who replaced you at WTIC…and if I might add, has done a much better job, is childish and petty.

            Colin, I am not blind to Republicans who leave office in disgrace, Mark Sanford and Larry Craig both upset me greatly. CT is truly a one-party state-so why not write a column or two about the corrupt way this ONE PARTY state is being run? You asked me to actually try thinking…I am going to ask you to try being fair, Democrats do not have all of the answers. Liberal polices are killing this country, and if you can’t see this, you are not fair and blinded by your liberal crusade to make us more like Europe.

  3. peter brush

    On the other hand, if you have that savoir-faire thing going, even in these sexually revolutionary yet repressive times, and even if you are a former Dixiecrat, you can still conduct flirtation while in the act of legislating.
    I only met the senator during the impeachment trial in 1999. On the first day, in a chaotic melee by the elevators, I was suddenly pushed forward and thrown between Thurmond and California Sen. Barbara Boxer. Ol’ Strom had just cast an appreciative bipartisan eye over the petite brunet liberal extremist. Boxer gave an involuntary shudder. I was squashed between the two for about five seconds when I became aware that my elbow was being affectionately caressed by Strom. Presumably he’d mistaken my dainty arm for Barbara’s, but who knows? But what a great country. In how many other national legislatures can a guy just wander in off the street and find himself in a tripartisan squeeze being petted by a 97-year-old senator?

    Whatever the merits of the case, in the Senate itself there was a pronounced dearth of local color. But Bill Clinton’s legal team had been seated just in front of the old boy, and, during each break in the proceedings, Strom was at pains to demonstrate his, er, evenhandedness. No sooner did the chief justice declare a 15-minute recess than Thurmond would totter up to the president’s two lady lawyers, pat them down, stroke their elbows, take their hands in both of his, and refuse to let go until the gavel came down. Cheryl Mills, Clinton’s fetching African-American attorney, smiled nervously, no doubt marveling at how far the senator had come since his 1948 segregationist campaign for the White House and, indeed, how far he was willing to go to demonstrate in a very real sense his personal commitment to integrating with the black community. Thurmond’s other jailbait nymphette, 41-year-old Nicole Seligman, stared thoughtfully at his hair plugs and made a mental note to warn her client that this is what he’ll look like in half-a-century if he doesn’t cut out the womanizing.

  4. Richard

    That about summmed it up. The snake reference sounded like simple blathering based on the young gals comments. I accepted that. What kind of idiot would make a sexually suggestive remark under the circumstances around witnesses and transcriptionists?

    OK. The axe was swung. Time to move on.

    Then the idiots get involved. My favorite: All Democrats are to recieve sexual harassament training and calls by the GOP for a resignation.

    Its turned into the usual “let’s curry favor with the feminists by making flaming idiots out of ourselves and pass some sort of legislation or at least a censure. I can top my opponents outrage by 50 lashes and propose a vote to ostracize and put some new laws on the books and create a commission to honor this young woman’s virtue! Now top that and let’s see you incur even more costs to the taxpayers”

    1. Cynical Susan

      “…let’s curry favor with the feminists…”

      You make that sound like a bad thing. What is it about our basic concerns and hopes that you find so reprehensible?

      1. Richard

        Equating abortion with feminism and women hood is the biggest. Equating late term abortions with feminism and women hood is another. Demanding that government pay for morning after and abortion because women by nature are too stupid to use the free birth control offered by government before the fact.

        I find the attempts to define women hood and feminism around these issues as something that lowers the species, men included.

        1. Cynical Susan

          I always thought feminism meant recognizing women as fully equal to men in privilege and responsibility.

          1. Richard

            Hasn’t it turned into a moronic revenge trip where prostate cancer must be underfunded compared to breast cancer and domestic violence funding drafted to exclude men? Did it have to get so petty that men need their own legislative advocates?

