Starting tomorrow on the CMS: Haiku, Fasting, Music…

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“Everything you think you know about haiku is wrong” says Stanford Forrester, a past President of the Haiku Society of America. We’ll learn about the winding history of this form of poetry, the evolution of the 5-7-5 syllabic structure, and the variations of theme that have become so popular. Plus, meet a lawyer who incorporates haiku into his work, and call in and recite a haiku of your own!

TUESDAY: Fasting

“In the afternoon the digestion of the meal deprives me of the incomparable lightness which characterizes the fast days,” said Adalbert de Vogüé in Aimer Le Jeune: L’Experience Monastique. During Ramadan, we’ll explore the role of denialsim in religion with an interfaith panel of experts and ask: Can fasting bring you closer to God? Later in the show, Hartford Hospital’s Michael Drescher explains Ramadan headaches and what happens to the body during a long-term fast.


WEDNESDAY: Music with Joan, Wally, and Eric!   Novelist Wally Lamb, music writer Eric Danton and radio host Joan Holiday have been making regular trips to our studio ever since our first year on the air. Each time, they bring samples of new music to round out your play list and, sometimes, debate portentous issues such as: what is the Song of the Summer this year.
Relax.  It’s probably not Bruno Mars. But it might be!


THURSDAY: Mr. Radio. Ivor Hugh came from London to America in 1947 and got a job at WCCC, then in the basement of the old Bond hotel. All the visiting stars stayed there, and Hugh found the likes of Frank Sinatra, Rosemary Clooney, Eugene Ormandy and Nat King Cole passing through his studio and conversing with him.  Hugh stayed on the air another 66 years and invented a series of broadcast characters in Connecticut , including Leroy the Duck and Flippy the Clown.  This week, he’ll do his last air shift ever, and it’s time for some memories.

FRIDAY: The Nose considers the news of the week, and pulls it apart with a panel of big thinkers — led by Rand Cooper — and your phone calls.


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  1. Richard

    Fasting: its the thought that counts. Denying sensual pleasure as renunciation of the material and atonement with the Father is an age old sacrifice. Yahweh leads the Hebrews into the dessert with — nothing! America would have a lot fewer Jews today if Yahweh was to come calling for Hebrews to drop everything and move to a voucher friendly Red State so Yeshivas could thrive and semi-public worship and readings tolerated. Finding the last Christian would be like finding The Virgin in Kalifornia if a call to sacrifice was made. Christmas without commercialism? Denial of sensual pleasures? Americans? Sacrifice? With the all-embracing and self-deluded “open and affirming” clergy egging the materialists on?

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