Thank you, Hartford magazine, but …

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…I’m a terrible blogger these days.

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4 thoughts on “Thank you, Hartford magazine, but …

  1. Reader

    Colin, if you want to regain your best blogger status, maybe you can comment on the fact that many places across the United States just experienced the coldest April on record? Or this general downward trend in temperatures?

    If you could devote as much energy to that fact as the media spent on 2012’s warmest July on record, you’d be back in the good graces of objective blog readers everywhere.

  2. Patrice Fitzgerald

    However, your recent blogging is more evident than Mark Twain’s recent activity as an author. (He’s the guy below you in that column. Have you heard of him? Some dead writer.)

  3. Lynne

    Don’t be modest, Colin.

    The fact that “blog commenters” who repeatedly profess to hate you (Todd Zany comes to mind) yet constantly read and comment on your blog is proof-positive that you are deserving of the HARTFORD MAGAZINE designation (whether you think so or not).

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