          2. Cynical Susan

            Richard, you don’t mention children, so I don’t know if you have any. But if you had a smart and talented daughter and a smart and talented son, wouldn’t you want them to have the same chances and opportunities? You might not say yes, but I hope you would.

            Think about it – white property-owning men in this country were allowed to vote well over two hundred years ago — women of any description have had that same right and privilege for barely one hundred. It’s only been during my lifetime that women have started to make inroads into the privilege that men have for just being men. Perhaps radical feminists were the pendulum swinging beyond what normalcy should be, but they were reacting to imbalance. I don’t know of any revenge trips trying to underfund men’s health care — in fact medical research only started to differentiate between men’s and women’s health issues in the fairly recent past.

            I’m not saying there aren’t women who hate men, just as one can’t say that there aren’t men who hate women. But that’s not what feminism is.

          3. Bill

            Heya Cynical, well said. I am in full agreement with you so no need to debate that. But I feel that competition does exist between funding for breast cancer and funding for prostrate cancer. I would rather see both be put to get her and split funding 50 50.


        2. Bill

          Cynical, when I was running 5k road races, I always ran the Koman runs but I always had this silent idea of how much better it would be to pool monies even to have prostrate runs along with breast cancer runs.

          Just a thought. But I hope to start running again soon. Maybe not in races anymore.

          1. Cynical Susan

            “…pool monies even to have prostrate runs along with breast cancer runs.”

            Fine with me! I’d love it if research and health care were truly more about solutions than about profit, and perhaps then we’d see more progress into these two nasty diseases — and all the rest of them.

            In my own amorphous circle I’m aware of two prostate cancer survivors — I’ll bet there are more, but we don’t talk about that; I have two younger friends who’ve each had double mastectomies (and seem to be doing fine, thank goodness), and have lost a close friend to breast cancer. I’ve had a couple of lumpectomies, but so far so good.

  5. peter brush

    Oh, come on. The guy’s a bit of a dope. He apologized. The Republicans have a lot bigger fish to fry. The State is driving itself into the ditch, Mr. Labriola. Can the Repubs please focus on, and hammer on, the destructive policies of our lawyer Governor and his legislative lap dog associates? Aren’t we the party that recently nominated a wrestling entrepreneur (again) for U.S. Senate? Who cares about snakes? We’re going broke.
    “This incident further damages the reputation and credibility of the Democratic legislative leadership — not only the remark, but also the ‘punishment.’ The people of Connecticut are still angry about the Chris Donovan ‘pay to play’ corruption case and this latest disturbing incident only compounds the pattern of corruption and misconduct of the Democrats in Hartford.”

  6. Bill

    I agree that he should have stopped making bad worse. But I have a hunch that he immediately understood the double meaning. Every male knows the connotation of “snake.”

    I think he should be relieved of duties. Especially leadership should get rid of him if possible. But there probably are no legal grounds.

    But Todd, the very anal retentive here, goes bonkers and claims that a republican would be treated differently. There is no ethics question here. No criminal activity. Hewlett simply spoke the spontaneous thought that should have remained silent or at least silent until letting it out among trusted personal.

    Cheeses… Give it a break, Todd.

  7. peter brush

    goes bonkers and claims that a republican would be treated differently. There is no ethics question here…
    Maybe, you’re right, Bill. Has the guy ever behaved in a similar manner before? To the knowledge of Dem leadership?
    Mark Adam Foley (born September 8, 1954) is a former member of the United States House of Representatives. He served from 1995 until 2006, representing the 16th District of Florida as a member of the Republican Party.
    Foley resigned from Congress on September 29, 2006 acting on a request by the Republican Leadership after allegations surfaced that he had sent suggestive emails and sexually explicit instant messages[1] to underage males who had formerly served and were at that time serving as Congressional pages.[2][3] As a result of the disclosures, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement conducted investigations of the messages to find possible criminal charges.[4] Each ended with no criminal finding… The House Ethics Committee also conducted an investigation into the response of the House Republican leadership and their staff to possible earlier warnings of Foley’s conduct.[6]

    1. Bill

      Peter, I don’t know anything about this guy. But as I said before, he should be forced to resign his position. I have simply taken issue with those who must, to satisfy a deep hunger for partisan bickering, turn it into a political scrape. i say get rid of the guy end of story. Any one who has a daughter would feel like wise.

