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Knowing my politics, you might not expect me to side with Ted Cruz against the New York Times, but I’m on his side in their current beef. 

Not that Cruz needs my sympathy. This couldn’t possibly have worked out better for him in terms of Republican street cred, public attention and book sales. He’s in a highly visible fight with the Times, and he’s winning.

One aspect of the Times behavior is especially execrable. It’s something they do a lot: fall back on a weak argument for keeping their own information private. After the Jayson Blair scandal, the Times made a lot of noise about cutting back on the use of anonymous sources.  But instead of doing this, they came up with ever-more ridiculous reasons for not coughing up that kind of info

In this instance, they have essentially accused Cruz of a dishonest act: making secretive bulk purchases to boost his book in the sales rankings. When you accuse somebody of something like that, you had better be ready to provide hard proof. Instead, here’s what we get from their spokesperson:

We aren’t going to discuss the details of how we do our analysis, since the whole point is to try to minimize the possibility that people can manipulate the numbers.

That’s just despicable and pretty typical.


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One thought on “The Imperial Times

  1. ThresherK

    As you mentioned, the NYT has had to invent a special symbol for the Regnery (and its derivatives) rightwingers who bulk-sale their way to the best-seller’s list. For many of us on the left, who don’t have to worry about that, this seems like the Times finally calling out some right-wing rat-plucking, and it cries out for better media crit than from Poltico’s Dylan Byers as the sole source you go to.

    Less Beltway Inbred, please. Less “Tiger Beat on the Potomac” (to steal from Charlie Pierce), who magically says everything that riles the base is good news for Republicans.

    I would like to think this will be dealt with in the press, deeply investigated, and when it’s “liberal media scandal” that’s all smoke and no fire, I would like you to interview Byers again. But let’s not kid ourselves: The real legwork isn’t likely to be done on CNN, or Politico, let alone Fox News or Breitbart.

    The latter two got their “Win the Morning” moment, they don’t care about what’s next. It’s right up on the wall next to the big nothingburger that was Benghazi!!one1!

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