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This is a great meme-analysis.  It also needs to be read all the way through because, as Greenwald pointed out on Twitter today, Coates doesn’t stay on one track all the way through.  I enjoy Coates on the Atlantic site, but it might be time for the Times to grab him as a for-real on-the-page columnist.

The shift Coates describes is one we need to watch all the way through. One reason he’s hitting Romney so hard is the old axiom: by the end of your first term, the voters have a fully formed impression of you. You can’t do much to change that. Your resources are better alllocated to changing voters’ impression of the other guy.  Paradoxically, that very effort may change some perceptions of Obama.



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3 thoughts on “Sting Like a Bee

  1. Richard

    Romney hit one home run this campaign season: when all his advisers were advocating a hard hitting negative campaign in response to the Cancer ad Romney just laughed and shrugged and went with “Whatever happaned to Hope and Change?”

    Romney’s favorables among women picked up after that.

    Obama seems to be listening to the angry Cornell West crowd in tone and then offers 4 more years of the same as rhetoric. As in th3 contraception battle Oama is tone deaf and trying to make hay by alienating moderates who voted for him.

    One thing Coates misses entirely: Eeagan and Bush and Clinton were running during fairly strong recoveries. Obama hasn’t got much to run on here and the feeling he’s shot his bullets is pretty much the meme. Does obama want a larger deficit? More stimulus? More drones? More soldiers commiting suicide? What’s the angle? All someone has to do in CT is look at Dan Malloy’s Medicaid cuts and easily passed Cadillac policies for state public sector workers and politicians to know where Obamacare is leading.

    Obama as the great fracking president of Ohio?

    A contraception policy that ignores the rise in STDs coincident with the easily available pill to 15-24 year olds and overseas studies claiming the pill undermines condom and safe sex policies among the young?

    What’s it all about Alfie? Playing basketball with some NBA guys and actors at the White House and bragging you brought the pill to 14-year-old girls in the hood making them open game?

    Sorry. I don’t get it. I never will. I’m not evolving quickly enough.

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