  8. Lynne

    Colin, don’t even bother to explain ANYTHING to a right-wing nutcase like Todd Zaino. He isn’t worth wasting time on anyway. GEEZ…he didn’t even “get it” when you said he was influenced by Hannity: he said he doesn’t listen to Hannity: he “enjoys Rush”. Wow…

    One of the reasons I love your show – as well as your interviews with a vast array of celebrities that occurs with regularity off-air – is that you analyze the individual or the issues based on what the individual you are speaking to or about has done or what the issue has revealed. In this case, “The Importance of Being Ernest” has caused a firestorm that demanded immediate action – and immediate disciplinary action was taken. Democrat or Republican, these remarks are unacceptable. Like you, Colin, at first I kind of felt sorry for Hewitt, thinking that in the immediacy of the question/situation, he spoke before he thought: something we’ve all done, although not in front cameras and a mike. But as he started to “explain”, it became apparent that what he said was more likely than not no mistake, and he’s just – well – CREEPY! And unfortunately for Ernest, it’s now too late to “shut up”.

    As for Zaino – he of the embarassing, laughable attempts at haiku and limited political vision – it’s too bad you cannot simply ban him from posting on your blogs. But I know that would never be your style to do so. Rest assured, however, that those of us who have the ability to analyze each political animal on their actions – not on their party affiliation – recognize what “Zaino” actually is: “a slogan-spouting, nickname-parroting robot.” (I apologize to you for using your exact words: I simply could not improve upon what you said so well.)

    1. Todd Zaino

      Lynne, here’s a tissue to wipe that stuff off of your nose.

      Take all of the shots at me you like…must be nice to come on here using your one-name pseudonym…and express yourself so freely.

      You wrote above that at first you felt sorry for Hewett…how nice. Would you have felt the way if Hewett were a Republican? It’s a simple question

      1. Cynical Susan

        “…must be nice to come on here using your one-name pseudonym…”

        Have you ever said that to “Richard?”

        And since you’ve brought up the lovely image of brown-nosing again, what possible benefit do you imagine will come to someone who agrees with the blog-host?

        1. Todd Zaino

          The queen of multiple pen names has rushed to Lynne’s defense.

          As for Richard… he, peter brush, and John write many wonderful posts here-you could learn a lot from those three Cynical.

          1. Cynical Susan

            Actually I wasn’t so much defending Lynne as addressing YOUR issues. You’re using your usual practice of heaping ineffective scorn instead of answering questions: however wonderful you think Richard is, why don’t you challenge him on his use of a single name? And do you never use another name? And what possible advantage can one gain by agreeing with a blog post and host?

          2. Richard

            Now why would Bill bring that subject of past legal charges up again? Hint: that’s a way of taking a poke at Campbell, not Zaino. Old fashioned troll technique #23. Use indirect references and misdirection to make a point

        2. Richard

          I use a different name over at Susie Faulkner’s blog since I’m banned there. News travels fast through the backwoods and swamps quickly these days.

          1. Todd Zaino

            LOL funny how one-name Lynne is asking Colin to ban me…and here all along I thought liberals were champions of free speech. To Colin’s credit-he has not barred me, Susan Campbell sorry to say can’t say the same thing.

          2. Cynical Susan

            “…funny how one-name Lynne…”

            We should fix her up with one-name Richard! C’mon, Todd, at least be consistent.

            And don’t forget: when we visit a blog, we are guests. If we behave badly in the host’s opinion, that host can remove our visiting privileges at will.

          3. Bill

            Todd, wern’t you one of the culprits or the culprit that dredged up Susan Campbell’s 10 or 15 year ago legal issues that were dispensed with a long time ago? It is no wonder she got rid of you. You hassled her all the time on her blog. In fact, I recommended to her to get rid of you.

            BTW, I am semi persona non grata there too – if it makes you feel better in company of ex posters of Campbell.

          4. Cynical Susan

            “…wern’t you one of the culprits or the culprit that dredged up Susan Campbell’s 10 or 15 year ago legal issues that were dispensed with a long time ago?”

            The boy is a class act all the way, no doubt about it.

          5. Bill

            An interesting point to make but totality off mark. Don’t give me credit for such tactics. These are only strings of nothing. If I was building something important for myself, yes. I’m good at it. But not here, Richard.

    2. Bill

      Lynn, I can create a much better description of Todd but if you read it, don’t drink anything while you are reading. The liquid won’t make it down your gullet.

    1. Richard

      If Hewitt was a Republican he would have dropped his pants and performed a show and tell. Everyone knows the GOP’s is bigger

  9. Todd Zaino

    Funny to me how the Democrats created this whole War on Women last year and tagged it on the GOP…yet here we have a slam dunk case against a Democrat, and everyone is scrambling like crazy. Just step down Mr. Hewett, America loves the comeback story.

  10. Cynical Susan

    “Funny to me how the Democrats created this whole War on Women last year and tagged it on the GOP…”

    I know, right? Why, before the Democrats created this silly concept, there was no workplace discrimination or rape or violence against women based on violent men’s perception of women as their property or women not being allowed to get mortgages in their own names or women not being promoted …… What a year it’s been. Akin and Murdock would never have said what they said if it hadn’t been for Democrats, I guess.

    1. Todd Zaino

      Cynical…any thoughts from you regarding Mr. Hewett’s actions of late? Would you like a creep like that to speak to you, your daughter, or your new best friend Lynne…like that? NOW might not like you playing the “lets give the guy a break card.”

      Take Dem/Rep out of the story here…Hewett’s a thug, and I suspect if he were a white, male, Republican, you would have already thrown under the bus a dozen times…right?

      1. Cynical Susan

        Why should I comment on him? You’ve got it all figured out. But perhaps you’d like to comment on what I said?

        1. Cynical Susan

          Also, Todd, you have more than once taken me to task for ascribing to you what I guessed your thoughts or emotions were about something. Yet you continue to do that, not just to me but to many: “Democrats all think…” “liberals all love…” “…you would have thrown him under the bus…”

    2. Richard

      Modern women are eschewing that victimization crap and simply doing it. They see through the women blaming their mistakes in life on men and sexism. They don’t want to be 60 and blaming their misfortunes and bad choices on men. Its pathetic and degrading to womenhood.

      Nothing replaces competence and commitment.

      1. Cynical Susan

        “…the women blaming their mistakes in life on men and sexism.”

        Wait a minute — so anything bad that happens to women — oppression, discrimination, rape, violence — is all because of mistakes that women have made?

        “Nothing replaces competence and commitment.”

        …when, of course, it’s recognized and rewarded. No amount of either of these seems to make a difference to those who cannot deal with the fact that they might belong to women. (Sandra Day O’Connor, after finishing law school, applied for jobs and was told “we don’t hire women” — yes that was long ago, but the attitude has not totally disappeared.)

        1. Richard

          Feminism on display: today’s Courant headlines!

          Bridgeport Man Stabbed By Ex-Girlfriend

          Hartford Woman Charged In Connection With Attempted Rape Of Baby

          I’m sure they will blame the man in both cases……

          1. Cynical Susan

            That’s not feminism, Richard. You’re smarter than that. And if you’d like to count the number of times it says Man Shoots / Stabs / Beats Wife / Ex-Girlfriend, or Man Rapes Woman / Child, and then compare the numbers, have at it.


          2. Todd Zaino

            Richard, don’t forget the 3,700 abortions that will occur today that will probably be the fault of men, and George Bush. Women playing the victim role…that’s so 1970s!

  11. Lynne

    Hey, Zaino (if that is, in fact, your real name)…
    My full name is Lynne Janczak. There…I’m certainly not afraid to use it!

    1. Todd Zaino

      Hey Janczak, if I was going to use a pen name do you honestly think I’d use Todd Zaino? A better one would be Tom Brady, Ronald Reagan, Calvin Coolidge, or Thor…right?

    1. Bill

      Or maybe Todd Zappo.

      Hi Lynne.

      Bill from Farmington Ave. I already told you (I think) that I don’t use my full name. Sometimes I get a bit frothy with local political personalities and well, better to speak freely under another name then to speak with limitation under my own.

      To each their own. I have decided to drive some of the conservative ding bats crazy on the other Courant blogs. I have been known to use their own names to falsely place words in their mouths. it drives them nutso.

      It is small minded but fun.

  12. peter brush

    “We know he has a history of bad behavior,” state Rep. Mae Flexer, D-Danielson, told the New London Day, “We made a choice not to expose young women to that behavior.
    …I mean, it is just ludicrous and it is so sexist and we cannot tolerate that kind of behavior or thought process. If everyone was like that there would be no women in the workplace.”
    Who was made aware of Rep. Hewett’s alleged misconduct with interns and when? Was it investigated? What actions were taken as a result? Why did authorities file no formal harassment complaint against Rep. Hewett? Are procedures for handling such situations adequate? Was there other harassing behavior? Was this a cover-up?
    It appears we will have to kick Ernest around for a while. I would urge Mr. Labriola, with all respect, to stop talking, and let Serpentine Ernie and his party hang themselves.

  13. Todd Zaino

    Being called a “boy” or “a class act” or even a “troll” by a couple of pseudonyms…is truly no skin off of my back. Cynical defending Campbell from her 22 counts of harassment and forgery is priceless. Why does it matter if it was 10 or 15 years ago, the crimes still happened…yes? I wonder aloud if Cynical would be so forgiving if it wasn’t Campbell who was harassing and forging someone else? When it’s discovered that Campbell was doing this to her husband’s ex-wife…can’t we say that this is kind of sorta a hate crime? Isn’t all crime kind of sort of hateful? I guess liberals love to give breaks to those who play on their team…yet nothing for the other team.

    1. Cynical Susan

      Todd, “Atta boy” is a common cliche, not what I’m calling you. I’m defending no one. You’re showing how classy you are by going into more detail — I’m guessing (not saying what you are trying to do, not making an analysis, just guessing) to try to embarrass someone you used to appear (not saying what you really thought, just guessing) to think well of, so much so that you bought her memoir and went to a couple of her talks. She hasn’t changed since then but your behavior has. Whatever.

  14. Todd Zaino

    Cynical, you are far too old to use “whatever” heck even high schoolers have dropped that from their vernacular…it’s like a guy over forty wearing a team jersey, or saying “dude.”

    You most certainly are defending Campbell…you even cross over the New Haven Register to do so…the simple mention of Susan Campbell puts you on high alert. You are 100% correct I was truly fond of Susan, and enjoyed hearing my girlfriend tell me how wonderful her class was…but once I was barred, those feelings left. Ever been barred Cynical? I suspect you’d react the same way I have.

    1. Cynical Susan

      Ah, so now you’re my grammar coach. I appreciate it, but my fellow geezers and I are too old to worry about trends all that much. We’re past all that.

      So — you’ve dug up whatever dirt you could find about Campbell, and you throw it around whenever you can, just because she hurt your feelings? Really? Once again I ask: have you considered the reasons for being barred?

      And once again I suggest: all of us commenters are guests on the blogs we visit, and if our hosts so choose they can throw us off at any time.

      1. Bill

        Cynical; I think Todd is emotionally unbalanced.

        I am sure my off blog email to her was not followed, but I did advise her to get rid of him. Todd is an online bully. You know, when I was a kid, I used to go after bullies. Most of the time, they didn’t bully after I got through with them. I was always on the side of the under dog. The weak. I guess I feel the same way today. I just don’t beat them up anymore. You get an arrest rap sheet now days, LOL. But I do enjoy a good online skirmish. But Todd ignores me and that makes it even more fun because I know he is reading it.

        1. Bill

          Cynical; Forgot to say that no one knows what was done to incure Susan’s anger. But in the day, I did the same thing to someone who did me wrong. I just didn’t get caught at it. And it was fun to imitate.

  15. equality 7-2521

    It don’t matter whether a rotten tree which falls in the forest makes a sound. It’s too damned rotten & no good to pay attention to. Leave it alone to rot on its own. Someday a much more supple tree may grow to take its place from one of the suckers. Then we can enjoy the shade & life it can bring.

  16. HC Here

    Who’s Susan Campbell? (ducking)

    Is this blog another stop on the Hot-Dogma gallery hop?

    1. Richard

      I’m beginning to understand why the Greeks held mime in such high regard. Then there’s the classic comic interlude where the local villains are trotted out to entertain the peanut gallery while they toss rotten tomatoes.

  17. Todd Zaino

    I am ashamed, where are my manners? I apologize to all of the anti-American liberals who come to this blog…I am sorry that it has taken me so long to send my condolences over the death of Hugo Chavez. Such sad news, and I know that Sean Penn, Joe Kennedy II, Oliver Stone, Jimmy Carter, and other liberals are all deep in mourning.

    Please accept my deepest sorrow at this difficult time for death of this great anti-American dictator. Tough week for the Left…Obama crying wolf over the sequestration blowing up in his face…now the death of Chavez. I am truly sorry.

    1. Richard

      Yes Todd you should be ashamed.

      You live in a country where 22 counts of anonymous forgery and cowardly harassment while writing a bully-pulpit column for the oldest and most prestigious paper in the state of CT merits a feminist exception to label those who comment on the bottom of said ill-read column as bullies and cowards. If you don’t get the logic by now you never will.

      1. Todd Zaino

        I think it’s called professional courtesy…right Richard?

        The only thing funnier than some of your posts Richard is reading the merry band of leftists who rush to their keyboards to defend all of their anti-American BS. I always ask myself, What if a Republican had done_______? It’s funny seeing a double standard in daily action. Richard, can you imagine if Bush tried to pull the same stunts Obama is doing with drones right now? Imagine if Rush Limbaugh had 22 counts of forgery and harrassment attached to his name? If had he’s be a trivia question on JEOPARDY! right now. Imagine if a Republican told a 17 year old girl about some snake under his desk that he wanted her to meet. Fireworks!

        Dems get the “Nothing to see here folks…just keep moving” treatment.

        1. Richard

          The drones thing is hilarious. Local police forally ces are using them in trials and looking into purchases for surveillance, etc. Would the FBI use a drone at Waco if one was available? Of course they would.

          I simply don’t get it. Drones can and will be used on domestic soil. End of discussion barring protests.

  18. HC Here

    Remember, Todd, the people who were waterboarded were kind innocent lovable people who only wanted peace. The drones, on the other hand, may be killing some evil rotten Republican who is just trying to abscond with his ill-gotten money to the Cayman Islands.

    The waterboarded person wanted nothing more than peace and harmony, and only acted up because that rotten Bush and that Satan Cheney wanted to declare war on his slumbering village. The drone victim, on the other hand, just wants to pay people minimum wage and drive around in a big SUV and pollute the planet.

    We need to establish who the real good and bad guys are.

  19. Lynne

    Todd Zany has a GIRLFRIEND? Wow…

    I guess it’s true that there actually IS someone for everyone in this world!

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